Michael Jackson The Worldwide Video Archives 1969 to 2018 48 DVD Set (96 Hours)

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Michael Jackson Worldwide Video Archives 1969 to 2018 48 DVD Set (96 Hours):

– The following Worldwide Video Archives includes features footage spans from as early as 1969 to 2018 including the latest documentary “The Last Days of Michael Jackson”. The source of the archives mostly consists of footage from the USA. Other sections of this archives set consists of footage from all around the world including UK, Sweden, Japan, Italy and Australia and others.

No one thus far owns this entire collection as this collection is EXCLUSIVE to MVR as we have produced and archived this footage from the 1980’s to present. So, if you’ve seen ANY of these individual Volumes anywhere else it is because other sellers are trying to bootleg our work and expertise so don’t be fooled. You’re potentially getting your DVDs from the source that which created this collection over the last three decades.

The footage contained in this historical DVD collection set spans the world. Mostly the footage is based out of America. However, this collection also includes concerts, documentaries, interviews, profiles, commercials and news reports from the following countries. Japan,  Romania, Sweden, UK, Mexico and Germany. The segment listings for each individual “Volume” can be found using the search engine on the home page.

PLEASE NOTE: Normal price for each “Volume” (DVD) is $12.00 to $18.00. That price would normally total $510.00 if you were buying parts of this collection over time. This special offer for $329.00 includes the entire 45 DVD Set. This sales price breaks down to LESS than $7.50 per 2 Hour DVD and you save over $180.00 compared to buying them individually over time.

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See individual descriptions on MVR for complete segment listings for each volume (if you would like to buy separately) when you search under “Michael Jackson Video Archives” or simply scroll through the entire collection below.

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MICHAEL JACKSON The Video Archives Volume I

Entertainment Tonight 2/22, 23, 24 & 28 (Tour Profile) 1987
M-TV Music News 2/24 (Opening of U.S. Tour)
Entertainment Tonight 3/1 (Pepsi’s 4 Part Commercial)
Business This Morning 3/2 (Pepsi Press Conference)
CBS This Morning 3/2 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael address to the press)
Good Morning America 3/2 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael address to the press)
Business Morning 3/2 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
Showbiz Today 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
Evening Magazine 3/1 (Tour Profile)
The News at Ten 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference)
The News at Noon 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
The 10 O’Clock News 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
The Independent Network News 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the
Eyewitness News 5pm 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
Eyewitness News 6 pm 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
News 4 N.Y. 6pm 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
U.S.A. Tonight 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
Fox News at Seven 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
Live at Five 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
Prime News 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
Channel 2 News 5:30 pm 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
Channel 2 News at 6 pm 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
Channel 2 News at 11 pm 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
News 4 N.Y. 11 pm 3/1 (Pepsi Press Conference, includes Michael’s address to the press)
The 60th Annual Grammy Awards 3/2/87 (Michael’s Performance)
Pepsi Commercial (All Four Parts edited together)
Eyewitness News 2/25 (Opening of BAD Tour in N.Y.)
M-TV’s Michael Jackson Weekend (Commercial #1)
M-TV Music News 3/3 (Grammy Award Winners)
Entertainment Tonight 3/3 (Grammy Award Winners)
Channel 2 News 11 pm 3/3 (Michael’s benefit show at M.S.G. for U.N.C. F.)
USA Tonight 11 pm 3/3 (Michael’s benefit show at M.S.G. for U.N.C. F.)
News 4 N.Y. 5 pm 3/3 (Michael’s benefit show at M.S.G. for U.N.C. F.)
News 4 N.Y. 6 pm 3/3 (Michael’s benefit show at M.S.G. for U.N.C. F.)
News 4 N.Y. 11 pm 3/3 (Michael’s benefit show at M.S.G. for U.N.C. F.)
M-TV’s Michael Jackson Weekend (Commercial #2)
M-TV’s Michael Jackson Weekend (Commercial #3)
M-TV’s Michael Jackson Weekend (Report #1) “World Tour of BAD”
M-TV’s Michael Jackson Weekend (Report #2) “ the Dancer”

M-TV’s Michael Jackson Weekend (Report #3) “What fans would do on a date”
M-TV’s Week in Rock (Commercial)
M-TV’s The Week in Rock (Interviewed various members of the band and manager Frank De Leo)
M-TV’s Michael Jackson Contest (Commercial)
Pepsi Commercial (The Magic Returns)
M-TV’s Music News 3/9 (Michael receives star audience for show at M.S.G.)
M-TV’s Music News 3/10 (Benefit dinner for Michael at the United Negro College Fund)
The Week in Rock 3/12 (Benefit dinner for Michael at the United Negro College Fund)
Channel 2 News at 5 pm 3/11 (Benefit dinner for Michael at the United Negro College Fund)
Live at Five 3/11 (Benefit dinner for Michael at the United Negro College Fund)


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume II

From Motown to Your Town (M-TV Documentary of European Tour) (23:44)
Heartbreak Hotel (Live footage from Madison Square Garden)
Dirty Diana (Live footage from Madison Square Garden)
Another Part of Me (Live footage from Madison Square Garden)
Rock With You (Live footage from Madison Square Garden)
Michael Jackson: Around The World 7/30/88 WNBC (commercials edited out) 1 hr, 6 mins, 33 secs
M-TV Music News 8/4 (Around The World Special hits high ratings)
People Magazine on T.V. 8/4 (Interview with Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, discusses his family)
Another Part of Me (video)


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume III

I Want You Back: Jackson 5 (American Bandstand)
Who’s Been Lovin’ You: Jackson 5 (American Bandstand)
Can You Feel It: Jackson 5
Diana Ross (T.V. Special June 1981): Rock With You (Live)
Diana Ross (T.V. Special June 1981): Ease on Down The Road (Live with Diana)
Diana Ross (T.V. Special June 1981): Upside Down (Live with Michael)
Diana Ross (T.V. Special June 1981): Diana Interviews Michael
Diana Ross (T.V. Special June 1981): Rock With You (Live with Diana)
Billie Jean
Beat It
Motown 25: The Jacksons (Full Uncut Performance)
Motown 25: The Jacksons: I Want You Back
Motown 25: The Jacksons: Never Can Say Goodbye
Motown 25: The Jacksons: I’ll Be There
Motown 25: The Jacksons: Billie Jean
Billie Jean (Live from The Victory Tour)
Thriller (Entire video)
Bad (Entire video)
The Way You Make Me Feel
Man In The Mirror
Dirty Diana
The Magic Returns (CBS Special 8/31/87)
New York Views 4/23 (Benefit dinner for Michael at United Negro College Fund)
Entertainment Tonight 5/24 (Michael starts 2nd leg of European tour)
The 10th Anniversary 20/20 6/10 (Michael from 1979)
M-TV Music News 6/12 (Release of Michael’s ‘Moonwalk’)
ABC: Jackson 5 (American Bandstand)
M-TV Music News 8/27: Michael on Flintstones Cartoon


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume IV

The Making of Captain EO 5/15/87
CBS Evening News 6/19 (Bad Tour hits West Berlin)
Channel 2 News at Noon 6/20 (Bad Tour hits West Berlin)
News at Noon 6/20 (Bad Tour hits West Berlin)
Live at Five 6/20 (Bad Tour hits West Berlin)
Channel 2 at 5:30 6/20 (Bad Tour hits West Berlin) (:33)
Entertainment Tonight 6/20 (Bad Tour hits West Berlin) (1:38)
News at 10 6/20 (Bad Tour hits West Berlin) (:22)
The 10 O’Clock News 6/20 (Bad Tour hits West Berlin)
News 4 N.Y. 6/20 (Bad Tour hits West Berlin)
Showbiz Today 6/20 (Bad Tour hits West Berlin)
Entertainment Tonight 7/05 (Michael visits Fantasia Land in West Germany)
The 10 O’Clock News 7/11 (Bad Tour hits England)
Eyewitness News 7/11 (Bad Tour hits England)
CBS This Morning 7/12 (Bad Tour hits England)
Entertainment Tonight 7/14 (Profile: The Work behind his career and tour)
Another Part of Me (Documentary of European tour – includes Another Part of Me video) 9/1/88 (24:48)
M-TV Video Music Awards 9/7/88 (Performance of BAD Live and is presented The Video Vanguard Award)
The Making of Thriller


