Lady GaGa The Video Archives 2015-2017 Volume XV (NFL 2017 Super Bowl 51 Half Time Show)


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1. The 67th Annual Emmy Awards 09/20/15: Lady Gaga presents award for Best Lead Actor in a Limited Series to Richard Jenkins

2. Sinatra 100 Birthday Anniversary Special 12/06/05: Opening then commercial for Barnes & Noble with Gaga & Tony Bennett. Then live from the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Gaga performs “New York, New York”

3. CBS Sunday Morning 02/14/16: Opening two teasers and Lady Gaga along with song writer Diane Warren discuss there new working relationships.

4. The 58th Grammy Awards 02/15/16: Intel commercial with Lady Gaga. Tribute to David Bowie by Lady Gaga with Nile Rodgers perform a hits medley of Bowie’s greatest hits. Second Intel Commercial with “Haus of Gaga” which includes behind the scenes at the making of the live performance the most powerful moment came halfway through the show when Lady Gaga took the stage. Seated at a white piano, Gaga performed a heart-wrenching rendition of “Til It Happens To You,” the Oscar-nominated song she co-wrote with Diane Warren for The Hunting Ground, the 2015 documentary about sexual assault on college campuses. Introduced by Vice President Joe Biden, Gaga, who is herself a survivor of sexual assault, breathed deep and let loose and she sang lyrics like “Till it happens to you, you don’t know how I feel.” As she opened into the last two minutes of the song, a wall rose behind her and out walked 50 survivors of sexual assault. They wore plain clothes and bore messages like “Unbreakable” on their arms. “It was an idea that the music supervisor Bonnie Greenberg, me, Lady Gaga, and Diane Warren all had,” The Hunting Ground producer Amy Ziering tells EW of the special guests. “Wouldn’t it be powerful if the survivors in the film performed?” After about 22 people from the doc signed on and agreed to appear, Ziering, her team, the activist organization It’s On Us, and local allies assembled the final group of survivors who would appear on stage. “We were with Gaga’s choreographer when she showed up to rehearse and we were just so surprised,” We were there as a support system to her.” The tremendous, emotional moment was felt inside the Dolby Theater and to millions worldwide as soon as they took the stage. “Right before we went on, Gaga came over and talked to us again,” Sandhu says. “It was her show but she made a point to say, ‘It’s our show.’ She wanted this to be something where we healed.”

5. The American Music Awards 11/20/16: Lady Gaga performs  ‘Joanne’ ballad ‘Million Reasons

6. CBS Sunday Morning 11/27/16: Opening, teaser then Lady Gaga and her big pink Joanne hat talking to interviewer Lee Cowan about her latest album, her career trajectory, and the pressures of fame. She also visited Central Park’s Strawberry Fields memorial to John Lennon for the segment, which was filmed last month. Of her recent “dive bar tour,” Gaga said: “It reminds me that if this were all to go away tomorrow, all the big success, that I would still be very happy going from bar to bar, playing music for people.”

7. CBS Sunday Morning 02/05/17: Opening two teasers and Lady Gaga interview. This segment is a re-edited version of the original interviewed aired above (11/27/16) with some NEW scenes not seen before as they focus on the Super Bowl performance

8. NFL 2017 Super Bowl 51 Pregame 02/05/16:  In=depth interview with Gaga as she discusses where she is in her life right now and how’s she’s happy and used inspiration for her performance by noting Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen.

9. NFL 2017 Super Bowl 51 Half Time Show 02/05/16:  Two teasers “coming up” later in the broadcast. Visual of Lady Gaga posing for picture on the playing field earlier in the day. Another teaser then Gaga’s commercial for Tiffany & Co. (:30). Visual of crowd gathering on the playing field for the halftime show. When Lady Gaga decided to go at it alone, she had her work cut out for her. The Super Bowl halftime show has a long history with solo performers — one that had been abandoned for six years of spectacular collaborative work. So she went over the top. Literally. Lady Gaga opened up the roof at NRG Stadium, and she brought in drones for a pre-recorded night sky special segment, and she gave us a beautiful rendition of God Bless America, This Land is Your Land and the Pledge of Allegiance, and she bungeed down to the field for a dramatic entrance. She gave us a really damn good Lady Gaga concert. There was nothing divisive about her performance, and there was nothing bad about it either. She ran through Edge of Glory (very quickly), Poker Face, Born This Way, Telephone, Just Dance, new single Million Reasons and Bad Romance (the finale). She did seemingly every big-time Lady Gaga song except Paparazzi. It was entertaining. It was visually appealing — her aerobics and the puppet-like strings she flew from were straight out of Cirque du Soleil. She carried the songs and sung them like she knew this was the biggest moment of her career. If you were inclined to like a Lady Gaga Super Bowl halftime show, this thing had to absolutely thrill you. If you wanted Migos, well, you still want Migos. None of that is to say there weren’t real highlights. Here’s a quick power ranking of the best things in the performance: The mic drop. This was an absolutely spectacular way to end a Super Bowl halftime show — or any show — that everyone should always do. Then a commercial for new National Geographic series “Genius” using the music from the song “Bad Romance”

10. Saturday Night Live 10/28/16: Openin, Gaga kicked off her musical contribution to the Tom Hanks-hosted episode with the upbeat “A-Yo,” shaking her shimmering outfit for all its worth while, incredibly, keeping her ubiquitous “Joanne” pink hat in place. But Gaga’s second number bore a much closer resemblance to her powerful Oscar performance of “Til It Happens to You.” While pouring her heart out at a piano, this time Gaga did take the hat off as she crooned out emotional, apparently personal lyrics that may or may not relate to her recent breakup with fiancé Taylor Kinney. Includes closing segment with Lady Gaga
11. The 59th Annual Grammy Awards 02/12/17: Lady Gaga and Metallica teamed up at the Grammys to perform “Moth Into Flame” from Metallica’s 2016 album Hardwired… to Self-Destruct. It did not go as planned. First, Laverne Cox forgot to mention Metallica during her introduction speech. Then, James Hetfield’s microphone was accidentally turned off for half the song, leading to a bunch of dead space when it was time for him to sing. He eventually made his way over to Gaga’s microphone, and his mic was fixed by the end of it, but it was still pretty dicey.


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