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Air Date December 2, 2021: This episode examines the best-selling jazz artist while exploring the idea of what constitutes “bad” art in the eyes and ears of critics and consumers. directed by Penny Lane, takes a humorous but incisive look at the saxophonist Kenny G, the best-selling instrumental artist of all time, and quite possibly the one of the most famous living musicians. The film investigates the artist formerly known as Kenny Gorelick, unravelling the allure of the man who played jazz so smoothly that a whole new genre formed around him, and questioning fundamental assumptions about art and excellence in the process. In his own words, Kenny G speaks candidly about his musical background, his stringent work ethic, and his controversial standing in the jazz canon.

Total Duration: 1 Hour Minutes 36 Minutes in FULL HD

New cast interviews with the following:

Kenny G, James Gardiner

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