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  1. The 2016 Billboard Music Awards 05/22/16: Opening then the stadium turned purple before Madonna appeared onstage at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards, sitting in a purple throne and leaning on a purple cane as she sang the lyrics of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U.” The pop icon paid tribute to the late Prince as she sang the song — which was written and composed by Prince and later made famous by Sinead O’Connor — while powerful images flashed on the wall behind her, including many of the late singer during memorable performances. Towards the end of the moving rendition, Stevie Wonder joined Madonna onstage wearing a purple scarf. After rapturous applause, the pair led the audience in an a capella version of “Purple Rain.” Stars such as Rihanna and The Weeknd were spotted singing along, while others like Rebecca Romijn were seen in tears.
  2. The 2019 Billboard Awards 05/01/19: Opening, Madonna and several of her hologram doppelgängers performed a riveting version of “Medellín” with Maluma in Las Vegas. With a giant “X”display, Madonna appeared laying on the stage, flanked by greenery scenes behind her. Soon, she wasn’t the only Madonna on the stage, as various incarnations of her hologram self pranced and cha-cha’d around to the grooving tune. The performance included a lot of intriguing CGI to enhance the ever-evolving setting, which included rain and bursting blasts of color. Madonna perfectly executed the choreography with Maluma and several dancers. They performed across various stage setups and through the audience, their moves punctuated by fireworks.
  3. Today Show 06/14/19: In=depth interview with Madonna. Discussing the new LP Madame X and it’s about to be released. Discusses also collaborating with Maluma included scenes from her latest music videos
  4. Madonna & Basquiat 12/00/19: Based on true events circa 1982, this short film imagines a conversation between Basquiat and Madonna as they ride the L train after running from a nightclub where Madonna has a fight with another girl (undoubtedly Susan Mallouk, whom Jennifer Clement documented having the fight in her book Basquiat’s Widow.) As a long-time fan (since the 1980s!) of both these iconic artists, I appreciated the casting, writing and acting. It was very true to the times and took care not to turn the characters into martyrs or saints.Very engaging and entertaining! Cast: Sophie Kennedy Clark…Madonna, Calvin Demba…Basquiat, Paul Kaye…Piano Man, Mollie Lambert…Young Fan, Chase Brown…Young Fan, David Bambe…Drunk
  5. Madonna: Story of Her Songs 02/28/21: the producers, songwriters, photographers, journalists and industry experts who knew her best chart her journey to stardom. According to the documentary, “She went from being a potentially big star to being a huge, huge star.” From Madonna’s arrival in New York after having already dropped out of dance school to her drive for success in all machinations and her breakthrough as a dance chart star, Story of Her Songs leaves no stone unturned. The hit that would bring her mainstream success? “Like a Virgin,” which was helped by the maximum punch of a sexually charged, provocative video as Madonna floated through the streets of Venice. In the doc, “Virgin” songwriter Billy Steinberg reveals how he helped Madonna, 62, change the face of pop for all future generations. “She’s writhing around in a gondola, going through a tunnel coming out the other side,” says broadcaster Katie Puckrik in the exclusive preview for OK!. “That’s just so hand-fisted and so on the nose.” Songwriter and guitarist Curtis Hudson discusses 1983 chart topper “Holiday,” and how he created the track while working closely with Madonna in the studio. The songs saw the aspiring legendary performer debut on the Billboard chart and helped shape her as both a pop-performer and a fashion icon with her edgy, street style. According to the revelatory doc, Madonna made sure everyone in the studio knew their place. “Every time there was a break and we had to go right back to re-recording or whatever, Madonna would say, ‘Okay boys. Time is money and the money is mine,’” shares Frank Simms, Madonna’s backup singer. “That got to be a slogan, so when she wasn’t around we would say, ‘Remember, time is money and the money is hers.’” Perhaps money was Madonna’s favorite material? Renowned backing singer Simms remembers witnessing Madonna’s channeling of Marilyn Monroe in the video for “Material Girl,” and dishes on helping to bring the playful, electronic track to life (not to mention guiding the inexperienced singer through her vocals). By reliving the creation of Madonna’s head-turning songs and getting a behind-the-scenes look at how they came to fruition, viewers will bear witness up close and personally as to how Madonna became the Queen of Pop.
  6. The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards 09/12/21: opening vignette with Madonna commemorates the 40th anniversary of MTV with a heartfelt look back at her original story about coming to New York for the very first time with brand new footage of Madonna coming to the new Times Square in honor of her original experience coming to New York for the first time. Then Madonna wishes Happy Birthday to MTV
  7. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon 08/10/22: opening where Jimmy talks about who will be on the show and does his version of headline playlist using songs of Madonna Inn calls it “Madonna edition”. Later in the program Madonna is interviewed in depth as well as a funny performance with Jimmy’s band and her doing an acoustic version of “Music” very funny.

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