Lady GaGa The Video Archives (for the year 2011) Volume IV


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1.  Good Morning America 02/17/11: Opening, various teasers and promos included here that were broadcast through out the two hour show. Later interview with various fans including a group of six from Australia there just to see Gaga walk in to the studio. Later introduction/profile and then an in studio interview with Lady Gaga.. Gaga speaks about safe sex and her new lipstick line that has all proceeds going to Aids research. Also Gaga discusses the new single.

Access Hollywood Weekend Edition 02/20/11: Behind the scenes of the “60 Minutes” interview. Lady Gaga cries in the stairwell during a break with 60 minutes. Very revealing interview clip that did NOT make the final cut of the “60 Minutes” interview.

The Gayle King Show 02/25/11: In-depth, in-studio exclusive interview in New York shortly after her concert at Madison Square Garden.  Gaga discusses her fans and her childhood. Included are photographs of Gaga as a young girl. Gaga announces TWO versions of the music video of Born This Way.

E News 05/05/11: Opening, “Coming Up” teasers with Lady Gaga. Exclusive In-Depth Candid Interview (Part 1 of 2) This in-depth interview aired on E! over a two day period this is part 1. WORLD PREMIERE of Gaga’s new music video “JUDAS” & Lady Gaga discusses the meaning behind the lyrics for Judas and what she feels is controversial about the music video

E News 05/06/11: Opening, “Coming Up” teasers with Lady Gaga. Exclusive Candid In-Depth Interview (Part 2 of 2) This in-depth interview aired on E! over a two day period this is part 2. Lady Gaga reveals information/stories about her family and the future of her career in ten years. Lady Gaga also talks about her involvement with America Idol. Later in the show is an additional interview with Gaga that many people missed talking about directing the music video for Judas.

American Idol 05/11/11: Opening, Lady Gaga career profile, Lady Gaga appears on this episode as a mentor/coach/counselor to the contestants. Footage includes Lady Gaga with contestants during rehearsals where she makes suggestions with their performances and singing arrangements. Also included are the end results of Gaga’s mentoring with the singing performances of the last four contestants. Closing segment with a teaser of Gaga’s live performance tomorrow night. Pretty interesting stuff.

American Idol 05/12/11: Opening, Lady Gaga appears on this episode as a follow up to the night before episode. In this episode Lady Gaga performs LIVE via satellite where she performs for the FIRST TIME on US Television the new song “You and I”. Contestants comment on the performance.

American Idol Season Finale 05/25/11: Opening, Contestants perform as a group Born This Way. Later Lady Gaga makes a surprise LIVE performance of the new single Edge of Glory. This performance is rare as it aired only once on national television.


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