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As the title implies, the series focuses on the legacy of music legend Paul McCartney and his decades-long career. 2021 Six Episode Series Producer Rick Rubin interviews Paul McCartney on his work with the Beatles, Wings, and as a solo artist, including stories about his personal relationships that inspired his songwriting.

In almost any other context, starting off a Beatles-related documentary with clips from their legendary 1964 Ed Sullivan Show performance would be a red flag. It’s such an instant, ubiquitous shorthand for the band that setting the stage that way feels like a cheat. Yet, deploying it is one of the first examples that the latest documentary series “McCartney 3, 2, 1” is having fun with convention and using it for its own purpose.

The show itself is deceptively simple: Two musical legends, Paul McCartney and producer Rick Rubin, have a six-episode conversation about music and creativity. Staged in an empty soundstage, this pair is otherwise surrounded by a skeleton camera crew and the instruments that best show each man’s wizardry. For McCartney, it’s the guitar and the piano, the two simplest ways to convey a handful of the melodies that made him and three other guys from Liverpool the most famous band in history.

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Episode 101: “These things bring you together”: Paul McCartney share stories from the early days, shedding new light on his relationships with John Lennon and George Harrison. Welcoming an outside musician into the studio impact one of the Beatles most famous songs

Episode 102: “The notes that like each other”: Paul McCartney talked about his unique approach to musical composition, influences from Bach to Fela Kuti and some of the innovations that made his music all together.

Episode 103: “The people we loved were loving us!”: Paul McCartney pays tribute to some of the artist influence to Beatles. He discusses the band trip to India and the expansion of the Beatles music and consciousness.

DISC 1 TOTAL RUNNING TIME; 1 Hour 28 Minutes

Disc 2 of 2

Episode 104:” like professors in a laboratory”: Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin discuss musical experimentation and the Beatles drive to break boundaries. The episode featured segments on Ringo Starr and “fifth beetle” producer George Martin.

Episode 105: “couldn’t you play it Straighter?”: Paul McCartney talks about finding his place in the band and the evolution of the Beatles sound and identity. This episode also focuses on a few of McCartney’s iconic contributions to the band.

Episode 106: “the long and winding road”: Paul McCartney and Rick Roman discuss McCartney song writing evolution, is create a partnership with John Lennon, and his development as a solo artist.

DISC 2 TOTAL RUNNING TIME; 1 Hour 26 Minutes

TOTALING RUNNING TIME (ALL SIX Episodes): 2 Hours 54 Minutes 33 Seconds

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7 reviews for MCCARTNEY 3, 2, 1 2 DVD Set (FULL 2021 Documentary Series ALL SIX EPISODES) Paul The Beatles Wings

  1. Edward Jean (verified owner)

    Very quickly sent to my home. The DVD set for a Beatles and music recording lover, like myself, is absolutely incredible! The video footage is just done in a soundstage with Paul and Rick Rubin, but the content is absolutely amazing. Nothing better than having Paul himself commenting and re-living some of the Beatles finest moments. I believe Rick and Paul had an amazing time going through it all. Would love to see more of these type of musical releases! excellent job! Ed

  2. ldydeblynn (verified owner)

    McCartney 3, 2, 1: Two DVD set, shipped fast! Excellent professional quality of this documentary series! Loved it, and look forward to doing future business with you. Thank you! Debbie

  3. Joseph Rossi (verified owner)

    Great DVD Set, as a long time, hard core Beatles fan I highly recommend it. Also, MVR is a great site, large and diverse selection. Good service and they respond quickly if you have questions or concerns. I will be purchasing more DVDs from them!

  4. Anthony Maio (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 DVD Set 0f Paul McCartney 3 2 1. Shipping time was fantastic! I received my order in only a couple of days. Quality is perfect. Fantastic documentary on how songs were written along with ideas for instruments to be played. I am a Beatle fan who will never get enough of them. This is a great DVD Set and the service was fantastic. I am impatient but this was a great experience. My first order but I will stick with MVR from now on!

  5. tertiary47620 (verified owner)

    Quick delivery. WYSIWYG What you see is what you get. I can add MVR to my trustworthy suppliers.

  6. Gary Manouelian (verified owner)

    This is a great documentary. I was surprised at the amount of musical knowledge that Rick Rubin has. This was fantastic; a joy to watch.

  7. J. Mac (verified owner)

    Fantastic, intimate look at some of the greatest music ever written by one of the most important artists to ever live. As always, the folks at MVR have done a marvelous job of making this documentary available on DVD. Superb. Highest recommendation.

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