MADONNA ULTIMATE TV Appearances Archives & Music Video Anthology 1982-2017 (38 DVD Set 80 Hours)


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Madonna Music Video Archives 1983 to 2017 (OVER 38 DVD Set 77 Hours)

– The following Worldwide Video Archives includes not only the entire Madonna Music Video Anthology but also features footage from as early as 1983 to 2017. The source of the archives mostly consists of footage from the USA. Other sections of this archives set consists of footage from all around the world including UK, Sweden, Japan, Italy and Australia.

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Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume I

1. The Tonight Show 6/87 Interview
2. Showbiz Today 6/12: Arrives in Japan
3. MTV Video Music Awards 9/87: Live From The Orange Bowl, Fla.
4. Who’s That Girl (Music Video)
5. Eyewitness News 7/87: Arrives in Philadelphia.
6. 10 O’Clock News 7/13: Performs AIDS benefit in NY
7. Fox News At Seven 7/14: “ “
8. Lucky Star (Music Video/7” Version)
9. Showbiz Today 7/13: AIDS Benefit Concert in NY
10. Good Morning America: Performs In Southern Cal.
11. TODAY 8/87: 3 Part Interview by Jane Pauly
12. Entertainment Tonight 8/87: World Premiere of Who’s That Girl
13. Eyewitness News 8/87: Review of WTG
14. MTV News 9/87: Madonna Arrives In England For European Dates on Tour
15. The Week In Rock 9/87: Performs In Italy
16. MTV News 9/87: Arrives In France
17. Week In Rock 9/87: Performs in France
18. Live Performance From Italy 9/87 “Causin’ Commotion”
19. MTV News 2/88: To Release Who’s That Girl Tour Video In April
20. David Letterman /88: Interview with Sandra Bernhardt with surprise appearance by Madonna
21. Commercial Preview For Pepsi Commercial 2/89
22. Like a Prayer (video)
23. Express Yourself (video)
24. Cherish (video)
25. MTV Video Music Awards 9/89: Live Performance; Presents Award; Receives Viewer Choice Awards
26. MTV’s Rate The 80s: Receives Award “Mega Artist”
27. Oh Father (Video)
28. Dick Tracy Movie “Trailer”


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume II

1. MTV Rockumentary 7/90
2. Breakfast With Madonna 7/90
3. Like A Virgin – Live 1984 MTV Video Music Award
4. Dress You Up – Live 1984 The Virgin Tour
5. Into The Groove – Live 1987 Ciao Italia
6. Vogue – Live 3/28/1990 MTV Sneak Preview
7. Vogue – Conceptual Video


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume III

August 5th: Blond Ambition World Tour 1990 – Live from the French Riviera Nice France
1. Express Yourself
2. Open Your Heart
3. Causing A Commotion
4. Where’s The Party
5. Like A Virgin
6. Like A Prayer
7. Live To Tell
8. Oh Father
9. Papa Don’t Preach
10. Hanky Panky
11. Now I’m Following You
12. Material Girl
13. Cherish
14. Get Into The Groove
15. Vogue
16. Holiday
17. Keep It Together


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume IV

1. Good Morning America 5/9 & 5/10/91: Interview
2. Dinner With Madonna 5/9/91: Interview
3. World Premiere 5/9/91: Like A Virgin
4. Madonna’s Truth Or Dare Premiere Party 5/9/91
5. News 4 NY 5/16: 1985 Performance at Uncle Sam’s – The Basement Tapes (Parts 1&2)
6. Week In Rock: 5/18: Premiere In Cannes
7. Truth Or Dare 5/91: Commercial
8. Truth Or Dare Contest Winner Comm. 6/11
9. Primetime Live 6/15: Liz Smith
10. Saturday Night Live 1985
11. Musicians For Life PSA 11/91
12. MTV: A 10th Anniversary 11/27: Film Piece
13. Hard Copy 11/28
14. Music News 12/12/91: Time Warner Deal
15. The Making of MTV 10: Behind The Scenes 12/18/91
16. Fox News at 10 12/91: AIDS Press Conf.
17. The Year In Rock 12/20/91: Career Profile
18. Hard Copy 12/26/91: College Dance Class Video


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume V

1. Entertainers ’91 12/26/91: The Celebrity Segment
2. Geraldo 2/17/92: Interview With Nikki Harris
3. Rock The Vote Commercial
4. Arsenio Hall 6/16/92: Interview with Madonna
5. MTV News 6/24/92: New Song for Barcelona ‘92
6. Top 10 of the First 10 7/10/92 Profile “This Used To Be My Playground”
7. The Big Picture 9/11/92: New Film “Body of Evidence”
8. Rock The Vote 9/23/92: Madonna Segment
9. Week In Rock 9/25/92: New LP Oct. 20th & Vogue
10. Day In Rock 9/28/92: Jean Paul Gautier Benefit
11. Planetary Premiere 10/5/92: Erotica
12. MTV News 10/6/92: Dolce & Gabana show in Milan (Part 1 of 2)
13. Hard Copy 10/16/92: Premiere Bash for New Book “Sex”
14. Ch. 2 News at 6:00 PM: Premiere Bash
15. Week In Rock 10/16/92: Premiere Bash Int. (Part 2 of 2)
16. Inside Edition 10/19/92: New Disc & New Book Erotica & Sex
17. Entertainment Tonight 10/20/92: Sex Release
18. Day In Madonna 10/22/92: Profile of New Disc & “Sex” Book (Part 3 of 3)
19. Erotica LP Commercial 11/11/92
20. Deeper & Deeper World Premiere Promo 11/19/92
21. World Premiere 11/24/92: Deeper & Deeper
22. Week In Rock 11/27/92: “Body of Evidence”
23. Spy Magazine Hit List 12/02/92: Discussion & Visuals of Madonna
24. Erotica 12” + Ares Mix
25. MTV News 12/15/92: AIDS Danceathon Benefit
26. MTV The Year In Rock 12/19/92: Profile


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume VI

1. Commercial “Body of Evidence” 1/7/93
2. Entertainment Tonight 1/11/93: Interview
3. MTV Commercial 1/11/93: Madonna Interview
4. Commercial “Body of Evidence” 1/13/93
5. Sexclusive with MTV 10/13/92
6. Today 1/15/93: Interview (Part 2 of 2)
7. The Big Picture 1/16/93: Body of Evidence & Interview
8. Saturday Night Live 1/16/93: Inauguration Skit, Monologue Fever & Bad Girl, Hollywood Minute Skit Closing Segment
9. Bad Girl 2/93: Video
10. Madonna Exposed 3/9/93: This documentary explores Madonna’s career starting out in New York. Includes rare clips.


