Jamiroquai Video Archives 1997-2018 Volume II (Live At The Riviera 1997 in Chicago MASTER QUALITY & Jools Holland LIVE 2010)


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1. JAMIROQUAI “Live At The Riviera in Chicago, IL” January 29 1997 (29:48):
Songs include
“Emergency on Planet Earth”, “Return of the Space Cowboy”, “Cosmic Girl”, “Virtual Insanity”, “Alright” and “Hollywood Swinging”
Direct from “WORK GROUP” Record Label Master

2. (UK TV) BBC Later with Jools Holland 10/01/2010 Opening then Jamiroquai, who perform tracks from their new Rock Dust Light Star album. The songs include “Rock Dust Light Star” was the first performance of the show; they also performed “Blue Skies” and “Deeper Underground”.

3. The Late Late Show with James Corden 04/12/18: Opening, teaser about performance with Jamiroquai backstage, then Jamiroquai performs “Automaton”

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