Journey & Steve Perry The Video Archives 2018-2020 Volume I


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1 Rock Legends 10/20/18: Journey for San Francisco in 1973, compose the former members of Santana and from Frumios Bnadersnatch. The band goes through several phases with the strongest commercial success occurring between 1978 and 1987.

2. The Big Interview with Dan Rather 04/16/19: Steve Perry former lead singer of journey discusses why he walked away from the spot like at the height of his career and what brought him back to music now. a very candid and honest conversation with former Journey singer Steve Perry. Steve opened up about his childhood and an incident that happened when he was young which he calls a ‘violation.’ Steve also talked about Journey, the creation of hit songs, and why he decided to leave. What surprised most of us is that Steve did indeed mention he has a daughter and is a grandfather.

3. Reelz Breaking The Band 4/26/20: for more than three decades San Francisco rock band Journey has been selling out stadiums around the world, the band began in the early 1970s as a progressive rock outfit, but its biggest success came when lead singer Steve Perry joined the band. It really seems to be a rise/fall of the Perry era…. Some of the things being said make me doubt Perry was involved. The commentators are making him into an incredibly insecure person who needed control. Then Jonathan comes out with the out of control ego comment. I bet Perry is pissed about it. Was that Pat Marrow or Joel Selvin making some comments? Also, didn’t see Herbie…and I have a feeling he would have loved to zing some one liners in this…or, maybe they kept the best bits for the actual show.

Total Running Time 1 Hour 40 Minutes

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