Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume XXIII


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1. The E! True Hollywood Story 6/8/03: In-depth Documentary about some of the more scandalous periods of Michael Jackson’s career. This show was remarkably unsympathetic. If you want to watch a one-sided bashing of Michael Jackson, this is the show for you. It was kind of like watching a witch hunt… ominous background music made transparent the point of view of the show’s creators. In the last half of this show, he is cast in SUCH a negative light, all the focus is on his worst moments, photos of him are so, so unflattering. And wow, Diane Diamond really hates him; she is so vicious, dripping with malice, waiting eagerly for him to “fall splat” on the floor, practically rubbing her hands together and cackling. I would love for these judgmental people to have their lives scrutinized in such a malicious way. (90 Minutes)

2. The 2003 Radio Music Awards 10/27/03: Opening, Michael presents new video “What More Can I Give” and Michael receives RMA’s Humanitarian Award and acceptance speech.

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