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume V

Eyewitness News at 6 pm KDKA TV (CBS) Pittsburgh 9/22/88 (Frank Dileo honored at his high school- Frank Dileo Day)
Channel 11 News at 6 pm WPXI (NBC) Pittsburgh 9/22/88 (Frank Dileo honored at his high school- Frank Dileo Day)
Evening Magazine 7:30 pm KDKA-TV (CBS) Pittsburgh 9/22/88 (Preview of Michael’s arrival in Pittsburgh for 3 shows)
Eyewitness News Update at 11 KDKA-TV (CBS) Pittsburgh 9/26/88 (Bad Tour hits the U.S. with premiere in Pittsburgh, PA)
Action News 4 at 11pm TAE-TV (ABC) (CBS) Pittsburgh 9/26/88 (Bad Tour hits the U.S. with premiere in Pittsburgh, PA)
Channel 11 News Nightbeat at 11pm WPXI (NBC) (CBS) Pittsburgh 9/26/88 (Bad Tour hits the U.S. with premiere in Pittsburgh, PA)
Channel 2 News 11pm 10/3 (Bad Tour hits the Meadowlands for 3 nights)
The News at Ten 10pm 10/3 (Bad Tour hits the Meadowlands for 3 nights)
Eyewitness News at 11pm 10/3 (Bad Tour hits the Meadowlands for 3 nights)
The News at Noon 12pm 10/4 (Bad Tour hits the Meadowlands for 3 nights)
Good Morning America 7am 10/4 (Bad Tour hits the Meadowlands for 3 nights)
Eyewitness News at 5:30pm 10/4 (Bad Tour hits the Meadowlands for 3 nights)
Smooth Criminal
Music News 11/88 Michael visits Motown Museum in Detroit during tour
Entertainment Tonight 12/14: Inside Story (Profile)/Premiere of Moonwalker
M-TV Music News 12/24: Moonwalker Video to be released in January (preview)
Smooth Criminal (version 2) 12/88
Leave Me Alone 1/2/89
Music News 1/09/89 Moonwalker video release (clip)
The Year In Rock 1/1 (Profile of the year for Michael Jackson) (2:15)
The American Music Awards (Presented by Eddie Murphy) 1/30 (Presented ‘The Video Pioneer Award’ and ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’) (16:53)
Music News 5/02/89: The Jacksons release new L.P. and Janet Jackson new release as well as new home video “Michael Jackson: The Legend Continues”
Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson “Say Say Say”
Commercial: Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 – 9/14
Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation 1814 – 9/16/89 6:30 pm (airdate)
The Pleasure Principle (music video)
Control (live) (music video)
Nasty (music video)


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume VI

When I Think of You
Miss You Much (7” version)
The Week in Rock 9/17/89: Michael Jackson Press Conference – New Spokesperson for L.A. Gear
The Week in Rock 9/22/89: Premiere of Rhythm Nation 1814 Janet Jackson in L.A.
Now Hear This 9/25: Album Spotlight (Press Conference segments)
Rate The 80’s 10/03: Entered in Mega Artist of The 80’s
M-TV’s News at Night 10/09: Janet Jackson attends celebration for Bobby Brown (Platinum album)
The Arsenio Hall Show 11/15/89: Surprise appearance by Michael Jackson to present Eddie Murphy with M-TV Award “Rate The 80’s) (Best Comedian)
Sammy Davis Jr.’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Feb 04, 1990 “You Were There” (10:00)
News at Night 2/20: Michael receives award for sale of 100,000,000 records
News at Night 2/28/90: Janet performs for charity “Benefit Dress Rehearsal
Janet Jackson Saturday LIVE – M-TV 3/3/90 Chapel Hill Dean Done North Carolina – Escapade (live), Come Back to Me, Let’s Wait A While
World Premiere “Alright” 3/26/90
Rock with You – Michael Jackson
Earth Day Message 4/20 M-TV Janet Jackson
M-TV Rockumentary commercial 4/20
M-TV Rockumentary 4/21/90
M-TV News 4/25/90 Janet receives Hollywood Walk of Fame Honor
Janet Jackson Saturday: Let’s Wait A While
Janet Jackson Saturday: Come Back to Me – Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson Saturday: Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson
Janet Jackson Saturday: When I Think of You & Escapade (live) – Janet Jackson


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume VII

Black Cat 8/90 (World Premiere)
M-TV Video Music Awards 9/90 (Performance of Black Cat & accept Video Vanguard Award for 1990)
Love Will Never Do Without You 11/90 (World Premiere) – Black & White version
Come Together (Performance/Moonwalker segment)
1990 Billboard Music Award 12/10/90 (Receives 8 awards) Janet Jackson
Love Will Never Do Without You 1/10/9 (Color and Black & White versions)
M-TV Commercial for Black & White video and Michael Jackson Weekend 11/06
Black & White (conceptual video) 11/14/91: (original version)
Dangerous Special 11/17/91: Profile & edited version of Black & White
Entertainment Tonight 11/18: Reaction to Black & White video
Eyewitness News 11/26/91: Dangerous disc released today
M-TV A 10th Anniversary 11/27/91: Live performance “Black & White” and “Will You Be There”
A Current Affair 12/19/91: Making of “Black & White” and “Brace Yourself”
The Making of M-TV 10th Anniversary 12/18/91: Behind The Scenes
E! Entertainers ’91 12/26/91: Career profile for 1991
Eyewitness News 2/03/92: World tour/Pepsi commercial press conference
Showbiz Today 2/03/92: World tour/Pepsi Deal press conference
Week in Rock 2/07/92: World tour/Pepsi Deal press conference
Week in Rock 2/22/92: Michael visits the Ivory Coast, Africa
Moonwalker, Come Together


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume VIII

Entertainment Tonight 1/92: Preview of Michael Jackson: Legend Continues
Michael Jackson: The Legend Continues 1/17/92 (includes “Brace Yourself”)
“Remember The Time” premiere 2/02/92
M-TV Rockumentary Special Edition – More Dangerous Than Ever/ Making of Remember The Time 2/02/92
M-TV Commercial “Dinner with Michael – People Really Win”
M-TV News 4/06/92: Making new video “In The Closet” w/Herb Ritto (2:15)
Hard Copy 4/07/92: Making new video “In The Closet” w/Herb Ritto
M-TV World Premiere 4/23/92: “In The Closet”
Friday Night Videos 4/25/92: Live Concert profile “Live and Dangerous”
A Current Affair 5/92: Making of JAM
JAM 6/19/92 (short version)
Lifestyles of The Rich And Famous 6/92: (:16)
The Making of JAM on Hangin’ with M-TV 7/22/92
Eyewitness News 7/29/92: World tour kicks off in England
The Best of Ed Sullivan 08/06/92: The Jackson 5 “I Want You Back” (original airdate 1969) (1:47)
M-TV’s News 08/13/92: Michael signs deal w/HBO Romania
M-TV’s Michael Jackson Live and Dangerous 8/23/92: Profile segment and live performance
The Day in Rock 08/03/92: Michael calls Povich show
The 1992 M-TV Video Music Awards 9/09/92: Black or White
M-TV Choose or Lose 9/92: Commercial
Week in Rock 11/27/92: Relief effort from “Heal The World”
Billboard 1992 Music Awards 12/09/92: Receives awards for Best Selling Single “Black or White”, and “Black or White” (live) & Duran Duran


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume IX
Michael Jackson in Concert in Bucharest, Romania
October 1992: The Dangerous Tour