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume VII

1. Saturday Night Live 1990: Wayne’s World w/Top 10 Babes
2. Arsenio the 1000th Show 5/14/93: Fever & Lady Is A Tramp w/ Anthony K.
3. Rain
4. MTV Video Music Awards 9/93: Bye Bye Baby
5. A Current Affair 9/93: Girlie Show hits UK
6. Hard Copy 9/93: Girlie Show UK/VH1 AD
7. Week In Rock 10/1/93: Backstage in London + live footage w/credits
8. A&E’s Biography 10/93: Career Profile
9. MTV Week In Rock 10/8/93: Interview In Paris
10. Eyewitness News /93: Girlie Show Hit NY
11. News 4 NY /93: Girlie Show Hits NY
12. Ch. 2 News /93: Girlie Show Hits NY
13. MTV’s Madonna Girlie Talk 10/93: Int.
14. MTV News 11/93: Dangerous Game release
15. MTV Year In Rock 1993 12/93: Women In Music
16. Movie Trailer: Body of Evidence
17. MTV Music Video Awards 9/94: Presents Award
18. Week In Rock 10/94: Interview About Secret
19. MTV News 11/23/94: Interview about “Take A Bow”
20. Promotional Commercial Bedtime Stories 11/94
21. MTV News 1/19/94: New Film “4 Rooms”
22. 22nd Annual American Music Awards 1/30/95: Duet with Baby Face “Take A Bow” live
23. Entertainment Tonight 1/31/95: Int./& Baby Face
24. E! News Daily 1/31/95: Int. Backstage
25. MTV News 3/01/95: Int. at Brit Awards
26. MTV News 3/21/95: Pajama Party Coverage
27. 67th Annual Academy Awards 3/27/95: Skit w/Madonna


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume VIII

1. MTV RARE UNRELEASED RAW FOOTAGE from “Dinner with Madonna” 5/09/91: This MTV Special originally aired in Black & White. This is the uncut raw footage from that interview in COLOR. Original Record Date 4/15/91: Includes scenes that were left out from the version that aired. Total Running Time (42 Mins.)
2. The 1995 MTV Video Music Awards 9/95: Opening, Madonna presents the award for best Rap Video, Madonna receives award for best female video for “Take A Bow” (7:53)
3. The 1995 MTV Video Music Awards Post Show 9/95: Kurt Loder comments on Madonna, Interview with Madonna, Courtney Love interrupts Madonna’s interview (4:21)
4. Inner City Blues: The Music of Marvin Gaye 10/95: Madonna cover Marvin’s song “I Want You” (8:08)
5. TV Commercial for The Wiz 11/95: Promotion featuring Madonna for “Inner City Blues: The Music of Marvin Gaye” CD (:30)
6. MTV Green peace segment 1995: Features Madonna and Robert Smith from the Cure (:36)
7. Commercial for VH1’s Fashion & Music Awards 12/95: features Madonna (:30)


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume IX

The Complete Music Video Anthology Volume I of VI

1. Burning Up
2. Lucky Star (“7 Version)
3. Borderline
4. Lucky Star (“12 Extended Version)
5. Like A Virgin
6. Material Girl
7. Gambler (“Vision Quest” Soundtrack) (RARE)
8. Crazy For You (“Vision Quest” Soundtrack)
9. Into The Groove (“Desperately Seeking Susan” Soundtrack)
10. Dress You Up (LIVE-From The Virgin Tour)
11. Live To Tell (“At Close Range” Soundtrack)
12. Papa Don’t Preach
13. Open Your Heart
14. True Blue (European Version)
15. La Isla Bonita
16. Who’s That Girl (RARE)
17. Like A Prayer (Original “7 Mix Version 1)
18. Express Yourself (Remix Audio Version 2)
19. Cherish
20. Oh Father
21. Vogue
22. Like A Virgin (LIVE from “Truth or Dare” Soundtrack)
23. Vogue (Performance from the MTV Video Music Awards)
24. Justify My Love
25. This Used To Be My Playground
26. Holiday (LIVE from “Truth or Dare” Soundtrack)
27. Everybody (Clip Only) (RARE)
28. Express Yourself (Original Audio Version 1) (RARE)


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume X

The Complete Music Video Anthology Volume II of VI

29. Erotica
30. Deeper and Deeper
31. Fever
32. Bad Girl
33. Rain
34. Erotica (W/O 12~ARES REMIX) (RARE)
35. I’ll Remember (“With Honors” Soundtrack)
36. Secret (Original “7 Version 1)
37. Secret (“12 Remix Version 2)
38. Take A Bow (Includes Original Slate)
39. Bedtime Story
40. Human Nature
41. I Want You (Cover of Marvin Gaye song)
42. You’ll See
43. Love don’t Live Here Anymore
44. Like A Prayer (“12 Remix Version 2) (RARE)
45. Where’s The Party (“12 Remix) (RARE)
46. You Must Love Me (Evita soundtrack)
47. Gambler (“Vision Quest” Soundtrack, VH1C Version)
48. Express Yourself (VH1 Pop Video –Orig. Audio Version 1)
49. Take A Bow (VH1) Pop Up Video Version)
50. Everybody (Clip Only different from #27w/discussion of video
from Madonna.
51. Frozen (Pop-Up Video Version)


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XI

The Complete Music Video Anthology Volume III of VI

51. Frozen (Version 2 Final Transmission Master) 02/09/98
52. Ray of Light (Includes Original Slate) 04/17/98
53. The Power of Goodbye (Includes Original Slate) 9/03/98
54. Ray of Light (Calderone Club Mix) 6/1/98 (RARE)
55. Nothing Really Matters
56. Drowned World / Substitute for Love
57. Beautiful Stranger (Pop Up Version)Take A Bow (Pop Up Quiz Version)
58. Beautiful Stranger
59. American Pie
60. Material Girl (Pop Up Version)
61. Like A Prayer (Pop Up Version)
62. Take A Bow (Pop Up Version)
63. Music (Uncensored Long Version)
64. Get into the Groove (Pop Up Version)
65. Human Nature (Pop Up Version)
66. Vogue (Pop Up Version)
67. Music (Montage Video LP Version 2)
68. Don’t Tell Me
69. What It Feels Like For A Girl
70. Thunderpuss Remix
71. Holiday 2001 (Live) (Edited Montage from Drowned World Tour)
72. Die Another Day
73. Die Another Day (Remix Video)
74. American Life (Post War Version 2)


