Lady GaGa The Video Archives 2010 (Monster Ball LIVE USA) Volume VI


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The Monster Ball Tour Indianapolis, Indiana, USA July 15, 2010
Tour Start date November 27, 2009 – End date April 18, 2011 (to date)
Shows: 96 in North America, 56 in Europe, 15 in Oceania, 4 in Asia= 171 in Total
The Monster Ball is the 2nd worldwide concert tour by Lady Gaga in support for her 2nd studio album, The Fame Monster. The show was divided into 5 segments with the last one being the encore. Each segment featured Gaga in a new dress and was followed by a video interlude, portraying Gaga in Gothic and artsy poses. the next one. The show began with Gaga appearing from behind an electric maze of lights. It continues with acoustic piano playing, dancing in costumes made of guns, Cleopatra style head gears and fairy-tale Rapunzel style hair.
Gaga described to Rolling Stone, that she wanted to put together an expensive looking, beautiful show which would be affordable by her fans. She explained the tour is a “pop-electro opera” because of the theatrics and the story elements interwoven in the tour are played like an opera.
The theme of the show is evolution. According to Gaga, the songs on The Fame Monster represents the personal demons that she had faced. Hence while developing the record Gaga spoke about original sin and demons inside human beings.
The Monster Ball Tour DATE: July 15, 2010
Dance In The Dark
Just Dance
So Happy I Could Die
Poker Face (Acoustic)
Maker Her Say (Featuring Kid Cudi)
The Fame
Money Honey
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
Boys Boys Boys
Paper Gangsta
Poker Face
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
Bad Romance

Total Running Time One Hour Thirty One Minutes

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