Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XX (2 DVD Set)


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Madonna Worldwide Video Archives Volume XX (2 DVD Set)

1. MTV’s “Madonna Rising” 2/98: In-depth Interview and Madonna revisits her roots in old haunts in NYC during her start in the industry as she discusses her experiences there. Includes interviews with people who knew her back then (Nile Rogers etc…) and vintage photographs. Interviewed by Ruppert Everett (43:08)
2. Bravo “Profiles: Johnny Meets Madonna” 8/98: This is actually a American broadcast of an interview made for Channel 4 in England. It is the first In-depth Interview with Madonna in England for many years up to this point. Interviewed at a hotel in London, England. Some candid moments setting up then interview starts. Johnny takes questions (earlier before interview) from English people on the street and later in the interview ask them. Scenes from “Substitute for Love”, “Ray of Light” & “The Power of Goodbye” (45:10)
3. The First Annual MTV Video Music Awards 9/84: This is a rebroadcast of the show in 1999. Includes: Opening, Intro to Madonna, Madonna “Like A Virgin” Live very good quality (10:04)
4. VH1’s Before They were Rock Stars 12/99: 1982 casting video for “Fame” TV series where she’s interviewed and auditions for show, candid stuff, early photos. (3:50)
5. MTV Fanatic 3/1/2000: Madonna interviewed by her biggest fan along with separate interview with Ruppert Everett to promote new film “The Next Best Thing” (21:06)
6. Entertainment Tonight 4/2000: Desperately Seeking Susan” released on DVD with additional bonus footage never used in the original film (1:43)
7. MTV Commercial Madonna’s Greatest Moments and Premiere of “Music” Music Video
8. VH1’s The Top 100 Greatest Television Moments 7/2000: #69 Madonna’s controversial appearance on Letterman. Comments from Rosie O’Donnell. Footage from both Letterman and The Tonight Show appearance also featured is a scene with Madonna and Letterman on the MTV VMA Awards. # 62 Saturday Night Live “Wayne’s World” skit Madonna in a dream sequence with Wayne and Garth (3:26)

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