Wanna Be Startin’ Something
Human Nature
Smooth Criminal
I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
She’s Out of My Life
I Want You Back
(The) Love You Save
I’ll Be There
Billie Jean
Dance segment from Black or White (original version)
Working Day And Night
Beat It
Will You Be There
Black or White
We Are The World (instrumental)
Heal The World
Man in The Mirror

(LENGTH: 120 minutes)



Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume X

Presidential Inagural Ball 1/21/92: “Game Too Soon”, “Heal The World”
The 20th Annual American Music Awards 1/25/92
Superbowl XVI 1/31/93: Live performance
Michael Jackson Talks….to Oprah 2/10/93
The 1993 Grammy Awards 2/93: Legend Award presented by Janet
Week in Rock 2/26/92: Weekly Rewind segment
M-TV Commercial 3/1/92: Michael Jackson Weekend
Sex in The 90’s M-TV 9/12/90: Michael interview in early 2/15/


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume XI

Who Is It 3/93 video
Give in to Me 3/93 video
M-TV Jams Countdown 1/17/93: Eddie Murphy introduces video “Whatzupwithu”
That’s The Way Love Goes video 4/93: Janet Jackson
M-TV News 4/29/93: Michael, LaToya & Randy Reports
M-TV Michael Jackson Weekend 6/26/93: Winners of “Who Is It” video
M-TV Jams Special Edition with Janet Jackson 6/30/93: Interview by by Bill Bellamy
“If” video 7/93
Making of Poetic Justice 7/93
Hard Copy 8/30/93: Allegations of sexual abuse, sickness, Sigapore
A Current Affair 8/31/93: Michael misses show due to illness
Inside Edition 9/07/93: Tai Pai visit
Showbiz Today 9/07/93: Fukokwa Tawaan
Showbiz Today 9/08/93: Visits theme park in Nagasaki, Japan
A Current Affair 9/93
Hard Copy 9/21/93: Quidois questioning
Hard Copy 9/28/93: sue lawyer for defimation of character
A Current Affair 9/28/93: Michael flies to Geneva
Hard Copy 10/13/93: Michael has new friend when
AGAIN 11/93: Janet
M-TV News 11/16/92: Where’s Michael Drug Rehab for amphetamines
Dateline 11/16/93:
M-TV News 12/04/93: Janet opens world tour in Cincinnati
Hard Copy 12/06/93: Elizabeth Taylor will speak with press
M-TV News 12/10/93: Tel Aviv press conference w/LaToya about Jackson parent
M-TV News 12/20/93: 5 hour disposition
Hard Copy 12/21/93: Jackson fires staff
The Year in Rock 12/93: Women in Rock/Michael profile


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume XI

Who Is It 3/93: Music video
Give in to Me 3/93: Music video
M-TV Jams Countdown 1/17/93: Eddie Murphy interviewed by by Bill Bellamydiscusses working with Michael “Whatzupwithu” Eddie & Michael music video
That’s The Way Love Goes (original version) Janet Jackson
M-TV News 4/29/93: Jackson family profile includes reports on Michael, LaToya & Randy
M-TV Weekend at Michael’s Neverland Valley Ranch June 19, 1993: Will You Be There (music video) Michael interview regarding videos
M-TV Jams Special Edition with Janet Jackson 1993: Bill Belamey interviews Janet “If” (original version) music video. Janet (interview part 2) – Length 17 mins. 22 sec.
M-TV Rockumentary 1993: Janet Jackson on the set of Poetic Justice (28 mins. 15 secs.)
Hard Copy 08/30/93: Michael suffers from migraines and cancels show in Singapore (live footage). Jackson family defends Michael on charges – Length (8 mins. 5 secs)
A Current Affair 8/30/93: Michael cancels Singapore show. Interview with Liz Taylor. Dentist tries to sue for 20 million – Length: (8 mins. 50 secs)
M-TV Video Music Awards 09/93: Show opening, Janet performs “That’s The Way Love Goes/If” mix – Length (7:00 mins)
Inside Edition 09/93: Michael’s tour hits Taiwan & visits Toys ‘R Us – Length (2 mins. 22 secs)
Showbiz Today 09/93: Michael’ tour hits Japan (Parts 1 & 2) – Length (2 mins. 40 secs)
A Current Affair 09/93: Mark Quindoy (Michael’s former housekeeper) tells alleged incident – Length: (15:00) “The Accusers”
Hard Copy 09/93: Molestation charges from the Quindoy’s (Parts 1 & 2) – Length (7:00)
A Current Affair 09/93: Molestation charges from the Quindoy’s – Length (3:15)
Hard Copy 10/13/93: Allegation report interview w/Michael’s niece – Length (6:51)
Again 10/93: Janet Jackson (music video) (3:43)
M-TV News 11/93: Michael addicted to painkillers, Michael’s attorney (press conference) (3:12)
Dateline 11/93: Search for Michael (3:15)
M-TV News 11/93: Janet’s tour kicks off in Cincinnati (3:15)
Hard Copy 11/93: The Michael Jackson Investigation – Interview with Katherine Jackson & visuals of Michael – Length (3:00)
M-TV News 11/93: Janet’s World Tour Concert dates w/live footage and press conference by LaToya – Length (3:00)
M-TV News 11/93: “The Girl Is Mine” Author court battle w/footage of Michael’s deposition (3:15)
Hard Copy 11/93: Author court battle
M-TV The Year in Rock 12/93: Profile of The Year for Michael – Length (3:20)


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume XII (2 DVD Set)

The Jackson Family Honors 1993: Length – (1 hr. 36 mins)
News 4 New York (local news) 1993: Behind the scenes at rehearsal for Jackson 
Family Honors show & Jackson Family profile – Length (2:30)
Channel 2 News 1994: Michael accepts award for role model/acceptance speech from Michael (1:46)
Saturday Night Live 6/94: Janet Jackson show opening – 2 songs live – Length (12:00)
Anytime, Any place 6/94: Janet Jackson (music video)
M-TV Rockumentary 1994: Janet Jackson on janet. LP interview w/Janet and behind the scenes of “If”
The Arsenio Hall Show: Arsenio walks in on Janet’s Rhythm Nation tour rehearsals & interview – Length (10 mins)
Dateline: Lisa & Michael at amusement park (footage) and talk of marriage – Length (2:30)
Channel 2 News: Michael visits sick children in Budapest (:37)
Entertainment Tonight: Behind the scenes in Budapest on promotional film for ‘History’ –Length (2:50)
Premiere Story 08/18/94: Profile of allegations, recent marriage & behind the scenes in Budapest for promotional film for ‘History’ (15:47)
Hard Copy 08/94: Lisa & Michael marriage and his recent “makeover” – Length (1:30)
Entertainment Tonight 08/94: Lisa & Michael marriage – how they first met, Michael’s artists friend explains (3:20)
Hard Copy 08/94: Lisa & Michael questions abound visuals of Michael in Budapest – Length (3:46)
M-TV Video Music Awards 09/94: Michael & Lisa open the show w/greetings and a kiss. Janet receives ‘Best Female Awards” – Length (3:42)


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume XIII (2 DVD Set)

Saturday Night Live 6/94: Janet Jackson (12:00) Show opening, 2 songs live & show closing with Janet
Promotional film for History 1995: (Version 1) (1:34)
History Megamix (music video) 1995: Length – (5:03)
M-TV News /95: Report on promotional film & upcoming History LP and behind the scenes of Scream – Length (1:47)
Extra /95: Behind the scenes of photo shoot for Vibe magazine and interview w/Quincy Jones – Length (2:37)
Promotional film for History 1995: (Version 2) (4:00)
M-TV Commercial /95: Premiere of Scream & special (:30)
M-TV News /95: Promo for “History in The Making”
M-TV Michael Jackson’s Scream History in The Making” News Special /95: Behind the scenes of Scream & Scream video
History Megaremix (music video) 1995: Length (10:30)
Prime Time Live 1995: Interview with Michael & Lisa Marie – Length (46:15)
VH-1 Michael Jackson “Making History” Special 1995: Behind the scenes of Scream interview w/Janet and overall profile of “History & Career” – Length (20:46)
VH-1 Honors /95: Morgan Freeman introduces Honor Award Boys to Men cover “Heal The World” w/Michael/award presentation (12:32)
“Body”: The Jackson (music video) – Length (4:52)
“Blame It on the Boogie”: The Jackson (music video) (3:19)
“Centipede”: Rebbie Jackson (music video) (3:54)
“Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” : Michael (music video) – Length (4:10)
“Man in The Mirror” : Michael Jackson (5:02)


