Lady GaGa The Video Archives (for the year 2011) Volume VII


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  1. NBC News at 11 (LOCAL NYC Coverage and exclusive to broadcast in New York. This segment did NOT air nationally) 05/21/11: News report of fans waiting outside the NBC Studios at Rockerfeller Center since Tuesday for tickets to the Saturday Night Live Season Finale with Lady Gaga. Gaga sent food to the fans on line.


  1. Saturday Night Live (Season Finale) 05/21/11: Opening, Lady Gaga appears in the first skit with Justin, very funny. Commercial for “Google Chrome” featuring Lady Gaga and the upcoming single “Edge of Glory”. Justin and cast member do another mock 1990’s music video that Justin has done before on the show. This time Gaga makes an appearance and sings as well in the video. Short clip during commercial of Gaga preparing for the performance. Later Gaga performs The Edge of Glory as a piano solo and introduction to Judas. Lady Gaga appears in another game show “What’s That Name” skit. Later Gaga performs “Born This Way” and closing segment with Gaga. 


  1. The View 05/23/11: Opening, clip of Gaga on The View in 2009. In depth interview in the studio with Lady Gaga. Gaga mentions that her mother is in the audience. Gaga discusses how she studies her TV appearances to be a better performer and songwriter. Mention of Forbes that Lady Gaga is number #1 “Most influential Woman in the country” putting Oprah in second place. Closing segment with Gaga


  1. Late Show with David Letterman 05/23/11: Opening, David announces Gaga later in the show and makes a joke about her “egg”. Teaser with Lady Gaga then visual of arriving in front of the studio and a separate teaser with her going in to the studio for the appearance. In depth interview Lady Gaga discusses amongst other topics the early days as a performer in New York while working as a waitress in New York and flirting with the customers. At the end of the show Lady Gaga is in her Limo saying good bye to fans. Most viewers missed this segment as it was at the very end of the program.


  1. TMZ 05/24/11: Lady Gaga interviewed in front of The Gramercy Hotel amongst her fans whilst signing autographs


  1. Good Morning America 05/27/11: Introduction of Gaga’s concert at the head of the second hour of the program. Various teasers of which one discusses the fact that fans waited for two days for this historic concert. Two weather segments with the little monsters at Central Park. Commercial for Lady Gaga on GMA Introduction of Lady Gaga’s live concert in New York City’s Central Park. The concert begins with Bad Romance. Lady Gaga rides OVER the audience on a cable to land on stage for her entrance, amazing! After the song Gaga is interviewed live on stage. Gaga talks about living in New York only five blocks from where she is performing. Gaga talks about bullying and takes questions from the fan. Teaser for Gaga later in the show. Gaga performs “Edge of Glory” LIVE. Later in the show she performs Judas. Lady Gaga end her contribution to the ABC’s Summer Concert Series with the live performance of “Hair” solo on piano.

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