MAZZY STAR and THE SUNDAYS The Music Video Anthology DVD

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All the music videos are in the order that they were originally released. This DVD includes an amazing 10 music videos all of which are rare. In all 5 from MAZZY STAR and 6 music videos from THE SUNDAYS. ALL music videos are in their entirety and have FULL MENU AND CHAPTER SELECTIONS (See Photos).

Mazzy Star

1. Hallah
2. Fade Into You (Original Black and White Conceptual Version One) RARE
3. Jesus and Mary Chain featuring Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star: Sometimes Always
4. I’ve Been Let Down
5. Fade Into You (Secondary Conceptual Version Two. Completely different and in color)

The Sundays

6. Joy
7. Here’s Where The Story Ends
8. Can’t Be Sure
9. Love
10. Wild Horses
11. Summertime

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1 review for MAZZY STAR and THE SUNDAYS The Music Video Anthology DVD

  1. J. Mac (verified owner)

    This takes me back to a summer I spent outside painting houses with only the radio to keep me company. They kept playing this one song almost every day but never did get the title or the name of the band singing it. That was “Here’s Where The Story Ends” by the Sundays which I stumbled upon while watching MTV nearly 3 years later. Immediately went out and bought their whole catalog. Now I have the convenience and the joy of being able to throw this DVD into my blu-ray player and see all their videos in one place. Beautiful quality of course, MUCH BETTER than you can find on YouTube because MVR has there own music video library and archives. And to also get a complete collection from Mazzy Star, well that just made an easy decision even easier. This is one I play almost weekly. Only from MVR. Great work!

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