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume XIV (2 DVD Set)

The Jacksons: An American Story: TV movie (Parts 1 & 2)
****All commercials edited from this film****
Length (3 hours, 46 minutes)

Eyewitness News: The Real Story – The Jacksons: An American Dream (old footage of the Jackson & interview clips) (2:53)
VH-1’s 100 Greatest Moments on TV 8/3/00: Black or White video


Michael Jackson Video Archives Volume XV

M-TV Michael Jackson Changes History Special /95: Interview with Michael Jackson by Bill Bellamy, behind the scenes of Scream & interview with Boys to Men & Janet Jackson premiere of “You Are Not Alone” (music video) – Length (21:51)
VH-1 /95: Michael Jackson History “The Videos” : Billie Jean, Heal The World – Length (9:47)
The 1995 M-TV Video Music Awards 09/95: Live performance (song hits medley & You Are Not Alone/receives award for Best Choreography for Scream)
M-TV Video Music Awards Post Show 09/95: Michael arriving at Radio City Music Hall interview Janet – Length (Segments 3 & 4 21:40)
Runaway 10/95: music video
VH-1 To One with Janet Jackson 10/25/95: Profile
Entertainment Tonight 11/06/95: Michael performs in Germany
M-TV Week in Rock 11/10/95: 95 million deal for Beatles music
M-TV World Premiere 11/95: Good Earth
The 1995 Billboard Music Awards 12/06/95: Tina Turner presents special award for #1 You Are Not Alone and Janet Jackson profile news report Michael collapses
HBO “One Night Only” commercials (version 1), (version 2), (version 3 & 4) (4:45)
HBO Entertainment News Special Edition 12/95: Interview w/director & behind the scenes (2:46)
HBO “One Night Only” commercials (version 5) (:09)
E! News Daily 12/07/95: Michael collapses
Today 12/08/95: Michael collapses
Fox News at Noon 12/08/5: Michael collapses & LaToya comments
M-TV Music News 12/09/95: Michael collapses postpones HBO concert (1:38)
Entertainment Tonight 12/09/95: Michael collapses postpones HBO concert
Inside Edition 12/10/95: President Clinton calls Michael prank and ex-wife of Jermaine Jackson has new book “Jackson Family Values” interview w/ex-wife (6:29)
HBO 12/15/95: Apology to viewers about canceled concert & interview with concert producer (:38)


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XVI

Entertainment Tonight 8/14/96: Michael w/ 3 T’s
The Sonny & Cher 1970’s: Jackson 5 “Looking Through My Window” and quick interview with Michael
VH-1 8 Track Flashback 1/13/96: Enjoy Yourself (live) – Jackson 5
Extra 1/18/95: Michael & Lisa split
Hard Copy 1/18/95: Michael & Lisa split
Inside Edition 1/18/95: Michael & Lisa split
Entertainment Tonight 1/18/95: Michael & Lisa split
Hard Copy 1/19/96: Inside reasons for split
Entertainment Tonight 1/19/96: Media reaction to split (Part 1 of 2)
Inside Edition 1/19/96: Media reactions and interview with LaToya
Entertainment Tonight 1/19/96: (Part 2 of 2)
“Twenty Foreplay” Janet Jackson 1/96: Music video
A Current Affair 2/12/96: Michael shoots in slums of Rio for They Don’t Care About Us
Inside Edition 2/13/96: Rumors of pay-offs to mob for protection in Rio during shooting and behind the scenes in New York shoot
Entertainment Tonight 2/13/96: Controversy over use of lyrics and behind the scenes
Entertainment Tonight 2/21/96: Michael performs at the Brit Awards in London – footage of performance
Black Entertainment Television 15th Anniversary 2/21/96: You Are Not Alone (live) (8:12)
Listen Up: The Lives of Quincy Jones 1990: Excerpts w/Michael interview and behind the scenes of Michael: Length – (10:19)
Extra 3/12/96: Interview – Spike Lee discusses controversy over lyrics in Michael Jackson’s new video
Entertainment Tonight 3/12/96: Behind the scenes of new video
American Bandstand 10/30/82: Janet sings “Don’t Go”, “Come Give Your Love to Me”
Entertainment Tonight 4/02/96: Fans attack Michael during “They Don’t Care” set
VH-1 “First Records” 4/07/96: Stars discuss Jackson music & “Who’s Loving You” (video)
VH-1 Commercial 4/96: Premiere of “They Don’t Care About Us”
VH-1 Music First 4/96: Premiere of “They Don’t Care About Us” (video)
The 1995 Brit Awards 4/96: Earth song (live ) (10:58) and receives “Artist of A Generation” award (14:25)
Entertainment Tonight 4/96: Michael in town (Monte Carlo) for The World Music Awards
E! News 4/96: World Music Awards in Monte Carlo – footage of Diana Ross on Michael’s lap during concert
VH-1 8 Track Flashback 6/23/96: Jackson’s Live Special (includes interview w/Lionel Richie)
The Flip Wilson Show 1970: “Medley: I Want You Back, ABC….”
Top of The Pops 1972: “Rockin’ Robin”
Mike Douglas Show 1974: “Dancing Machine”, 1979: “Shake Your Body (Down to The Ground)
Entertainment Tonight 7/31/96: Michael involved in various lawsuits
E Entertainment News: Michael weds again


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XVII

The Jackson Five Live in Concert, Mexico City, Mexico
March 16, 1978
Michael, Marlon, Tito, Jackie & Randy Jackson
& The Mexican Orchestra Conducting/Piano: Larry Barrells, Keyboards: Joe Scott,
Bass: Bill Upchurch, Drums: Johnny Jackson

(All Lead Vocals by Michael Jackson except where indicated)

You Were Made for Me
Too Late to Change Time
Never Can Say Goodbye
Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Marlon sings lead)
Title Unknown (ballad)
I’m in Love with You (Marlon sings lead)
Title Unknown (band introduction by Randy Jackson)
Rockin’ Robin
Life of The Party
Title Unknown
The Music And Me
I’ll Be There
I Want You Back
Tito leads in instrumental piece
One Day (family introduction of Catherine, LaToya & Janet Jackson by Michael)
Dancing Machine
Body Language (Michael and Marlon sing lead)

Total Time Duration: 1 Hour, 11 mins. 23 seconds

M-TV 1997 Video Music Awards Opening Act 9/97: Premiere of Janet Jackson’s “Got ‘til It’s Gone” interview with Janet
M-TV 1997 Video Music Awards 9/97: Opening, 2 teasers & Janet presents Video Vanguard Award to Mark Romanek
VH-1 Pop Up Video: Jermaine Jackson – Dynamite (Pop Up Video version)
Janet Jackson – Nasty (Pop Up Video version)
Michael Jackson – Beat It (Pop Up Video version)
M-TV News Presents Behind The Scenes of V.M.A’s 9/97: Janet arriving w/crowd (1:06)
20/20 9/97: Michael Jackson interviewon Diana’s death (13:30)
M-TV Live 10/97: In-depth interview w/Janet Jackson in MTV studios (43:10)
VH-1 Pop Up Video: Jacksons Torture (Pop Up Video version) (5:04)


