JODY WATLEY VIDEO CLASSICS, VOLUME 1 (1989) (Remastered from LaserDisc to DVD)


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Released exclusively on the long since discontinued and deleted formats of VHS and LaserDisc, the following has NEVER been released on DVD until NOW!

This REMASTERED DVD is sourced directly from the original high quality LaserDisc to DVD for the first time ever! Quality is unmatched as it transferred from the long since deleted LaserDisc from OVER THIRTY ONE years ago. Another original offer from your team at MVR!

Background: This Music video collection was issued on the VHS format in US only, and was not released in any other VHS format in any other country. The only NTSC release was a Japanese and USA laserdisc which this REMASTERED DVD was sourced from.  Even now the LaserDisc of this collection is offered used for nearly $20.00. Still to this day, this video collection   has NEVER been officially released on DVD until NOW! So here it is for the first time ever on DVD is Ms. Jody at her finest.

Description: A collection of Jody’s greatest hits along with an exclusive interview. This interview released on this LaserDisc exclusively finds Jody Watley at an airport of all places doing this interview as she reviews each music video as a sort of introduction. The interview is interspersed in between each music video. Jodi discusses the meaning behind some of the songs. She also talks about behind the scenes moments of the making of each of the music videos along with the people involved in making them. She discusses locations, dancers involved as well as the directors who made them. These documentary shorts that are interspersed between each music video services as a elaborate introduction to each music video.

1. Looking For A New Love
2. Still A Thrill
3. Don’t You Want Me (featuring Andre Cymone)
4. Some Kind Of Lover
5. Most Of All
6. Real Love
7. Jody Watley With Eric B. & Rakim: Friends

Total Running Time is 45 Minutes

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