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1. Autopsy: Michael Hutchence Re-Examined 03/12/21: INXS frontman Michael Hutchence is the latest celebrity to be the subject of a documentary autopsy series conducted by British professor Dr Richard Shepherd.The Seven Network will screen The Last Days Of Michael Hutchence on September 14 although the title of the series is slightly misleading. Shepherd has already conducted TV post-mortems on celebrities Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and Whitney Houston. He has examined the original autopsy reports and photos of the three celebrities to reveal how they lived their last days and died which were titled Autopsy: The Last Hours Of … However, Seven, which earlier this year showed the miniseries INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, has dropped “autopsy” out of the title, possibly to soften the nature of the show. Shepherd says he has obtained a toxicology report that was compiled after Hutchence’s sudden death, which was ruled a suicide, at a Sydney hotel on November 22, 1997. “This is information that has never been released before,” Shepherd says during the documentary. “It gives us a really good understanding, the effects drugs and alcohol were having on him at the time he died.”

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