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XVIII

E! News 11/9/96: Michael visits New Zealand & Thailand (2:36)
VH-1 HIStory: The Michael Jackson interview & Stranger in Moscow (world premiere) (22:36)
VH-1 Archives 1/05/97: The Mike Douglas Show: The Jackson Five (live performances & interviews) Feb 8, 1977 (17:12)
M-TV Week in Rock 1/10/97: Michael’s tour hits Hawaii (includes live footage from Hawaii) (4:13)
Black or White (live) ’97: Includes report of new baby (1:39)
M-TV News /97: New Jackson baby report (:52)
E! News Weekend /97: New baby boy and Michael’s official statement and report of Liz Taylor to be Godmother (1:29)
M-TV News 5/7/97: New video “Blood on The Dance Floor” and interview (1:03) with Blackstreet to mix new remix LP for Michael
M-TV News 5/9/97: Jackson 5 inducted in to Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame (4:18)
VH-1 The 12th Annual Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 5/9/97: All teasers, Jackson 5 Induction segment, includes all original members & Michael’s acceptance speech (19:46)
VH-1’s Best of The Midnight Special (2/2/79) 5/97: Original broadcast, Blame It on The Boogie, The Jacksons Live & hosting (18:31)
Jermaine Jackson 1984: Dynamite (music video) (4:30)
Jacksons 1984: Torture (music video short version) (4:57)
VH-1 Best of American Bandstand 9/16/84: Janet Jackson, “You Don’t Stand Another Chance”, interview & “Dream Street” (11:45)
We Are The World “The Video Event” 9/85: Scenes w/Michael Jackson only (1:46)



Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XIX (2 DVD Set)

(includes Michael & Janet)

1. Janet: “Every Time” (music video)
2. Janet: “Got Til It’s Gone” (music video)
3. Janet: “I Get Lonely” (music video)
4. Janet: “Together Again” (music video)
5. Janet: “Love Will Never Do Without You” (black & white only version)
6. Michael: “Keep in The Closet” (music video)
7. Janet: “Go Deep” (music video)
8. Busta Rhymes featuring Janet Jackson: “What’s It Gonna Be?” (music video)
9. Janet: “Runaway” (music video)
10. Janet w/Blackstreet:
11. Michael: “Good Earth” (music video)
12. Promotional film for “History” release 1995: Edited version 2 (2:10)
13. Fox “Famous Families” The Jacksons 10/5/98: First Family of Pop documentary. Fox Family Channel special aired in October 1998 and including involvement from the Jackson family. “The Jacksons: The First Family of Pop” profiles the show-business clan that includes Michael, Janet and LaToya.Interviewees include Gladys Knight, director John Landis, record producer Jimmy Jam, and brothers Tito, Marlon and Jermaine (1 hr. 27 mins)
14. The First Annual M-TV Video Music Awards 9/84: Opening, Awards “Best Choreography”, “Special Effects in Music Videos”, “MTV Special Recognition”, “Best Concept Video”, “Viewer’s Choice”, “Best Male Video”, “Best Video of The Year”


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XX

Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special (ALL Commercials Edited Out 90 Minutes)
Entertainment Tonight 11/2001: What More Can I Give in the studioi with Michael and other singers
The Best Of Ed Sullivan 1969: Opening, Jackson 5 perform FOR THE FIRST TIME on Ed Sullivan Show LIVE in 1969. Perform “The Love You Save” & “ABC”
50th Anniversary of American Bandstand 2002: Profile of MJ and then Michael performs “Dangerous”
The 2002 MTV Video Music Awards 9/2002: Britney Spears announces MJ’s Birthday and MJ comes out to make a speech and Britney presents “Best Pop Video”
Jackson 5: Who’s Loving You (Music Video)
Jackson Five on German TV Show “Muzik Laden” The Beat Club: Enjoy Yourself (LIVE)
Jacksons 1984: Torture (music video FULL LENGTH version)


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXI

1. ABC Network TV 20/20 News Special “Living With Michael Jackson” Thursday 02/06/2003: In-depth Interview and a never before look at MJ as never seen before. In an unprecedented gesture of candidness — or was it desperation? — Jackson opens the proverbial kimono to Brit journalist Martin Bashir, who spent eight months trailing Jackson from his home in Neverland to Las Vegas to the singer’s famously ill-fated trip to Berlin. And the result is we wish he’d kept it shut.

All the more reason, many might think, to tune in tonight. Some 15 million Brits watched the documentary when it aired in the United Kingdom on Monday. ABC, not one to underestimate the American public’s fascination with celebrity weirdness, reportedly paid somewhere between $4 million and $5 million for the rights to air it stateside. If it was weirdness they wanted, we’d say the suits at ABC got their money’s worth. 2 hours

Perhaps most poignant is the scene where Michael sits with Bashir in his movie screening room, watching old television of himself performing “I Want You Back” with the Jackson 5. The camera jumps from the young Michael — cute, brown, innocent — to the middle-aged Michael — ravaged, white and clinging to the illusion of innocence, and that moment says more than nearly two hours of shock TV that comprises “Living With Michael Jackson.”


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXII

FOX TV Network Michael Jackson Private Home Movies 10/2002: Never Before seen footage of Michale growing up and with the Jackson family from various years. Fox and the producers behind “Michael Jackson: The Footage You Were Never Meant to See” will air a program tentatively titled “Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies” on April 24, the first night of the crucial sweeps ratings period. The two-hour special includes a new Jackson interview along with videos narrated by the singer from his personal archive, including footage of friends and family.


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXIII

1. The E! True Hollywood Story 6/8/03: In-depth Documentary about some of the more scandalous periods of Michael Jackson’s career. This show was remarkably unsympathetic. If you want to watch a one-sided bashing of Michael Jackson, this is the show for you. It was kind of like watching a witch hunt… ominous background music made transparent the point of view of the show’s creators. In the last half of this show, he is cast in SUCH a negative light, all the focus is on his worst moments, photos of him are so, so unflattering. And wow, Diane Diamond really hates him; she is so vicious, dripping with malice, waiting eagerly for him to “fall splat” on the floor, practically rubbing her hands together and cackling. I would love for these judgmental people to have their lives scrutinized in such a malicious way. (90 Minutes)
2. The 2003 Radio Music Awards 10/27/03: Opening, Michael presents new video “What More Can I Give” and Michael receives RMA’s Humanitarian Award and acceptance speech.


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXIV

1. Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood 1/30/05: RARE Footage of MJ and interviews with people Michael knew through out his life. Some never before seen footage is included along with rare stories never told. In this special, VH1 News explains how the beloved child entertainer became such a bizarre public figure.

The answers lie in Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood. VH1 News has examined the singer’s upbringing and found a life filled with abuse, hard labor, relentless ambition, and conflict between his religious upbringing and growing fame. Beginning with Jackson’s birth in 1958 to the record-breaking success of his Thriller album in 1984, the special delves deep into Jackson’s past, such as the mental and physical abuse he endured from his father, Joe Jackson (e.g., incessant rehearsals, whippings, calling Michael “big nose”); Joe exorcised his frustrations over his own failed musical career by exploiting his musically gifted children – especially Michael – by forcing them to perform in seedy bars and strip joints from Indiana to Ohio. At the same time, the proselytizing of his mother Katherine – a devout Jehovah’s Witness – confused Michael about singing, sex and family secrets.

This show opens the doors to the Jackson family homes in Gary , Indiana and Encino , CA , to uncover bizarre, never-before-seen home movies of Michael dancing with Emmanuel Lewis and cavorting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. In exclusive interviews, viewers are introduced to Michael’s first “little friend” the child actor Rodney Allen Rippey. Other interviews include former CBS Records music mogul Walter Yetnikoff, the man responsible for Michael pursuing a solo music career, but knew him since his childhood years as a member of the Jackson 5, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael’s co-star from “The Way you Make Me Feel” video who tells her tale of unrequited love for the shy pop star, and Teresa J. Gonsalves, a childhood pen pal who got to see a side of Michael that very few were privileged to see. These people, along with celebrity family therapists, biographers and religion experts, all offer their theories about the man whose public antics have become a national obsession.

