Lady GaGa The Video Archives 2013 Volume XI


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Lady GaGa The Video Archives 2013-2014 Volume XI

1. Rock ‘n’ Royalty Billboard All-Staras 05/18/13: Scenes from original interview from years ago on December 9th 2009. This is the first intreview Gaga has with Barbera Walters, Gaga discusses her sexuality and includes a profile segment on the artist as well.

2. The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Pre Show 08/25/13: Opening and interview with Gaga on the Red Carpet

3. The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards 08/25/13: Gaga opens the Award ceremony with a Live Performance of “Applause”

4. OMG The Insider 11/14/13: Interview iwth Gaga about her upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live

5. Saturday Night Live Commercial 11/14/13: A quick skit with Lady Gaga (Teaser)

6. Saturday Night Live 11/16/13: Lady Gaga is the host in addition to the musical guest (ALL commercials edited out) Lady Gaga knows how to make fun of herself. If there was one takeaway from last night’s show, it was that Lady Gaga knows what you all are saying about her. And in the constant jostling for pop-culture supremacy, one of Gaga’s advantages has been that, when she allows it, she often comes across as a down-to-earth goofball. And happily, last night viewers mostly got the silly theater kid and not the art-house provocateur, which led to an overall enjoyable 90 minutes that, while not always laugh-out-loud hilarious, was consistently amusing.

From the moment she busted out of the doors in a 1920s stage costume straight out of Chicago, there seemed to be two goals for the evening. 1.) Remind people that she’s the pop star, who can, you know, really belt; and 2.) Send up her image before the bloggers can. On both of those counts, she succeeded. She didn’t have a super viral moment like her “Three Way (Golden Rule)” sketch from the last time she was a musical guest (with host Justin Timberlake), but with only one real dud, she anchored what was easily one of the better episodes of the season so far.

Her monologue consisted of singing (of course!) a jazz-y version of “Applause” that segued into “New York, New York” as a somewhat nervous-seeming Gaga did what she does best: Just plain singing. Point of fact: Much like Miley Cyrus should really consider the country music her voice seems best suited to, Gaga should really consider a jazz album. “Applause” sounded much more impressive here than it does on the radio, and the fact that she regularly turns her pop hits into jazz ditties when she performs them live tells me she knows how well the genre suits her.

: “Waking Up With Kimye”:

Any time we can get SNL’s version of Kim Kardashian (particularly the nasal-y voice, which Nasim Pedrad once again nailed), I’m a happy girl. Jay Pharoah’s Kanye West is hosting a talk show with his new fiancée where they mostly just talk about how great they he is. “Between the two of us, we’ve earned 19 Grammys, sold over 21 million albums, and won Best Male Artist at the NAACP Awards.” “Yeah, we did it!” Gaga played their guest, a nerdy, pants-wearing lady named Karen, who worked at the Apple Store and came to fix Kim’s computer. After Kanye called Kim “The Michael Jordan of Wearing Clothes,” Karen replied, “I think people who are trying too hard with their outfits are maybe hiding something,” before mugging to the camera to big audience cheers. First “I Get It. Love Me Again” joke of the night? Accomplished. ALL COMMERCIALS EDITED OUT 1 HOUR 5 MINUTES

7. American Music Awards 11/24/13: Opening, then live performance with R. Kelly on the new song “Do What U Want”

8. Ellen 11/25/13: Opening and in-depth interview with Gaga

9. The Voice Finale 12/18/13: Do What You Want Live Performance duet with Christina Aguilera

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