The Complete Music Video Anthology Volume IV of VI

76. 20 Minute MegaMix
77. Borderline” (Remix Version 2)
78. Like A Prayer (Dance Remix)
79. Vogue (12” Dance Mix)
80. Fever (Remix)
81. Everybody (Entire Music Video)
82. Bedtime Story (Remix)
83. Nothing Really Matters (Remix)
84. Frozen (Club mix)
85. Frozen (Stereo MC’s mix)
87. Madonna with Britney Spears: Me Against The Music
88. Beautiful Stranger (Remix)
89. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (‘Evita’ Soundtrack)
90. Buenos Aires (‘Evita’ Soundtrack)
91. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Remix)
92. Don’t Tell Me (Vision Radio Mix)


The Complete Music Video Anthology Volume V of VI

93. Music (H2Q Remix/Montage)
94. What It Feels Like For A Girl (Remix)
95. BMW Spot (w/‘Impressive Instant’ Dance Remix)
96. Sky Fits Heaven (Remix)
97. American Pie (Dan-O-Rama Video Remix #2)
98. American Pie (Dan-O-Rama Video Remix #1)
99. Die Another Day (Brothers Brown Remix)
100. Die Another Day (Demo Remix)
101. American Life (w/opening slate)
102. Dear Jesse


The Complete Music Video Anthology Volume VI of VI

105. Hung Up
106. Sorry (Original Conceptual Version 1)
107. Get Together
108. Jump
109. Madonna Featuring Justin Timberlake & Timbaland “4 Minutes”
110. Give It 2 Me
111. Gimme All Your Luvin’ (Featuring Nikki Minaj & M.I.A.)
112. Girls Gone Wild (Censored Version 2)
113. Turn Up The Radio
114. Living For Love (Original Conceptual Version 1)
115. Sorry (Pet Shop Boys Remix Version 2)
116. Living For Love (Remix Version 2)
117. Haddaway vs. Madonna: Living For Love (Mash-Up Mix Version 3)
118. Living For Love (Remix Version 4)
119. Living For Love (Remix Version 5)
120. Living For Love (Remix Version 6)
121. Living For Love (Remix Version 7)
122. Girl Gone Wild (Remix Version 2)


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XII

1. MTV’s presents Madonna’s Bedtime Story Pajama Party 1995: Contest winners join Madonna for an exclusive party at NYC’s Webster Hall. Includes: Entrance of Madonna on street in front of club, Interview with Madonna inside club with Kurt Loder, Another Interview with Madonna & Baby Face from 10/94 on the set of “Take A Bow” discussing “Bedtime Stories” CD., Interview with Bjork (9/94) & Junior Vasquez on Collaboration. Full In-Depth Profile on the year of Madonna for 1994 into 1995. Madonna dancing with contest winners. Backstage Interview with Madonna at club, Premiere of Madonna “Mega Mix Video” (EXCLUSIVE to this Broadcast), Madonna reads a bedtime story in a bed on stage at club. World Premiere of “Bedtime Story” music video, Interview with Junior Vasquez and more Madonna dancing with contest winners, Interview with Michael Musto. Total Running Time (42:48)
2. MTV Music News winter, 1995: Rodman’s quote about Madonna wanting his child (:48)
3. Entertainment Tonight 8/98: EXCLUSIVE Madonna Interview on set of “Power of Goodbye” mentions of appearances-MTV Video Music Awards & Behind The Music (2:22)
4. VH-1’s Behind The Music 9/98: In-Depth Documentary, Profile and Interviews covering the entire life of Madonna from birth to present. Includes: Interviews from 83-98, Rare footage, ALL COMERCIALS EDITED OUT. Total (1Hr. 5 Mins. 52 Secs.) **See Volume XXIII for the updated version of this documentary with updated segments from 1998 to 2002.
5. VH-1’s Pop Up Video 9/98: Opening with Madonna & Frozen (Pop Up Video Version) (5:06)

Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XIIIHBO’s Madonna “The Girlie Show” Live Down Under 11/20/93: Full Length Live Concert from Sydney, Australia. Includes EXCLUSIVE Interview and the includes the following songs:

1.     Erotica
2.     Fever
3.     Vogue
4.     Rain
5.     Express Yourself
6.     Deeper and Deeper
7.     Why’s It So Hard
8.     In This Life
9.     Justify My Love (Instrumental Remix with Dancers only)
10.     Like A Virgin (ala Marlene Dietrich)
11.     Bye Bye Baby
12.     I’m Going Bananas (cover song)
13.     La Isla Bonita
14.     Holiday (with military style break in song)
15.     Justify My Love
16.     Everybody                 Total Running Time: (1 Hr. 59mins. 6 secs.)


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XIV

1. VH1’s Fashion Awards 12/95: Receives “Most Fashionable Artist” (presented by Claudia Schiffer & Carl Largerfeld) surprise appearance by Sean Penn to give Madonna award also receives “Viewers Choice Most Fashionable Artist Award 1995” (7:21)
2. VH1’s The Making of Couture 12/95: Discussion & Visuals of Madonna being a model for Couture Fashions (3:05)
3. VH1 Commercial 12/95: The Best of America Bandstand includes scene with Madonna and clip of performance of Holiday (:40)
4. VH1’s Best of American Bandstand 1/1/96: Opening, Holiday & Interview, Original Air Date 1/14/84 (7:18)
5. VH1’s One to One 1/96: Profile and In-Depth Interview with Madonna in London (22:03)
6. Hard Copy 1/16/96: Madonna’s demands during location hunting for “Evita” (2:16)
7. VH1 Commercial 1/24/96 “Madonna to be continued…” (:20)
8. Entertainment Tonight 3/11/96: Behind the scenes of “Evita” in Buenos Aires (1:39)
9. Extra 3/28/96: “Madonna hassled in Hungary” during shooting of “Evita” (:28)
10. VH1’s “Some songs to Remember: The Ballads of Madonna” 5/96: Profiles & more interview footage from #5, VH1 Commercial for “Madonna’s Baby Shower”, interview2 continued and outtakes of interview during credits (5:31)
11. MTV’s “A New Madonna: The Making of Evita” 6/96: Documentary/Profile includes press conference in Buenos Aires (2/6/96).On the set interview clips in Buenos Aires. Main Interview EXCLUSIVE with Kurt Loser in Budapest, Hungary (22:03)
12. E! News Daily 7/31/96: Teaser, Report on trailer and its TV Premiere on E! (2:05)
13. Entertainment tonight 7/31/96: Evita debut and visuals of Baby shower and press conference clip (2:06)
14. The Late show with David Letterman 3/31/94: Opening with mention and joke about Madonna, Teaser, Madonna interviews while smoking a cigar (25:22)
15. Entertainment tonight 8/06/96: Teaser, Evita film predicted to start new fashion trend, press conference clip (Buenos Aires 2/6/96), movie scenes (1:57)
16. E! Fashion File 8/14/96: Madonna attends fashion show for Helmut Lang’s Spring/Summer ’96 Collection, visuals of Madonna (3:04)
17. Entertainment Tonight 9/24/96: Opening, EXCLUSIVE scenes with Madonna from rehearsals of Waltz choreography for Evita, Interview with Vincent Patterson Choreographer (2:35)
18. Extra 10/15/96: New Baby Girl, Interview Armando Leon (New Grandfather) and interview clip of Madonna discussing wanting a child & mother from #5 (2:18)
19. Hard Copy 10/15/96: New Baby report, visuals of Madonna in public pregnant (:41)
20. Entertainment Tonight 10/15/96: New Baby Report, comments from Rosie O’Donnell and Ricki Lake (3:03)
21. Entertainment Tonight 10/18/96: New baby report and discussion of new People magazine interview via fax, visual of cover of People Magazine cover (1:37)


