Kate Bush The Music Video Anthology (Available in Region 1 NTSC and Region 2 PAL)

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All music videos are official and UNINTERRUPTED and nearly all the music videos are in the order that they were originally released. An incredible TWENTY EIGHT VIDEOS and a SOLID TWO HOURS long!!! The most complete music video collection of Kate Bush from start to finish in the world. Even if you own any prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL TWENTY music videos available in this unique collection. This DVD is AVAILABLE IN REGION 1 (USA & Canada) and REGION 2 (Most of Europe).

1.    Wuthering Heights (Original UK Conceptual Version 1)
2.    Man With The Child In His Eyes
3.    Hammer Horror
4.    WOW
5.    Breathing
6.    Babooshka
7.    Army Dreamers
8.    Sat In Your Lap
9.    Suspended In Gaffa
10.    The Dreaming
11.    Running Up That Hill (Original UK Conceptual Version 1)
12.    Cloudbusting
13.    Hounds Of Love
14.    The Big Sky
15.    Experiment IV
16.    Don’t Give Up
17.    The Sensual World
18.    Love And Anger
19.    This Woman’s Work
20.    Rocket Man
21.    Rubberband Girl
22.    Moments Of Pleasure
23.    And So Is Love
24.    The Man I Love
25.    King Of The Mountain
26.    Wuthering Heights (Second Conceptual US Studio Version 2)
27.    Running Up That Hill (Top of The Pops US Version 2)
28.    The Red Shoes RARE

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4 reviews for Kate Bush The Music Video Anthology (Available in Region 1 NTSC and Region 2 PAL)

  1. Hugo Ricaurte (verified owner)

    Awesome Kate Bush collection with very hard music videos to find that are uninterrupted, complete and enjoyable to watch. Very happy with my DVD. Thanks MVR.

  2. klcrl (verified owner)

    Along time age I purchased a CD collection of Kate Bush’s best called “The Whole Story” that I liked so well that I upgraded to a VHS tape with the same name and songs that I have watched over and over again. I would like to retire my VHS player and go with all DVD’s but have been unable to find a comparable DVD Collection until this one, which is even better as it includes additional songs. The picture quality is good and the sound quality is very good. I would greatly recommend this DVD to any fan and it could turn you into one if you’re not already.

  3. kathyrpappas (verified owner)

    Never heard of Kate Bush before then I heard a song I really liked called “Don’t Give Up”. So I had toorder this music video collection DVD and I’m glad I did. I love all her songs.

  4. garth.price (verified owner)

    The general audio/video quality is very good. There will be some graininess in the older videos.

    This well-done compilation makes it easy to see why Kate is a favorite daughter of England and Ireland. Kudos to the ‘heavy people’ that gave this master artist her voice, her moves and her most expressive face. Need some training on dance, expression and timing – majority of this DVD. Toe-tapping along is unavoidable. Want pure unbridled joy – “The Big Sky”. Want glitter ‘in your face’ – “Love And Anger”. Need a cry – “This Woman’s Work”. Need to be more flexible – “Rubberband Girl”.
    If you’re hankering for a hug – the oh-so-lucky Peter Gabriel in his duet with Kate – “Don’t Give Up”.
    This one song is unofficially credited with saving a lot of people’s lives. It will be obvious.

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