Lady GaGa The Video Archives 2011-2012 Volume X


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Lady GaGa The Video Archives 2011-2012 Volume X

1. The Ellen DeGeneres Show Promo 12/09/11: (:30)

2. The Ellen DeGeneres Show 12/09/11: Opening teaser, In-Depth and exclusive interview with Lady Gaga. Gaga discusses the new     music video for “Marry The Night. Ellen suggests that she should act based on thenew video. Gaga discusses interest in working with Director Woody Allen. Gaga also discusses meeting Bill Clinton and three Grammy nominations. Later in the show a live performance of “Marry The Night”

3. The 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards 12/10/11: Opening, Lady Gaga wins award for “Best Female” along with acceptance speech. Lady Gaga performs “Marry The Night” LIVE. Later Gaga recieves “Best Song” Award for “Born This Way” and acceptance speech  along with “Best Video” Award for “Born This Way” and acceptance speech.

4. Oprah’s Next Chapter 02/19/12: Lady Gaga confessed she wants to have enough children to form a soccer Team when she sat down with talk show maven Oprah Winfrey for “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” In the intimate chat, which took place at Gaga’s childhood home in New York City, the never-press-shy Gaga made another big announcement.

“Other than this interview, Oprah, I don’t intend to speak to anyone for a very long time. I have to shut out the noise,” Mother Monster told Winfrey, according to “Gossip Cop”. “The latest thing I do is I don’t read a damn thing. No press, no television. If my mom calls and says, ‘Did you hear about?’ I don’t want to know nothing about anything that is going on … I shut it all off.”

Gaga’s mother was on hand for parts of the interview, sharing that in Gaga’s early days, her father thought she had a “screw loose” while she was performing at downtown New York nightclubs in her bra while lighting hairspray on fire. The superstar added that there’s one thing about her current act that her mother isn’t a big fan of.

“She doesn’t like when I swear,” Gaga said, with her mother adding, “You’re effective without it.”
Another part of the candid chat also focused on Gaga’s youth, during which she said she was frequently bullied. “There really is no difference between the bully and the victim,” she said. “I would like to do a psychological autopsy on as many bullies and victims as possible … How do we understand what breeds hatred, what breeds anger?” She added that despite all “all the praise you receive, something inside of you is scarred by those experiences. … Sometimes I feel worthless.” Parts of the special were also filmed at Harvard University last month.

The singer and the talk show host were on hand at the prestigious college to launch Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.
“I just have one thing to say before we get started: We got Oprah! … Thank you from all of us — from my entire team, from my mother, from the bottom of the hearts of so many people who believe in what we’re doing today,” Gaga said at the launch. She explained that the foundation seeks to empower the youth of America, adding, “How can we inspire young people to know they have the power to be brave?”

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