Michael Jackson The Worldwide Video Archives 1969-2012 (42 DVD Set 80 Hours)

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This collection spans from 1969 to 2012 contains FORTY TWO DVD Set and is approximately EIGHTY (80) Hours long. It is for consideration for SERIOUS MJ Collectors only. E-mail me with your per DVD group rate discount offer based on the fact that there are 42 DVDs included in this set. No one thus far owns this entire collection as this collection is EXCLUSIVE to MVR as we have produced and archived this footage from the 1980’s to present. So, if you’ve seen ANY of these individual Volumes anywhere else it is because other sellers are trying to bootleg our work and expertise so don’t be fooled. You’re potentially getting your DVDs from the source that which created this collection over the last three decades.

The footage contained in this historical DVD collection set spans the world. Mostly the footage is based out of America. However, this collection also includes concerts, documentaries, interviews, profiles, commercials and news reports from the following countries. Japan,  Romania, Sweden, UK, Mexico and Germany. The segment listings for each individual “Volume” can be found using the search engine on the home page.

At the discounted rate of $318.00 your “per DVD” rate is only $7.57 per DVD. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

To view content of EACH Volume, please go the search engine, enter in Michael Jackson” and the latest Volumes from 2009 to 2012 will show up and as you browse page to page it will go back earlier and earlier until you finally get back to Volume I. Any questions feel free to contact us through the website option “Ask A Question”. Until then enjoy your visit at MVR!

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