Michael Jackson Video Archives Memorial Volume XXVIII


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1.    NBC’s Dateline Michael Jackson Gone Too Soon July 5, 2009: Hoda Kotb hosts. First, Josh Mankiewicz reveals the latest details about the death of Michael Jackson, and his funeral perperations. Hoda presents some rare words from Michael’s October, 2001 online audio chat as part of the promotion for the then soon-to-be released Invincible album and tour. (His first new album in six years.) Dennis Murphy performs some forensic accounting with a look at his finances and the potential for Jackson memorabilia sales and the future of Neverland Ranch. Next, Josh Mankiewicz speaks with friends and family recalling a fun (and lonely) side of Michael Jackson that few have seen, plus some hopes for the come-back tour. Then, Hoda Kotb presents a behind-the-scenes look at the 1983 Thriller music video including recent interviews with Ola Ray and others who worked on the production. Finally, a look at the global response to Michael Jackson’s passing.
2.    CNN’s Live with Larry King July 5, 2009: Live from Neverland Ranch. Jermaine Jackson’s second interview with Larry King since Michael’s passing and before the memorial service.
3.    VH1 Classic’s Famous Crime Scene Michael Jackson What Really Happened  02/26/10: Animated reenactments of Michael’s passing. Some of the best investigative televised footage of Michael’s passing and the investigation that still goes on today in 2010. Follow LAPD detectives in their investigation of the sudden and shocking death of the King of Pop. Toxicology reports confirm he died from a combination of prescription medications and a heavy-duty anesthesia drug called Propofol, all administered by a mysterious physician who was treating Jackson at home in the last month of his life. But other doctors were also giving Michael drugs up until his final days, some administered through his various aliases. Will this ongoing homicide investigation turn into a criminal case? Who will be responsible for this music legend’s tragic and controversial death?

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