Michael Jackson Video Archives Memorial 2011 Volume XXXVI


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1.     A&E’s Biography “The Jackson 5” 12/23/10: A profile of The Jackson 5 examines the lives and careers of the five brothers from Gary, Ind., that included pop superstar Michael Jackson. (45 Minutes)

2.     Michael Jackson Not For Sale (2009): This is the story of the public sale that nearly came to pass while the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was at the end of his financial rope. Chronicling a time when Michael Jackson’s prized belongings, from his iconic stage wardrobe to private collections of invaluable artwork, were prepped for auction in order to save him from what looked like certain bankruptcy, this program asks one of the age-old questions of art, How does one price the priceless? We’ll explore the root cause for the auction, how it was put together, and how and why it was ultimately stopped. (45 Minutes)

3.     Ovation Network Icons Big Star Profiles 2011: A post death profile of Michael Jackson (21 Minutes)

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