1 Hour 4 Minutes


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXV

Michael Jackson’s Secret World 02/17/05: Part 2 documentary of “Living With Michael Jackson” British television interviewer Martin Bashir, whose documentary Living With Michael Jackson led to the current molestation charges against the entertainer, is putting the finishing touches to another film which is reported to be equally damaging to Jackson.

Called Michael Jackson’s Secret World, it is being kept under close wraps by the ABC network, for whom Bashir now works, but is said to contain video footage showing Jackson with young boys, including the one at the heart of the current criminal trial. Not surprisingly, Jackson did not provide a new interview. The two-hour programme, described by insiders as “still a work in progress” is due to be shown in the US on Thursday.

Jackson, 46, is accused of molesting a 13-year-old former cancer patient, giving the boy alcohol, and conspiring to hold him and his family captive. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Jury selection in the case continues tomorrow.

The new ABC film will reportedly use film taken when Bashir was allowed prolonged access to the star’s life. That 2003 programme showed Jackson admitting sharing his bed with young boys and holding hands with Gavin Arvizo, now his chief accuser. Its broadcast and the reaction to it prompted the investigation that has led to the current case.

Last week, Geraldo Rivera told his US viewers that Jackson now concedes that sharing his bed with children was wrong. He also said that Jackson plans to “unmask” his three children for the cameras at some point during the trial.

The defence also intends calling former child stars Macaulay Culkin, who stayed with Jackson when he was a boy, and Oliver! star Mark Lester. He, like Jackson, knew fame at an early age, and the pair have been friends for many years. Jackson is godfather to all four of Lester’s children. 1 Hour 17 Minutes


Michael Jackson Video Archives Memorial Volume XXV


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXVI

CBS 48 Hours “Michael Jackson Picking Up The Pieces” 6/30/09: One of the first documentaries made in the USA days after Michael’s passing. Naturally it covers the untimely passing of Michael Jackson and everything they could find out about the case up until that time. This CBS Special takes a look at Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician who reportedly found Jackson not breathing, shortly before the singer’s death. While Jackson’s music has brought joy to so many, his life was riddled with controversy. “Michael Jackson: Picking Up the Pieces,” will step back and look at the man whose strained relationship with his family, poor body image and plastic surgery eventually eclipsed his talent. The broadcast will examine Jackson’s connection to the black community during his career as well as his legacy among musicians today and into the future. In creating a pop-music dynasty, Jackson amassed a fortune, one that provided him a life of excess, eventually plunging him into debt. In the wake of his death, Jackson leaves behind an estate in financial upheaval, which will likely take years to untangle. And the fate of Jackson’s three children is also uncertain. The special will examine what lies ahead both financially and emotionally for those closest to him. Despite all the questions that remain about who Michael Jackson really was, one thing is clear – his talent knew no boundaries and there has been no shortage of remembrances of his life and music. “Michael Jackson: Picking Up the Pieces,”will include the latest tributes – big and small – across the globe, including the memorable performances at the BET Awards, the more intimate gatherings of his fans and the memorial service taking place at the famed Apollo Theater.
E! Special The Michael Jackson Story 07/03/09: The documentary opens with clips from the King of Pop’s music videos and follows with testimonies from friends and family, including new interviews with his mother, Katherine Jackson, and friend, Gladys Knight, that will talk about Michael’s life in an “incredible, revealing” way.
The 2009 BET Awards June 2009: Various Tributes to Michael Jackson via live performances. The show didn’t waste any time, kicking off the proceedings with a 10-minute tribute that brought the packed crowd at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium to their feet, immediately establishing the show as a sort of wake for the fallen singer. The show opened with a clip of Jackson’s appearance on the 2003 BET Awards, where he performed with James Brown. It was a melancholy but inspiring introduction to the proceedings. The audience was then treated to a stunning performance by New Edition, who performed a medley of Jackson 5 hits. The iconic R&B group, led by Bobby Brown, sang and danced their way through classics like “ABC” and “The Love You Save.” The choreography was especially impressive, considering that New Edition had so little time to rehearse. Following the Jackson 5 songs, host Jamie Foxx walked onstage dressed like vintage Jackson: The Thriller-era red leather jacket and a single sparkling sequined glove. Foxx greeted the audience and immediately launched into a performance of “Beat It.” Foxx, who has plenty of experience mimicking R&B icons, ran through the classic Jackson tune with aplomb, never missing a note. After the ovation, Foxx told the audience that the show would be festive. “No need to be sad,” he told the audience. “We want to celebrate this black man. He belongs to us and we shared him with everyone else.” Foxx kept it light, poking fun at Jackson’s nose and the change in his skin tone over the years. “Michael was all kinds of black. He was Wesley Snipes and Chico DeBarge at the same time.” Foxx wrapped up the show’s opening sequence with a decent take on Jackson’s signature dance move: the Moonwalk. The Shrine erupted once again as Foxx danced his way off the stage.

Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXVII

NBC Dateline Michael Jackson Remember The Time July 3 2009: Hoda Kotb introduces a revealing 2 hour look back at the life of Michael Jackson. First, extended cuts of Matt Lauer’s interview with Jermaine Jackson at the Neverland Ranch. Next, Josh Mankiewicz provides an in-depth look at the life and career of the pop superstar including preparations for his upcoming re-launch. Finally, Keith Morrison examines the future of Michael’s children. The program ends with a montage of classic Jackson song and dance moves. As plans move forward for a final tribute to Michael Jackson, so does the investigation into his death – and Dateline NBC will have the latest. We’ll talk to one of his nurses about his drug use and why she said no to him. We’ll hear from a close friend about some of the people who surrounded Jackson.


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXVIII

NBC’s Dateline Michael Jackson Gone Too Soon July 5, 2009: Hoda Kotb hosts. First, Josh Mankiewicz reveals the latest details about the death of Michael Jackson, and his funeral perperations. Hoda presents some rare words from Michael’s October, 2001 online audio chat as part of the promotion for the then soon-to-be released Invincible album and tour. (His first new album in six years.) Dennis Murphy performs some forensic accounting with a look at his finances and the potential for Jackson memorabilia sales and the future of Neverland Ranch. Next, Josh Mankiewicz speaks with friends and family recalling a fun (and lonely) side of Michael Jackson that few have seen, plus some hopes for the come-back tour. Then, Hoda Kotb presents a behind-the-scenes look at the 1983 Thriller music video including recent interviews with Ola Ray and others who worked on the production. Finally, a look at the global response to Michael Jackson’s passing.
CNN’s Live with Larry King July 5, 2009: Live from Neverland Ranch. Jermaine Jackson’s second interview with Larry King since Michael’s passing and before the memorial service.
VH1 Classic’s Famous Crime Scene Michael Jackson What Really Happened 02/26/10: Animated reenactments of Michael’s passing. Some of the best investigative televised footage of Michael’s passing and the investigation that still goes on today in 2010. Follow LAPD detectives in their investigation of the sudden and shocking death of the King of Pop. Toxicology reports confirm he died from a combination of prescription medications and a heavy-duty anesthesia drug called Propofol, all administered by a mysterious physician who was treating Jackson at home in the last month of his life. But other doctors were also giving Michael drugs up until his final days, some administered through his various aliases. Will this ongoing homicide investigation turn into a criminal case? Who will be responsible for this music legend’s tragic and controversial death?


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXIX

1. Michael Jackson Memorial Ceremony the 17th of July 2009: Amid the media storm over the singer’s controversial personal life and sudden death, the 11-year-old girl’s emotional tribute capped a sombre, spiritual ceremony that celebrated what his fans saw as the essence of the man: his music, his moves, and his humanitarianism.

Jackson once said his own funeral would be the “greatest show on earth” and he would not have been disappointed as music royalty turned out at a memorial service for the “King of Pop”. But while it was a public memorial, it was also intensely private, with his famous friends addressing personal messages to the pop star.

The most personal moment came from Jackson’s daughter, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, who made her first public statement to the estimated one billion people watching around the world. “Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father I could imagine,” she said, dissolving into tears and turning to lean on her aunt Janet. “I just want to say I love him so much.”