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XV

1. The 1996 Billboard Music Awards 12/96: Tony Bennett presents “Artist Achievement Award” to Madonna, video profile and Madonna’s acceptance speech (8:44)
2. The Oprah Winfrey Show 12/13/96: EXCLUSIVE In-Depth Interview (First since the birth of Lourdes) (43:46)
3. Entertainment tonight 12/16/96: Premiere of “Evita”, Exclusive Interview with Madonna & Antonio Banderas, scenes from Evita (9:00)
4. VH1’s “Evita” Premiere Party 12/16/96: EXCLUSIVE In-Depth Interviews with Madonna and Antonio, Premiere Party coverage, scenes from “Evita”, music videos “Take A Bow”, “Express Yourself”, “Vogue” (42:05)
5. E! News Daily 12/96: EXCLUSIVE Interviews with Madonna & Antonio on “Evita” (4:42)
6. MTV Music News 12/96: “The Best of ‘96” on the set interviews with Madonna and Antonio, behind the scenes of “Evita” (4:21)
7. MTV The Week In Rock 1/97: Opening, Teaser, EXCLUSIVE Madonna Interview discusses film and baby Lourdes, clip of appearance on Rosie’s show (See Vol. XVI, segment #15 for entire “Rosie Interview) (4:12)
8. MTV News “Madonna RAW: The Early Years” 1/97: A compilation of Madonna Interviews from the 80’s, includes unseen out takes and footage that’s never aired (11:54)
9. The 69th Annual Academy Awards 3/24/97: “You Must Love Me” (LIVE) (3:35)


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XVI

1. Sweden TV 1984: Madonna Interview discusses early days in France for five months and new film at the time, “Desperately Seeking Susan” (2:29)
2. England TV 1987?: England press conference with Madonna and Sean Penn for “Shanghai Surprise”, interview with George Harrison (Director) (3:12)
3. The Today Show 8/87: EXCLUSIVE Interview discusses “Speed the Plow” (only one part of three, SEE VOL. 1, segment #11 for all three parts in better quality) (5:48)
4. England TV Good Morning Britain 1989: EXCLUSIVE Interview discusses growing up in a large family and school (Part 1 of 2) (5:26)
5. England TV Good Morning Britain 1989: News on opening night of NYC play “Speed The Plow”, opening night party visuals and on the street interview (1:49)
6. The Today Show 8/87: EXCLUSIVE Interview “Speed The Plow” (only one part of three, SEE VOL. 1, segment #11 for all three parts in better quality) (11:13)
7. Show title unknown 1986: EXCLUSIVE Interview discusses “Who’s That Girl” film (:45)
8. Japan TV 1987?: Japan Press Conference, answers questions from the press (3:07)
9. Italy TV Rai Uno 1987: Madonna with children in Italy for photo shoot (3:05)
10. England TV Good Morning Britain 1989: EXCLUSIVE Interview discusses growing up in a large family and school (Part 2 of 2) (:24)
11. Early Movie (Title Unknown-Screen Debut) 1980?: Dance Routine (1:51)
12. Amnesty International Concert 1986: Madonna on stage with Sean Penn addressing the crowd (:10)
13. England TV 1989: Interview with fan in England (Madonna look a like) (1:35)
14. Japan TV “Rock TV” 1984: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Madonna (4:44)
15. The Rosie O’Donnell Show 1/97: Opening, Scene from “Evita” EXCLUSIVE In-Depth Interview with Madonna (2nd after birth of Lourdes) (43:45)
16. The 1997 MTV Video Music Awards 9/97: Opening, Madonna makes statement about the death of Princess Diane then introduces Prodigy (3:21)
17. The Late show with David Letterman (Clip) 3/31/94: Madonna interviews while smoking a cigar (See Volume XIV, segment #14 for entire segment)(10:03)
18. The 55th Annual Golden Globe Awards 10/97: Madonna presents award for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture” to Jack Nicholson (3:50)
19. VH! Commercial 2/98: Premiere of “Frozen” music video (:30)
20. MTV News 1515 Commercial 2/98: “EXCLUSIVE Interview on 1515” (:17)
21. MTV News 1515 2/98: Opening, EXCLUSIVE Interview on the set of “Frozen” in California desert (4:34)
22. MTV’s “Ultra Madonna Weekend” Commercial 2/98: scenes from videos (:30)
23. MTV’s “Ultra Madonna Weekend” 2/98: scene from The British Record Industry Trust Awards singing “Bedtime Story” (LIVE), Various Interview clips, Holiday (LIVE “Truth or Dare” Soundtrack), “Keep It Together” (LIVE EXCLUSIVE from Houston Texas-Blond Ambition Tour) (9:58)
24. VH1’s Before They Were Rock Stars 3/98: Madonna photos as a little girl and interviews about childhood and 1979 footage from dance class in college, clip of Everybody (music video) (3:56)


