Japan, David Sylvian ULTIMATE Music Video Anthology 1978-2017 (5 DVD Set 8 Hours 30 Mins.) – Includes solo projects from ALL band members (Mick Karn, Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri) along with group collaboration / projects: Dali’s Car, The Dolphin Brothers, RAIN TREE CROW, JBK, Nine Horses and Uncommon Deities


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This EXCLUSIVE collection has been produced not only to demonstrate the musical evolution of Japan and David Sylvian as a solo artist but also to include ALL other musical projects made by ALL the other members of Japan (Mick Karn-Bass, Steve Jansen-Drums, and Richard Barbieri-Guitar). In this one-of-a-kind FIVE DVD SET of OVER SEVENTY videos, you will own all the music videos of Japan, David Sylvian, the REUNION of Japan in 1991 as RAIN TREE CROW, and ALL projects from the other band members—such as “Jansen/Barbieri,” Mick Karn, Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri, JBK, Nine Horses, and Uncommon Deities.

The collection includes the rare music video by The Dolphin Brothers (Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri) in addition to solo music videos from Steve Jansen, Mick Karn, AND Richard Barbieri. We have even compiled BOTH music videos from Mick Karn’s solo project DALI’S CAR featuring Peter Murphy of Bauhaus. All music videos are in chronological order of original release date to best demonstrate the progression of the band, its solo projects, and its historical significance from 1978-2017. Included in this staggering collection you’ll find rare alternate versions, varied conceptual versions, and rare unseen music videos that have never aired on TV. Each of the FIVE DVDS has full-page, beautifully selected menu images and chapter selections for every music video. This is simply a “MUST HAVE” item. Again, this is an astounding collection of all music videos from JAPAN, DAVID SYLVIAN and ALL other members’ solo efforts from 1978-2017 along with projects like Dali’s Car, The Dolphin Brothers, RAIN TREE CROW, JBK, Nine Horses and Uncommon Deities.


Japan & David Sylvian Video Anthology 1978-1984 Volume I
1. Adolescent Sex
2. Don’t Rain On My Parade
3. Communist China
4. The Unconventional (Rare, shortened ending)
5. Adolescent Sex (Rare, Alternative Version)
6. Sometimes I Feel So Low
7. Life in Tokyo
8. Quiet Life
9. I Second That Emotion
10. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
11. Swing
12. Visions of China
13. Ghosts
14. David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto: Bamboo Music
15. Nightporter
16. Cantonese Boy
17. Still Life in Mobile Homes
18. Canton
19. David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto: Forbidden Colours
20. Midge Ure & Mick Karn: After A Fashion (Rare)
21. Mick Karn: Passion in Moisture
22. David Sylvian: Red Guitar
23. David Sylvian: Ink In the Well
24. David Sylvian: Pulling Punches
David Sylvian, Jansen / Barbieri, & Dali’s Car Video Anthology 1984-1985 Volume II
25. Dali’s Car (Mick Karn & Peter Murphy): Judgement Is the Mirror
26. Dali’s Car (Mick Karn & Peter Murphy): His Box
27. Jansen / Barbieri: Worlds In A Small Room
28. David Sylvian: Preparations for a Journey
29. David Sylvian: Steel Cathedrals
David Sylvian, Steve Jansen, JBK, & Rain Tree Crow Video Anthology 1986-1999 Volume III
30. David Sylvian: Silver Moon
31. Steve Jansen & Yukihiro Takahashi: Stay Close
32. David Sylvian with Steve Jansen and Ryuichi Sakamoto: Orpheus
33. David Sylvian: The Devil’s Own (Unofficial)
34. David Sylvian: September (Unofficial)
35. The Dolphin Brothers (Steve Jansen & Richard Barbieri): Shining
36. Rain Tree Crow (Japan reunion): Blackwater
37. David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto: Heartbeat (Tanai Kaiki II)
38. Hector Zazou Feat. David Sylvian: Victim of Stars
39. Jean the Birdman (Promotional Video with Titles)
40. JBK (Jansen Barbieri Karn): Bestial Cluster
41. Andrea Chimenti Feat. David Sylvian: Ti Ho Aspettato (I Have Waited For You)
42. David Sylvian: Darkest Dreaming (Unofficial)
David Sylvian, Mick Karn, & Nine Horses Video Anthology 1999-2005 Volume IV
43. God’s Monkey
44. Damage
45. 20th Century Dreaming
46. Wave
47. David Sylvian & Ingrid Chavez: Time Spent
48. David Sylvian & Ingrid Chavez: Remembering Julia
49. NiNa: Route 246
50. NiNa: Super Hero
51. The Doggy Eels Project (The D.E.P.): Mr. No Problem
52. The Doggy Eels Project (The D.E.P.): Mr. No Problem (Mick Karn Edit)
53. Tweaker Feat. David Sylvian: Linoleum
54. Nine Horses & Shoko Ise: Atom and Cell
55. Nine Horses: The Librarian (Lyrics Version)
David Sylvian, Steve Jansen, Uncommon Deities, & Richard Barbieri Video Anthology 2007-2017 Volume V
56. Takagi Masakatsu Feat. David Sylvian: Exit/Delete
57. Steve Jansen & Shoko Ise Feat. David Sylvian: Ballad of a Deadman
58. Steve Jansen & Shoko Ise Feat. David Sylvian: Playground Martyrs
59. Steve Jansen & Shoko Ise Feat. Nina Kinert: Playground Martyrs (Reprise)
60. Steve Jansen & Thomas Feiner: Sow the Salt
61. Yuka Fujii & David Sylvian: Transient (“When Loud Weather Buffeted Naoshima”) (Cine-Photo Vers. 2)
62. Steve Jansen & Shoko Ise: Noema
63. Steve Jansen & Shoko Ise: Dance of Separation
64. Steve Jansen: Ascent (Excerpt from Swimming in Qualia)
65. David Sylvian: Small Metal Gods
66. David Sylvian: Amplified Gesture
67. Uncommon Deities: The God of Single Cell Organisms
68. David Sylvian: Sleepwalkers
69. Steve Jansen Feat. Anja Garbarek: Cancelled Pieces
70. Richard Barbieri: Planets + Persona EPK
71.  Richard Barbieri: Solar Sea

TOTAL RUNNING for 5 DVD Set: Over 8.5 Hours

This FIVE volume DVD set totals OVER SEVENTY MUSIC VIDEOS and over eight hours long!!! This is truly a one of a kind item. No one else in the world is presenting a collection that’s as complete and inclusive of ALL THE MUSIC VIDEOS from 1978 to 2017 of all solo efforts from each band member and every spin off group and project/collaboration. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not anywhere near ALL the music videos in this unique offer. An absolute must have music video collection for any JAPAN / DAVID SYLVIAN (Solo) / Mick Karn (Solo) and Dali’s Car / The Dolphin Brothers (Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri) / Steve Jansen (Solo) / RAIN TREE CROW devotee.

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