It was the first time the world had heard one of Jackson’s children speak, after he went to great lengths to keep their appearances secret, even having them wear masks or shawls around their faces in public. Paris, 11, sang along on stage with an all-star cast to Jackson’s songs “We Are The World” and “Heal the world” before taking the microphone herself, gazing out at the crowd and at the £15,000 bronze and 14-carat gold plated coffin holding her father’s body in front of the stage. During the service, the little girl sat in the front row with her brothers Prince Michael, 12, and Prince Michael II, seven, who is known as Blanket.

Emotions peaked when the Rev. Al Sharpton, the civil rights activist, delivered a fiery eulogy highlighting the racial barriers Jackson broke and the troubles he faced. “Every time he got knocked down, he got back up,” Rev Sharpton said. Rev Sharpton rode the moment, building to a crescendo. “There wasn’t nothing strange about your daddy,” he said, addressing Jackson’s three children. “It was strange what your daddy had to deal with!”

Celebrities lined the front of the stage: Kobe Bryant, Spike Lee, Wesley Snipes, Lou Ferrigno, Don King, the Kardashian sisters, Magic Johnson, Brooke Shields, Larry King. But while Jackson was among the most recognised faces in the world, today’s megastars were largely absent. Those present mostly reflected some connection to Jackson’s life or work. Among those conspicuously not in attendance were Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross and Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s ex-wife and the mother of Jackson’s two oldest children, who has said she is considering whether to sue for custody.

The ceremony began with a message of condolence from Nelson Mandela, who described the singer as a “giant and a legend”.

Jackson’s £15,000 coffin – made of solid bronze, plated with 14-carat gold and with a blue velvet interior – was placed in front of a stage decorated with extravagant floral tributes and a screen proclaiming: “In Loving memory of Michael Jackson, King of Pop 1958 – 2009”.

Mariah Carey performed the Jackson 5 hit I’ll Be There and was followed by the singer Queen Latifah, who fought back tears as she told the audience: “Michael was the biggest star on earth. In Birmingham, Alabama, and in Birmingham, England, we are missing Michael Jackson. We are the world.” Among the singers chosen to perform was Shaheen Jafargholi, 12, from Swansea, who rose to prominence after singing the Jackson 5 song Who’s Lovin’ You on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

In the front row, Jackson’s brothers wore single sparkling white gloves, echoing the singer’s signature style. Images of Jackson during his life and career were projected above his coffin.

But as Los Angeles and the Jackson family were praised for a relatively sombre and sober service to honour the King of Pop, the BBC faced criticism for deciding to clear schedules for two hours on BBC2, as well as the BBC News channel, to broadcast the event live from the Staples Center sports arena in Los Angeles. Last week the corporation received 748 complaints over the extent of its coverage of the singer’s death.

Outside the arena, tickets changed hands for hundreds of dollars but fears that up to 700,000 ticketless fans would besiege the building did not materialise. Earlier, the singer’s family and closest friends had gathered at Forest Lawn memorial park, a cemetery in the Hollywood Hills.


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXX

CBS 48 Hours: Michael Jackson “The Last Dance” 7th of July 2009: Coverage of the memorial service for Michael Jackson (1958-2009) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Katie Couric is the anchor.
CBS Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 07/18/09: Comments on hearing about Michael Jackson’s passing as he traveled through Europe. He’s a good soul and paid his respects as well as tried to cheer up the audience.
NBC’s Today Show 07/18/09: Remembering Michael Jackson. Various news reports about the Memorial Ceremony and interviews with fans who attended. Also included are memorable moments from the Memorial. Then an in studio interview with Bryan Michael Stoller (Friend of Michael Jackson). Later a satellite interview with Michael Jackson’s Financial Advisor Tohme Tohme (this is FIRST interview Tohme did after Michael’s passing). Tohme discusses the state of MJ’s affairs upon his passing. Later another news report follows entitles “Do Troubling Questions Linger” about MJ’s past. New report Live via satellile from Los Angeles discussing the Memorial service from the point of view from reports coming out of Los Angeles. Interview with Rolling Stone Magazine writer Toure attended the Memorial Service and gives his impressions of the days events. Later Entertainment Reporter Courtney Hazlett attended the Memorial as well and comments on the emotion expressed on the day from the entertainers who paid tribute to Michael’s memory. Later Dr. Gail Saltz comments on coping with the loss of a parent in regard to Michael’s children. Later a report on Michael’s potential “Legal issues” now that he has passed by Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams. A Michael Jackson Trivia segment.


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXXI

ABC’s Primetime Crime The Michael Jackson Crime Investigation 07/29/09: From the death of Michael Jackson last month to screen goddess Marilyn Monroe in 1962 to hip-hop kingpin notorious B.I.G. in 1997 to the 1981 death by drowning of Natalie Wood and the 1994 murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office serves as more than a medical examiner’s office — it’s Hollywood’s psychic stopover between glamour and the grave. The Los Angeles County Coroner has a history with celebrity deaths. “The L.A. County coroner’s office is the busiest office in the United States,” said David Campbell, who worked there for 20 years, rising to the rank of captain of investigations and spokesman, before retiring in 2005. “On average, it’d be fair to say, 15 to 25 bodies a day would come into the coroner’s office.. They’re the most technologically advanced coroner’s office in the world,” said Brad Schreiber, author of “Death in Paradise: An Illustrated History of the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner.”
CNN’s Larry King Live Friday 7th of August 2009: First interview with Jermaine Jackson since the passing of brother Michael (historic)
VH1’s The Making Of “This Is it” 01/24/2010: Documentary of the making of this final show that never was for Michael. The 30-minute special will take viewers behind the scenes of the making of “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” tour prior to his untimely passing. The special, taken from footage from the critically acclaimed film “Michael Jackson’s This Is It,” will also include additional new content not previously seen in the blockbuster film. The special and music video premieres mark the first time that significant footage from the film will be broadcast on television. Both premieres will be simulcast on VH1, VH1 Classic, and Palladia.
The Grammy Awards 01/31/10: An amazing Michael Jackson Tribute. So much emotion came from the Michael Jackson tribute during the Grammy Awards on Sunday night (January 31). Lionel Richie — Jackson’s longtime friend and “We Are The World” collaborator — introduced the set, saying Michael “dared to believe that he could make the world a better place.” As the performance began, we heard the timeless icon’s voice talk about the how he hated pollution and destruction of the earth. The recording led into Jackson’s “Earth Song.” Usher followed up MJ’s vocals, walking onstage singing, “Did you ever stop to notice/ All the blood we’ve shed before etc then Michael’s voice came back in. Behind the performers was a mini-movie, which was featured in the concert film “Michael Jackson’s This Is It,” playing on huge screens. The film was in 3-D, and you could see celebrities in the audience such as Beyoncé and Rihanna wearing 3-D glasses. “What about flowering fields?” Carrie Underwood came out singing. “Is there a time?/ What about all the dreams/ That you said was yours and mine?” Jennifer Hudson then joined in, and Smokey Robinson came next. As the song ended, they all turned, with their backs facing the audience, to look at photos of the late Jackson on screens that hung above the stage. Jackson’s children, Prince Michael and Paris, accepted a Grammy lifetime-achievement award for their father after the performance. “Our father was always concerned about the planet and humanity,” Prince said. “Through all his hard work and dedication, he has helped many charities and donated to all of them. Throughout his songs, his message was simple: love. We will continue to spread his message and help the world. Thank you. We love you, Daddy.”