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XVII

1. Madonna: The Virgin Tour 1985 (Home Video Release): Opening, Madonna plays to homr4 crowd in Michigan, Dress You Up, Holiday, Get Into The Groove, Everybody, Gambler, Lucky Star, Crazy for You, Over and Over, Like A Virgin, Material Girl, (53:49)
2. MTV’s Madonna Videography (Part of “Ultra Madonna Weekend”) 2/98: Various Interviews, profiles, reports and on the set of music videos Interviews, Int. 6/89, Int. 5/84 (Part 1 of 2), Int. 12/85 (Part 1 of 3), Everybody (music video clip), Int. 9/84 (Part 1of 4), Int. 5/84 (Part 2of 2), Int. during press conference 8/84, Int. 9/84 (Part 2 of 4), Behind the scenes of “Material Girl” 1/85, Int. 12/85 (Part 2of 3), Int. 9/84 (Part 3of 4), Int. 12/85 (Part 3 of 3), Report on MTV’s “Madonna’s Make My Video” contest and footage of Madonna presenting prize to winner 10/86, Times Square Premiere of “Who’s That Girl”, Madonna addresses crowd 10/87, Who’s That Girl (music video), mews report on acting in play “Speed The Plow” Includes scenes from play and after show press conference, Press Conference 8/88, MTV V.M.A. 9/89 visual winning “Viewers Choice Award“ and acceptance speech, Int. 6/89 (Part 1 of 2), Alvin & the Chipmunks “Express Yourself” cover (music video clip), Int. Herb Ritts (director of “Cherish”) 8/89, Madonna receives MTV’s “Mega Artist for the 80’s” (includes acceptance speech and out takes) 11/89, Int. 6/89 (Part 2 of 2), Oh Father (music video), report on “The Girlie Show tour 1993 (includes scenes from concert & interviews with dancers/singers), report on “Late show” appearance (SEE Vol. XIV #14 for the entire show’s segment), Int. 9/84 (Part 4of 4), Madonna in Gaultier Fashion Show 10/94, Report on Evita & Int. W/Madonna & director of “Take A Bow” 11/94…Total Length (45:22)
3. MTV UltraSound “Inside Madonna” 3/98: In-Depth Interview 1/8/98 on the set of “Frozen” music video in the Mojave Desert Cuddy back Lake, Ca., discusses theme behind Ray of Light LP with footage and interview from In-Studio recording of “Ray of Light” LP (10/3/97) in Larrabee Studios North, Universal, Ca., behind the scenes of “Frozen” music video (21:42)
4. MTV UltraSound 4/98: Backstreet Boys and other bands comment on Madonna’s career, scene of Madonna singing Backstreet Boys hit “Quit Playing Games with My Heart” and out takes of Madonna’s interview during credits (1:19)


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XVIII

1. The Oprah Winfrey 4/98: “Ray of Light” (Live Performance), In-Depth Interview about new LP and discussion on Lourdes, photos of Lourdes, profile segment, “Little Star” (Live Performance), ALL COMMERCIALS EDITED OUT (41:00)
2. MTV UltraSound: “The Video Music Awards UNCENSORED” (Part 1 of 2) 9/98: Opening, Producer of show discusses Madonna controversy about rehearsal and performance surrounding “Like A Virgin” performance, Courtney Love throws make up at Madonna during after show interview, Madonna presenting award with David Letterman 9/94 (4:50)
3. MTV Commercial 9/98: The 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, comedy skit with Madonna and Ben Stiller (1:22)
4. MTV Commercial 9/98: The 1998 MTV Video Music Awards “Pre Show Opening Act” features Madonna (:30)
5. MTV UltraSound: “The Video Music Awards UNCENSORED” 9/9/98 (Part 2 of 2): Day of Award show, Madonna trivia, opening, Madonna profile and report/clips on past appearances 84-97, Madonna’s Nominations listings (3:16)
6. MTV The 1998 Video Music Awards “Pre Show Opening Act” 9/9/98: Opening, 20 questions with Madonna EXCLUSIVE Interview (9/9/98) on the set of “The Power of Good-Bye” music video, listing of Madonna’s nominations, Premiere of “The Power of Good-Bye” (14:07)
7. MTV Commercial 9/9/98: The 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, features Madonna (:52)
8. The 1998 MTV Video Music Awards 9/9/98: Opening, “Shanti/Ashtangi” & “Ray of Light” (LIVE Performance includes special guest Lenny Kravitz on guitar), Host, Ben Stiller tells a joke with visual of Madonna, Receives “Best Female Video” Award & acceptance speech, Receives “Best Direction in a Video” Award with Jonas Akerland for “Ray of Light”, Jerry Hollowell (Ginger Spice) presents “Best Video of the Year” Award to Madonna (24:10)
9. MTV News 1515: The 1998 MTV Video Music Awards Special Edition Live 9/9/98: Opening, Highlights from show features segments on Madonna (2:40)
10. MTV Music News 9/11/98: EXCLUSIVE Interview (9/9/98) (more of original interview from #6) discusses actor in “The Power of Good-Bye” (1:06)
11. MTV Europe Music Awards 1998 10/98: Opening, “The Power of Good-Bye” (Live Performance), Receives “Best Female” Award & acceptance speech, Receives “Best Album” Award & acceptance speech (12:23)
12. The 1998 VH1 Fashion Awards 10/98: Madonna performs with Roberta Tavares and The Students of the East Harlem Violin Program on “The Power of Good-Bye” (Live Performance), Receives “The Versace Award” profile segment & acceptance speech, Receives “Most Fashionable Artist” Award & acceptance speech (14:19)
13. MTV Music News 11/98: Madonna receives five nominations for the 41st Annual Grammy Awards, reactions and comments from Madonna via phone (1:39)


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XIX (2 DVD Set)

1. The 41st Annual Grammy Awards 2/99: “Nothing Really Matters” (Live Performance), opening, Rosie O’Donnell’s comments on performance, receives “Best Pop Album” Award & acceptance speech with William Orbit (13:31)
2. Bravo Profiles 8/25/99: In-depth Interview with Madonna (Originally produced for U.K. television-BBC and was shot in March of 1999) (45:50)
3. The 1999 MTV Video Music Awards 9/9/99: Madonna receives award for “Best Video from a Film” and introduces Paul McCartney to present “Best Video of the Year” award (14:21)
4. VH1’s 25 Years of SNL 9/99: Madonna performs “Fever” w/comments from SNL band member EG Smith about Madonna and skit with Wayne’s World (1990)
5. E! True Hollywood Stories 8/29/99: Sean and Madonna In-depth profile & interview compilation on the controversial relationship between Sean Penn & Madonna (45:00)

Total Running Time is 2 Hours 8 Mins


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives_Volume XX (2 DVD Set)

