Kraftwerk Music Video Anthology and Live 1971-2000 (2 DVD Set 4 Hours)

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The following Music Video Anthology features sourced archives from around the world to create this one of a kind comprehensive collection. It is offered in chronological order to witness the progression and evolution of one of the most influential group of the electronic music movement. German pioneers of electronic music and considered amongst many as the The Godfather of all elektro musik. The music videos go back as early as 1971 to as recent as 2000. The source of the archives varies from around the world and includes but not limited to the following countries:  Germany, England, France and the U.S.A. Finally this double DVD Set offers a full multi-page menu with chapter selections for all the content listed below. A one of a kind DOUBLE DVD collection and easily the most comprehensive Music Video collection of Kraftwerk ever offered though out the world.

Kraftwerk Music Video Anthology and Live
1971-1981 Volume I of II

1. Truckstop Gondolero [Beat Club Germany 71]
2. Tanzmuzik [ZDF 73]
3. Antenna
4. Radioactivity
5. Autobahn [BBC 76}
6. Radioactivity [French TV 78]
7. The Robots [French TV 78]
8. TEE
9. Die Roboter
10. Neon Light
11. The Model
12. Telephone Call
13. Tour De France
14. Pocket Calculator
15. Music Non Stop
16. Die Mensch Maschine [1981 TV Special]

Kraftwerk Music Video Anthology and Live
1981-2000 Volume II of II

1. Das Model [Na Sowas TV 1981]
2. The Robots
3. Ralf Hutter [ARTE TV France 1991]
4. Radioactivity-The Mix
5. The Robots – The Mix
6. Tribal Gathering 1997
7. Airwaves- New York 1998
8. Expo 2000 [Top of the Pops England 2000]
9. Man Machine VR
10. Music Non Stop VR
11. Pop I Fokus: In-Depth documentary of the history of Kraftwerk. This documentary is spoken in English and has subtitles in German with interviews with Karl Bartos and Wofgang Flur of Kraftwerk. Also interviewed is the single most influential music artist to Kraftwerk Karlheinz Stockhausen from Finalnd. Wolfgang Flur tours the street near the original location of Kling Klang Studios at ” M i n t r o p s t r a fl e   1 6 ,   4 0 2 1 5   D ¸ s s e l d o r f ,   D e u t s c h l a n d. Also included are comments about Kraftwerk from other artists such as Bjork and Moby. Probably one of the most significant documentary that has ever been made on Kraftwerk.
12. Sellafield 1992: Radioactivity & The Robots
13. Rio 1998: Interview, Music Non Stop and TEE Live performance

This DVD Set totals nearly FOUR HOURS LONG. A fantastic must have DVD Collection for any Kraftwerk or Elektronik Music devotee. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have ALL the music videos available in this unique offer. Take the opportunity to add it to your collection today, makes a unique gift.

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2 reviews for Kraftwerk Music Video Anthology and Live 1971-2000 (2 DVD Set 4 Hours)

  1. Scott Hermansen (verified owner)

    This is an excellent collection of Kraftwerk music videos and TV appearances. Of course, the quality varies from clip to clip, but is generally watchable and enjoyable. This is to be expected given the rarity of much of this footage. The service from M.V.R. is quick and reliable. I would recommend this release, and I would do business with M.V.R. again.

  2. Lupine Assassin (verified owner)

    I received my Music Video Anthology today. I’m very happy with the 2 DVD Set. Thanks again to MVR!

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