Lady GaGa The Video Archives 2009 (Glastonbury LIVE & Music Videos) Volume V


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Lady Gaga Live At The Glastonbury Festival UK 06/26/2009
1. Paparazzi
2. Love Game
3. Boys Boys Boys
4. Money Honey
5. Just Dance
6. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
7. Poker Face Piano Version
8. Poker Face
Bonus Material
Hit Video Collection:
1.   Just Dance (Geo Lezzi Shake Hair Radio Mix)
2.   Love Game (Remix Video)
3.   Paparazzi (7” Mix)
4.   Poker Face (7” Mix)
5.   Beautiful, Dirty Rich (7” Mix)
6.   Just Dance (7” Mix)
7.   Beautiful, Dirty Rich (Censored Remix Version 2)
8.   Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (7” Mix)
9.   Lady GaGa introduces MTV’s “Spanking New Sessions” 03/20/09
10.                 Just Dance (Live Performance)
11.                 Interview with Lady GaGa
12.                 Love Game (Live Performance)
13.                 Poker Face (Live Performance)
14.                 Beautiful, Dirty, Rich (Live Performance)
15.                 Katy Perry Music Videos
16.                 Poker Face (Remix Version 2)

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