1. MTV’s “Madonna Rising” 2/98: In-depth Interview and Madonna revisits her roots in old haunts in NYC during her start in the industry as she discusses her experiences there. Includes interviews with people who knew her back then (Nile Rogers etc…) and vintage photographs. Interviewed by Ruppert Everett (43:08)
2. Bravo “Profiles: Johnny Meets Madonna” 8/98: This is actually a American broadcast of an interview made for Channel 4 in England. It is the first In-depth Interview with Madonna in England for many years up to this point. Interviewed at a hotel in London, England. Some candid moments setting up then interview starts. Johnny takes questions (earlier before interview) from English people on the street and later in the interview ask them. Scenes from “Substitute for Love”, “Ray of Light” & “The Power of Goodbye” (45:10)
3. The First Annual MTV Video Music Awards 9/84: This is a rebroadcast of the show in 1999. Includes: Opening, Intro to Madonna, Madonna “Like A Virgin” Live very good quality (10:04)
4. VH1’s Before They were Rock Stars 12/99: 1982 casting video for “Fame” TV series where she’s interviewed and auditions for show, candid stuff, early photos. (3:50)
5. MTV Fanatic 3/1/2000: Madonna interviewed by her biggest fan along with separate interview with Ruppert Everett to promote new film “The Next Best Thing” (21:06)
6. Entertainment Tonight 4/2000: Desperately Seeking Susan” released on DVD with additional bonus footage never used in the original film (1:43)
7. MTV Commercial Madonna’s Greatest Moments and Premiere of “Music” Music Video
8. VH1’s The Top 100 Greatest Television Moments 7/2000: #69 Madonna’s controversial appearance on Letterman. Comments from Rosie O’Donnell. Footage from both Letterman and The Tonight Show appearance also featured is a scene with Madonna and Letterman on the MTV VMA Awards. # 62 Saturday Night Live “Wayne’s World” skit Madonna in a dream sequence with Wayne and Garth (3:26)

Total Running Time 2 Hours 9 Minutes


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XXI

1. CBS 60 Minutes II 8/2000: Opening, In-depth Interview at home in New York City and visuals of Lourdes. Out take moments before the interview showing how selective Madonna can be about lighting, camera angles etc…Madonna appears with Lola one of the first times on TV. Profile segment and then interview continues. (14:50)
2. VH1’s Madonna’s Greatest TV Moments 9/2000: Most of the following segments are only scenes from these historic appearances, all of which can be found in their entirety in this existing collection on other earlier Volumes. Featured are: American Bandstand 1984, The 1984 MTV Video Music Awards, Live Aid 7/13/85, A segment on Sean and Madonna including SNL hosting appearance, controversy over the “Like A Prayer” Music Video, Rock the Vote controversial commercial in 1990, “Justify My Love” video banned, Blond Ambition Tour 1990, Erotica video 1990, First appearance Late Night with David Letterman 1989, Late Night with David Letterman 1994, The Arsenio Hall Show 1992, Saturday Night Live 1991-1993, MTV Video Music Awards 1990, MTV Video Music Awards 1995 Courtney confronts Madonna, The 1997 Golden Globe Awards, The 1999 Grammy Awards, debut of new music video “Music” (34:38)
3. AUSTRALIAN TV: The Countdown Show 4/29/84: Madonna performs Holiday and interview by Molly Meldrum. Extremely rare especially at this level of quality (5:49)
4. The 2000 MTV Video Music Awards Pre Show 9/2000: Madonna calls in live from Los Angeles to Kurt Loder and has an interview. (2:00)
5. The Late Show with David Letterman 10/2000: Opening, Dave and Paul make some funny comments about Madonna’s past Letterman appearances, great interview with Madonna and very funny too. Madonna performs a acoustic version of “Don’t Tell Me” and plays on guitar for the first time on TV ever with Monty her guitar teacher. Defiantly a historic appearance (30:24)
6. VH1’s Live at the Grammy’s Pre-Show 02/21/01: Award presentation for “Best Recording Package” to Kevin Reagan for “Music” from Madonna (1:47)
7. MTV Grammy Award Pre-Show 02/21/01: Britney vs. Madonna Profile (2:18)
8. E! Grammy Awards Pre-Show 02/21/01: Interview with Guy Ritchie (1:07)
9. The 43rd Annual Grammy Awards 02/21/01: Teaser, Opening, “Music” (LIVE) with introduction by Lil’ Bow Wow, opening, “Best Female Pop Vocal” (w/visual of Madonna & Guy), “Best Pop Vocal Album”, visual of Madonna & Guy and various visuals of Madonna with Guy in audience (10:07)
10. VH1’s 100 Greatest Music Videos 3/01: Madonna’s Borderline enters at #84 of 100 includes interviews from the time of the release of the single.
11. GAP COMMERCIAL 7/2003: Madonna with Missy Elliot doing different version of Get Into The Groove
12. The 2003 MTV Video Music Awards 8/28/03: Madonna performs Like A Virgin and Hollywood with Britney Spears and Christina Agulara. It includes the controversial kiss between both Britney Spears and Christina Agulara



Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XXII (2 DVD Set)

1. Madonna Sex Book on VIDEO 1990: Rare Footage from the shoots that made up the scenes used in the music video for “Erotica” Music Video. (59:55)
2. Erotica (Music Video Original Conceptual Version 1)
3. Justify My Love (Music Video)
4. Nothing Really Matters (Remix Music Video)
5. Today Show October 2001: Exclusive interview with Madonna on new film with Guy Ritchie “Swept Away” and her greatest hits cd. (This is parts 1 & 2 from TWO separate days) RARE (9:57)
6. Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin Eve 12/31/2001: Opening, Madonna performs live via satellite “Don’t Tell Me” (6:38)
7. CNN’s People In The News 01/01/02: In-depth Documentary/Interview and career profile of Madonna RARE (aired only once on New Years Day) Interview with Nile Rogers and clips form interview on The Larry King Show (1999), Interview with Dick Clark (18:49)
8. “Swept Away” an MTV Movie Special 2/2002: In-depth Documentary/Interview as Madonna interviews Guy Ritchie and then vice versa. Many behind the scenes footage from the making of the film (21:31)



Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XXIII (2 DVD Set)

1. MTV Drive 2002: In-depth Interview? Profile of how Madonna started her Career. Interviews with many people who knew Madonna in the early 80’s including Madonna’s video director for “Everybody” (45:00)
2. MTV “On Stage and On The Record” 4/22/03: Madonna sings four songs live. “American Life” (LIVE), News segment “20 Years of Madonna on MTV”, Madonna takes quick questions from the audience, Interview with John Norris (Part 1 of 2), “Hollywood” (LIVE), Madonna takes quick questions from the audience, “Nothing Fails”, Interview with John Norris (Part 1 of 2) & the classic “” the world premiere of “American Life” (Original Pre-War Conceptual Version 1) (45:00)
3. VH-1’s Behind The Music 2002: In-Depth Documentary, Profile and Interviews covering the entire life of Madonna from birth to present. Includes: Interviews from 83-02, Rare footage, ALL COMERCIALS EDITED OUT. Total (1Hr. 5 Mins. 52 Secs.) **See Volume XIII for the ORIGINAL version of this documentary original made in 1998 that differs from this version. This includes the segments that are different then the version that is on Volume XIII.
4. Dateline NBC 4/29/03: “Madonna: “An American Life” An in-depth Interview with Madonna by Matt Lauer.



Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XXIV

1. Live with Regis and Kelly 11/11/02:Interview on her new children’s book.
2. The Late Show with David Letterman 11/12/03: Pre-opening with Madonna and David then opening and interview with Madonna on her new children’s book.
3. Oprah 09/03: In-depth interview with Madonna. She discusses the controversial kiss between kiss Britney Spears and Christina Agulara. Also discusses Lordes appearance on stage at the same performance. Her new LP is discussed amd her new children’s book “The English Roses”.
4. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 9/03: Interview with Madonna
5. ABC’s 20/20 06/18/04: In-depth interview with Madonna during the time of her new tour
6. Tsumami Aid: A Concert of Hope 1/15/2005: Madonna sings John Lennon’s classic Imagine
7. LIVE 8 07/02/05: Oepning segment with starving children from original Live Aid campaign 20 years ago, then Bob Geldof introduces one girl who was in the video and saved back then and presents her today. She stays on stage and stands next to Madonna during her performance of Like A Prayer, Ray of Light, Interview with Madonna



Madonna Video Archives  Volume XXV

1.    Late Show with David Letterman October 2005: Opening, comments by Dave about Madonna then Madonna is interviewed to promote CD “Confessions On The Dance Floor”
2.    The 48th Annual Grammy Awards 02/08/06: Madonna performs Hung Up live
3.    (UKTV) BBC’s The Parkinson Show 2005: Hung Up Live, An incredible in-depth Interview with Madonna and the Madonna performs I’m Sorry
4.    Dateline NBC 11/01/06: In-Depth Interview with Madonna discussing her recent adoption of a boy from Malawi and her use of a crucifix in her world tour.
5.    VH1’s Top 100 Songs of The 80’s 10/2006: Like A Virgin at #8. Includes interview with Madonna from 1984
6.    Live with Regis and Kelly 03/30/07: Interview on her involvement in lending her voice for the new animated film Arthur and The Invisables
7.    Live Earth The Concerts for A Climate In Crisis 7.7.07: Madonna performs new song, Ray Of Light with Madonna on Rhythm Guitar, La Isla Bonita and Hung Up

Running Time Two hours


Madonna Video Archives 2008 Volume XXVI

1.    The 2008 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame March 2008: Madonna profile and introduction by Justin Timberlake then Madonna receives induction and then acceptance speech. Madonna introduces Iggy Pop covering the early Madonna hit “Burning Up”
2.    Today Show 04/25/08: Exclusive interview with Madonna regarding her new film and potential adoption
3.    FUSE TV 05/03/08: Madonna’s FIRST sit down interview with FUSE TV as she discusses her new LP Hard Candy
4.    FUSE TV Videos That Rocked The World 05/03/08: Madonna’s Like A Prayer controversy includes interviews with Madonna
5.    Celebrity Expose Madonna 5/19/08: Interviewers from Access Hollywood including Billy Bush conduct several ALL NEW In-depth interviews with Madonna profiling her new #1 LP Hard Candy. Interviews with not only Madonna but Justin Timberlake as well. Footage of the both of them performing live recently at New York City’s Roseland. Also included footage of Madonna performing a acoustic version of Hung Up from the same concert. Later an interview with Guy Ritchie discussing working with Madonna and their marriage. Madonna discusses her new documentary about AIDS in Africa, scenes are shown from the documentary. Interview with Madonna’s Celebrity Trainer Tracey Anderson. Madonna’s men, her beginnings and stalkers a retrospective and much more.
6.    Saturday Night Live “The Best of Mike Myers“ 6/16/08: Coffee Talk skit with Madonna and special appearance by Barbara Streisand


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XXVII

1.    MTV’s Premiere of the Madonna Documentary 10/21/05: “I’m Going To Tell You A Secret” is a documentary following pop singer Madonna on her successful 2004 Re-Invention World Tour, chronicling early events such as dancer auditions, rehearsals and opening night, and continuing all the way through the final show and her visit to Israel late in 2004.

1 Hour 50 Minutes


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives 2009-2011 Volume XXVIII

1. Late Show with David Letterman 09/30/09: Opening, interview with Madonna

2. Saturday Night Live 10/03/09: Musical Guest Lady Ga Ga does a skit that includes a surprise guest appearance by Madonna. This was an unannounced appearance by Madonna so is considered very rare.
3. Hope For Haiti Now Earthquake Relief 01/15/10: Madonna performs Like A Prayer
4. (UKTV) BBC’s Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2008: Madonna performs live Give in To Me and 4 Minutes
5. Ovation’s American Masters Series “Madonna: Strike  A Pose” 07/16/11This special examines the “Rags to Riches” story of the young dancer from Michigan who moved to the Big Apple with just a few dollars in her pocket, a demo tape and unyielding determination. For over three decades, Madonna has continuously broken social and cultural boundaries and has become a pioneer of music and fashion. Strike a Pose will give us a look into the icon’s rise to fame and fortune, her relationships and her controversial fashion trends.


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives 2009-2012 Volume XXIX

1. (UK TV) BBC’s The Graham Norton Show 12/01/11: Entire episode revolves around Madonna. Includes a exclusive in-depth interview with Madonna. Later in the show two actors from Madonna Latest film “W.E.” Andrea Riseborough and James D’Arcy are interviewed as well. This is one of the funniest interviews I’ve seen with Madonna ina good while. Graham Norton really knows how to make an interview session a funny and joyous occassion.
2. Ovation’s Icons 07/12/11: The rags to riches story of the young dancer from Michigan who moved to New York with just a few dollars in her pocket and unyielding determination.
3. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno  Show 01/30/12: Teaser before the show mentioning Madonaa, Show opening then Madonna is interviewed for two segments regarding Super Bowl appearance
4. The Today Show 02/03/12: The last Friday before the Super Bowl Madonna interviews exclusively with “Today” also included are scenes from Madonna’s press conference about the Super Halftime Performance plans.
5. CBS Sunday Morning 02/05/12: Opening with mention of Madonna’s new film and Interview with Madonna on her new film she directed “W.E.”
6. NFL Super Bowl Pre Game XLVI 02/05/12: Interview with Madonna by Bob Costas
NFL Super Bowl XLVI 02/05/12: Opening, before performance a commercial airs with Madonna and Jay Leno for The Tonight Show. Madonna performs a hit medley of some of her classics (Music, Express Yourself and Like A Prayer)including performances with Nikki Minage for “Give Me All Your Lovin’, Cee-Lo Green and LMFAO.


