Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XVII


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Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XVII

1. Madonna: The Virgin Tour 1985 (Home Video Release): Opening, Madonna plays to homr4 crowd in Michigan, Dress You Up, Holiday, Get Into The Groove, Everybody, Gambler, Lucky Star, Crazy for You, Over and Over, Like A Virgin, Material Girl, (53:49)
2. MTV’s Madonna Videography (Part of “Ultra Madonna Weekend”) 2/98: Various Interviews, profiles, reports and on the set of music videos Interviews, Int. 6/89, Int. 5/84 (Part 1 of 2), Int. 12/85 (Part 1 of 3), Everybody (music video clip), Int. 9/84 (Part 1of 4), Int. 5/84 (Part 2of 2), Int. during press conference 8/84, Int. 9/84 (Part 2 of 4), Behind the scenes of “Material Girl” 1/85, Int. 12/85 (Part 2of 3), Int. 9/84 (Part 3of 4), Int. 12/85 (Part 3 of 3), Report on MTV’s “Madonna’s Make My Video” contest and footage of Madonna presenting prize to winner 10/86, Times Square Premiere of “Who’s That Girl”, Madonna addresses crowd 10/87, Who’s That Girl (music video), mews report on acting in play “Speed The Plow” Includes scenes from play and after show press conference, Press Conference 8/88, MTV V.M.A. 9/89 visual winning “Viewers Choice Award“ and acceptance speech, Int. 6/89 (Part 1 of 2), Alvin & the Chipmunks “Express Yourself” cover (music video clip), Int. Herb Ritts (director of “Cherish”) 8/89, Madonna receives MTV’s “Mega Artist for the 80’s” (includes acceptance speech and out takes) 11/89, Int. 6/89 (Part 2 of 2), Oh Father (music video), report on “The Girlie Show tour 1993 (includes scenes from concert & interviews with dancers/singers), report on “Late show” appearance (SEE Vol. XIV #14 for the entire show’s segment), Int. 9/84 (Part 4of 4), Madonna in Gaultier Fashion Show 10/94, Report on Evita & Int. W/Madonna & director of “Take A Bow” 11/94…Total Length (45:22)
3. MTV UltraSound “Inside Madonna” 3/98: In-Depth Interview 1/8/98 on the set of “Frozen” music video in the Mojave Desert Cuddy back Lake, Ca., discusses theme behind Ray of Light LP with footage and interview from In-Studio recording of “Ray of Light” LP (10/3/97) in Larrabee Studios North, Universal, Ca., behind the scenes of “Frozen” music video (21:42)
4. MTV UltraSound 4/98: Backstreet Boys and other bands comment on Madonna’s career, scene of Madonna singing Backstreet Boys hit “Quit Playing Games with My Heart” and out takes of Madonna’s interview during credits (1:19)

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