Japan, David Sylvian, Mick Karn, Dali’s Car, Steve Jansen Worldwide Video Archives (7 DVD Set 14 Hrs.)

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The following Worldwide Video Archives includes not only the earliest Japan footage but also a large selection of David Sylvian as well as interviews and performances from Mick Karn, Steve Jansen and The Dolphin Brothers. A combination of LIVE Performances on TV from around the world, in-depth interviews and documentaries from as early as 1979 to 2001. ALL DVD’s below are REGION FREE (REGION 0) for worldwide playback capability in ALL COUNTRIES and come complete with Full multi page Menus with chapter stops and thumb nails. The source of the archives mostly consists of footage from Europe including but not limited to the UK, France, Australia, Holland, Italy and Japan.

#1: JAPAN COMPILATION Version A 2 hours

1. Don’t rain on my parade (Music Video)
2. Adolescent sex (Music Video)
3. Communist China (Music Video)
4. Sometimes I feel so low (Music Video)
5. Life In Tokyo (Music Video)
6. Quiet Life (Music Video)
7. German TV Automatic Gun Live
8. Belgian TV Life In Tokyo Live
9. Belgian TV Automatic Gun Live
10. Belgian TV Adolescent Sex Live
11. I Second That Emotion (Music Video)
12. UKTV Top Of The Pops 1982: Quiet Life
13. UKTV Top Of The Pops 1982: Cantonese Boy
14. UKTV Top Of The Pops 1982: Ghosts
15. UKTV Oxford Road Show 1982: Quiet Life
16. UKTV Oxford Road Show 1982: Visions of China
17. UKTV Oxford Road Show 1982: Cantonese Boy
18. UKTV Old Grey Whistle Test 1982: Ghosts & Cantonese Boy
19. UKTV Old Grey Whistle Test 1982: My New Career & Swing
20. UKTV Old Grey Whistle Test 1982: Nightporter & Art of Parties
21. French TV Gentlemen Take Polaroids 1982 Live in France (B&W)
22. French TV Art of Parties 1982: Live in France
23. UKTV Old Grey Whistle Test 1983: Angie Bowie interview then performance of the spoken word with Angie and Mick Karn
24. UKTV Riverside 1983: Mick Karn Interview and Passion in Moisture (Music Video)
25. UKTV Southbank Show 1983: Mick Karn Interview
26. UKTV 1983: Mick Karn discusses sculptures
27. Mick Karn & Midge Ure: After A Fashion (Music Video)

#2: JAPAN COMPILATION Volume I Version A – 2 hours


Gentlemen Take Polaroids
Cantonese Boy
Still Life in Mobile Homes
Night Porter
Visions of China
Red Guitar
The Ink in the Well
Silver Moon


1.Overture (Burning Bridges)
2.Sons of Pioneers
3.Gentlemen Take Polaroids
5.Cantonese Boy
6.Visions of China
9.Still Life in Mobile Homes
10. Methods of Dance
11.Art of Parties

#3: DAVID SYLVIAN COMPILATION Volume I Version A – 2 hours

1. MTV Europe 1996?: Short Interview with Sylvian and Heartbeat Music Video with Ryuichi Sakamoto and featuring Ingrid Chavez)
2. Pulling Punches (Music Video from Brilliant Trees)
3. Italy TV 1996?: In-depth Interview with David Sylvian discussing Shaimans period of music
4. Italy TV Taking The Veil and Words with the Shaman Live
5. Italy TV Orpheus Live
6. Italy TV Weathered Wall Live and introduction of the band
7. Japan TV “Rock TV Show” 1983: Interview with David Sylvian and Gentlemen Take Polaroids Live
8. Australian TV Sky Network “New Music Show” 1996: In-Depth Interview with Sylvian discussing “Secrets Of The Beehive” and “Brilliance of Trees” LP. Also included are various music video clips
9. UKTV 1985?: Interview Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri as there new incarnation (at the time) The Dolphin Brothers and music video for Shining
10. French TV 5/88: In-Depth Interview with Sylvian
11. Dutch TV 5/88: Another Interview that’s different then one above
12. Orpheus (Music Video)
13. David Sylvian with Mark Isham: The Grand Parade (Music Video)
14. Linoleum (Music Video)
15. David Sylvian with Ryuichi Sakamoto Forbidden Colours (Music Video)


#5: David Sylvian Compilation Volume II

1. Bamboo Houses (Music Video)
2. Rain Tree Crow: Blackwater (Music Video)
3. David Sylvian with A. Chimenti: Ti Ho Aspettato (Music Video)
4. David Sylvian: Jean the Birdman (Music Video)
5. David Sylvian & Ingrid Chavez: Time Spent (A short film profile of David Sylvian life and the making of Steel Cathedrals & Rain Tree Crow)
6. David Sylvian Live In Germany at The Friedensun Versitat The Boy with the Gun, Red Guitar and Brilliant Trees (Live)
7. Behind The scenes footage on the tour bus with David, Ingrid and their children
8. Italy TV Time Zones Special: Damage, September, Under Ingrid’s Wheels, I Do Nothing, It’ll Never Happen Again, Maria, RTC, Ghosts, Nightporter and Let the Happiness In LIVE
9. UKTV Riverside 198?: Mike Andrews meets Steve Jansen Interview. Steve discusses new exhibition entitled “Expressions” also included is footage of Ryuichi Sakamoto and wife rehearsing.
10. Japan TV 198?: Interview with David Sylvian as a solo artist and track Silver Moon
11. Japan TV Zero Landmine special 199?: Documentary of David and Ryuichi Sakamoto working together in the studio. Interview with David Sylvian
12. UKTV Riverside 198?: David presents a Solo Acoustic performance of Ghosts, Interview by Mike Andrews and The Other Side of Life (Shot whilst still a member of Japan)

#6: David Sylvian (Featuring Steve Jansen) Preparations For A Journey 1988

1.Preparations For A Journey
2.The Women at the Well
3.The Women at the Well (Version)
4.Pilenze Pee
5.kalimankou Denkou
6.Showing the Wound (Steel Cathedrals).

#7: David Sylvian In Praise of Shamens Live in Manchester England at The Manchester Apollo June 3, 1988 (2 hours)

1.Ancient Evening
4.Before the Bullfight
5.Taking The Veil
6.Weathered Wall
7.The Boy With The Gun
8.River Man
9.The Grand Parade
10.The Ink in the Well
12.Forbidden Colours / Backwaters
13.Brilliant Trees
14.Steel Cathedrals
15.Let the Happiness In
16.Gone To Earth
17.Awakening (Songs from the Tree Tops)

#8: David Sylvian Robert Fripp The Road To Graceland Tokyo 1993

1. God’s Monkey
2. Brightness Falls
3. Every Colour You Are
4. Jean The Birdman
5. Firepower
6. Damage
7. Exposure Gone To Earth
8. 20th Century Dreaming
9. Wave
10. Riverman
11. Darshan
12. The First Day
13. Blinding Light Of Heaven.

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