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives (“Madonna Innocence Lost TV Movie 11/29/94”) Volume XXX

1. Madonna Innocence Lost (TV Movie) 11/29/94: The early years of the entertainer’s career are chronicled. Filmed in Toronto by Jaffe/Braunstein Films and Fox Broadcasting Co. Executive producers, Michael Jaffe, Howard Braunstein. Producers, Christine Sacani, Michael J. Murray, Christopher Andersen. Director, Bradford May; writer, Murray; based on a book by Andersen.

Cast: Terumi Matthews, Wendie Malick, Jeff Yagher, Diana Leblanc, Dean Stockwell, Nigel Bennett, Dominique Briand, Don Francks, Tom Melissis, Christian Vidosa, Rod Wilson, Kenner Ames, Dino Bellisario, Leo Burns, Mischke Butler, Kelly Fiddick, Gil Filar, Maia Filar, Diego Fuentes, Matthew Godfrey, Fairy Gutierrez, Robert Hollinger, Ephraim Hylton, Olly Jasen, Glen Kotyk, Bradford May, Carlos Morgan, Evon Murphy, Jenny Parsons, Les Porter, Cyndy Preston, Mario Romano, Christopher Rouse, Stephanie Scalia, Victoria Tengelis, Robert Weiss, Chandra West, Rob Wilson, Jeff Woods, Dave Diamond, John Picard, Neil Chapman, Peter Meuller, Michael Occopinti, Donald Quan, Kerry McShane, Dick Smith, Richard Evans, Kevin MacKenzie, Tim O’Connell, Dennis Pendrith, Patric A. Creelman, Karen Holness, Cara Hunter, Marianne McCord, Brandi Ward, Kerri Wasylik-Clarke, Rennie Wilkinson.

Purporting to document pop icon Madonna’s rise with an intimate look at her early, lean years, this telefilm offers little worth watching, despite some strong acting. From a historical perspective its shortcomings are legion; as a drama, it fares no better.
Scripter Michael Murray, basing his work on an unauthorized bio by Christopher Andersen, fails to create a compelling drama or likable characters. He weaves a plodding tale steeped in revisionist history and tabloid viewpoints. Those tangentially familiar with”Bionic Ever After” review, page 6

Madonna’s life story will view this spec with a jaundiced eye, while fans will find holes big enough to drive a tour bus through.
After Madonna (Terumi Matthews) spends her first night in the big city on a park bench surrounded by the town’s homeless, hookers and hopefuls, the shine of showbiz is quickly tarnished for her. But, determined to succeed, the soon-to-be star suffers through a gaggle of unglamorous jobs, nude modeling sessions and failed romances in pursuit of her goal.

The telepic unimaginatively uses a series of cattle-call auditions to convey to viewers how hard the road ahead will be for Madonna, and how she has defied the odds. Visually, Matthews is a ringer for Madonna, and her portrayal conveys the pop icon’s take-no-prisoners attitude. Madonna’s stubbornness and her reluctance to acquiesce to others’ demands are already well documented. Yet Murray hammers these traits home, and in the process unwisely creates an unlikable lead character, unworthy — and undesiring — of viewer support. The linear story offers no subplots, and characters come and go so quickly that none of them aregiven time to forge an identity.
Even the talented Dean Stockwell, who plays Madonna’s dad, is hamstrung by the material. The actor manages nonetheless to eke out a well-defined reading.

Despite the script’s flaws, actress Matthews succeeds at keeping this Madonna realistic and earns a high-five for her efforts.
Director Bradford May guides Matthews into risk-taking territory and pulls it off. Despite the lackluster material, the majority of the telefilm’s players deliver the goods under his guidance. May’s cinematography pinpoints the music biz’s seamy underbelly and gets Toronto to take on much of the Big Apple’s grit and grime.


Madonna Worldwide Video Archives 2012-2017 Volume XXXI

1. NBC Today Show 04/18/12: Opening, one teaser of Madonna, Interview with Madonna

2. Rock Center with Brian Williams 04/18/12: Opening, two teasers then Madonna interview and discusses new LP MDNA and her daughter recently photographed smoking a cigarette.

3. ABC’s Nightline 08/07/12: Interview with Madonna discussing Madonna’s influence on Lady Gaga and comments from Elton John regarding Madonna’s slagging off Lady Gaga

4. The ‘80s: The Decade That Made Us 04/14/13: Profile on Madonna. The series uses old MTV Footage. Some of which can be found in some of the volumes in this Archive collection but this series actually shows some clips in their entirety, meaning scenes from MTV Footage that MTV themselves never aired. In the end some rare footage of MADONNA from as early as 1984 through 1985 ares shown in this profile for the very first time.

5. Rock ‘n’ Royalty Billboard All-Staras 05/18/13: Scenes from the original interview with Madonna from earlier in this Volume from the “Nightline” segment (#3) from 08/17/12. This interview scenes that were NOT included in the original broadcast.

6. The 2013 Billboard Music Awards 05/20/13: Opening, Madonna is profiled and receives “Best World Tour” Award. Madonna makes an acceptance speech

7. Extra 05/22/13: Exclusive interview with Madonna. She discusses her recent reconciliation with Elton John along with her upcoming World Tour DVD that is to be released later this year in September.

8. The 54th Annual Grammy Awards 01/26/14: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis took to the Grammy stage to perform “Same Love.” The pair were joined by singer-songwriter Mary Lambert, Trombone Shorty, and a large church choir — and Queen Latifah, who walked onstage with a special announcement midway through the song. She gestured offstage at 33 couples. It was a nice demonstration of the song’s marriage-equality themes. Playing the role of officiant, Latifah asked the couples to exchange their rings. She declared them all spouses. The newlyweds flocked down the aisle. And it was at that particular moment that freaking Madonna walked onstage, joining everyone in a “Same Love” singalong. It was an emotional moment, is what I’m getting at.

9. MTV’s Blue Thursday 1986: On this day in 1986 MY+TV played “True Blue” Music Videos sent in by viewer’s who created there own version. This is only one (but in my opinion) the best of the contestants that did not win the final prize to meet Madonna. Love to know the name of the girl in the video if anyone knows….

10. The 57th Annual Grammy Awards 02/08/15: Introduction then Living For Love LIVE (First Time on TV)

11. The Today Show 03/09/15: Interview with Madonna on Motherhood and the new LP with Carson Daly. Later in the show an extra moment from the interview is shown. This is Part 1 of 2 Parts of this interview with the second airing the following day.

12. The I Heart Radio Music Awards 03/29/15: Madonna performs and acoustic version of “Ghostown” with Taylor Swift

13. Ellen 03/16/15: 2014: Madonna is interviewed and performs “Living For Love” LIVE

14. CBS Sunday Morning 09/10/17: Opening. in-depth interview with madonna regarding her career and charitable work in Africa

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