Michael Jackson The Family Video Archives Volume XXXII

ABC’s 20/20 09/11/09: In-Depth Interview with LaToya Jackson
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 03/18/10: Interview with Janet Jackson discussing her new CD and new film Why Did I Get Married 2
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 3/23/10: Interview with Janet Jackson discussing her new CD and new film Why Did I Get Married 2
American Idol Finale 5/26/10: Janet’s surprise appearance and the LIVE performance of her new single as well as a short hits medley of some of her biggest hits.
NBC Dateline 6/26/10: Michael Jackson: “A Mother’s Story”. Katherine, speaks out in her only television interview about her son’s death and who is responsible; how her grandchildren are coping and her relationship with them; and how the family will be marking the first anniversary of his death. In addition, she responds candidly to accusations about Michael Jackson being a child molester and rumors about Debbie Rowe wanting custody of the children. The interview, conducted by Sonia Lowe, was licensed by “Dateline” and will be part of an anniversary special.


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXXIII

TLC’s Michael Jackson Kids Hidden Lives June 20th 2009: Little has been known about Jackson’s kids but through candid interviews with family and friends, TLC paints a portrait of three refreshingly normal and grounded children with extraordinary childhoods. The special also shares how the children have fared since losing their father and how each of them continues to carry on his legacy. From reading lessons integrated into meals, play dates with neighbors and child-proofing the home, it is extraordinary to see how much of a hands-on, caring father Jackson really was. It has been a year this month since the legendary icon passed away, but the special shows that through his three children, his legacy as a superstar and father will continue on.
CNN Michael Jackson: The Final Days 6/25/10: Don Lemon speaks exclusively with friends and family members about Michael. Though he died a year ago, the circumstances surrounding the death of Michael Jackson are still a mix of mystery and contradictions. CNN anchor Don Lemonunspools the confusing reports still swirling around his death in this report. Though he died a year ago, the circumstances surrounding the death of Michael Jackson are still a mix of mystery and contradictions. Lemon’s revealing hour allows viewers to hear directly from Tito and Jermaine Jackson about their last contact with their brother and, how they first learned of their brother’s collapse and death. Lemon begins by pressing music producer Rodney Jerkins about reports that Jackson was too physically frail to fulfill his nine month, 50-performance THIS IS IT! engagement in London. Lemon also confirms with concert promoter Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG Live, that Jackson had missed several rehearsals in the run up to the tour. Though they had some doubts about Jackson’s ability to manage the grueling rehearsal and performance schedule, musical director Michael Bearden, and concert tour choreographer Travis Payne, insist Jackson’s dancing and voice were both strong, that his mood was optimistic – and that Jackson’s stamina surpassed that of the dancers preparing to tour with him, many of whom were half his age. Jermaine Jackson, who says he was unaware of the extent of his brother’s alleged drug use that other family members and friends have described, tells Lemon that there was a conspiracy to kill his brother. When Lemon asks Jermaine Jackson directly about the culpability of Michael Jackson’s last physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who is currently standing trial accused of involuntary manslaughter, Jermaine Jackson responds with: “I think he [Dr. Murray] know[s] the players. And I think if you squeeze his hand hard enough, he would say.”Celebrity biographer J. Randy Tamborelli tells Lemon that Jackson may have been using the anesthetic drug Propofol as long as 5 or 6 years ago. “Acute propofol intoxication,” among other conditions, is indicated as the immediate cause of death on the medical report from the Los Angeles Coroner’s Department. Jackson friend Dr. Deepak Chopra has confirmed knowledge of Jackson’s extended use of prescription drugs. Lemon’s documentary ends with intimate reflections from Tito and Jermaine Jackson on the family’s mourning of the loss of their beloved brother, son, and friend.
The Oprah Winfrey Show 12/06/10: Michael Jackson’s secret home in New Jersey and the family that lived there, the Cascio Family for over twenty five years. The in-depth interview contains home video with Michael Jackson from 1986. “Keep Your Head Up”, “Monster” and “Breaking News” are new songs from the upcoming LP is sampled that was created by Eddie Cascio and Michael Jackson. Later interview with Michael’s producer Teddy Riley. Who authenticated the recording.


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXXIV

ABC’s 20/20 Michael Jackson After Life 06/25/10: Stylists Tompkins and Bush designed brand new clothes for Jackson, incorporating elements from the King of Pop’s favorite looks throughout his career. Tompkins, who created the majority of Jackson’s most memorable outfits, described his stage attire as “Liberace gone to war.” Notably absent from Jackson’s funeral attire, though, was his most iconic accessory — that legendary single white sequin glove. It includes exclusives with Jackson’s makeup artist and stylists, a retrospective with top artists, a new tour of Neverland Ranch, and reporting from Elizabeth Vargas, Chris Cuomo, Cynthia McFadden, Chris Connelly, and Jim Avila. “To Michael, the glove was Billie Jean,” said Bush. “That represented that song. That’s not Michael Jackson.”
The 2010 BET Awards 6/27/10: Jermaine Jackson introduces Chris Brown to perform a requested tribute from the Jackson Family to Michael Jackson recreating his signature performance from the 1988 Grammy’s singing The Way You Make Me Feel then a hits Medley including Smooth Criminal and Billie Jean. Chris visably upset attempts to sing Man In The Mirror and simply can not, a moving performance that brings the audience to their feet to sing the lyrics for him. A heart warming tribute unlike anything seen up to this point.
The Oprah Winfrey Show 11/04/10: 25th Season of Oprah. Staff surprises her with a visit on camera from Jackie Jackson. Oprah completely loses it. It has always been her favorite Jackson of the Jackson 5
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 01/09/12: Interview with Janet Jackson


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXXV

Fuse TV Michael Jackson A Tribute An Unauthorized Film 06/26/10: Interview with various celebrities discussing the impact of Michael’s artistry on the world. Interview with Bill Werde Editorial Director of Billboard Magazine on the days following Michael’s passing. This hour-long documentary takes a look at how Michael Jackson’s music changed the world and how his charity work made it a better place. Filled with interviews with loved ones, this exclusive premiere takes an intimate look into the life and legacy of the King of Pop.
Fuse TV Michael Jackson “The Inside Story What Killed The King Of Pop” 06/26/10: The death of Michael Jackson shocked the world, devastating his fans. Now, a year since his passing, this 90-minute documentary takes a closer look at his controversial life and conspiracies surrounding his mysterious death.
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 01/09/12: Interview with Janet Jackson


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXXVI

A&E’s Biography “The Jackson 5” 12/23/10: A profile of The Jackson 5 examines the lives and careers of the five brothers from Gary, Ind., that included pop superstar Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson Not For Sale (2009): This is the story of the public sale that nearly came to pass while the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was at the end of his financial rope. Chronicling a time when Michael Jackson’s prized belongings, from his iconic stage wardrobe to private collections of invaluable artwork, were prepped for auction in order to save him from what looked like certain bankruptcy, this program asks one of the age-old questions of art, How does one price the priceless? We’ll explore the root cause for the auction, how it was put together, and how and why it was ultimately stopped.
Ovation Network Icons Big Star Profiles 2011: A post death profile of Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXXVII

Ovation’s American Masters Series “Devotion: Michael Jackson” 07/16/11: From his musical debut at the age of four to his sudden, tragic death in 2009, Michael Jackson remained one of the world’s most successful, influential, and beloved pop stars. This unauthorized biography charts the singer’s eventful–and sometimes controversial life and career through interviews with friends, family, and colleagues, delving into such topics as his charity work, his moving memorial service, and his permanent spot as a tabloid fixture.
OPRAH’s Next Chapter 06/16/12: Interview in-depth with Paris
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 06/28/12: Interview with The Jacksons


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXXVIII

BAD 25 11/22/12: When Michael’s classic release “Bad” debuted in 1987, Spike Lee’s filmmaking career was just starting to take hold. The director pays tribute to the fifth-best-selling album of all time — which yielded such singles as the title cut, “Man in the Mirror,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Smooth Criminal” and “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” — in the documentary “Bad 25,” which ABC gives a Thanksgiving night television premiere Thursday, Nov. 22. 2012

Lee interviews such other Jackson collaborators as fellow moviemakers Martin Scorsese and Joe Pytka in creating a remembrance of how “Bad” came to be, utilizing archival footage that also recalls the global concert tour Jackson launched in support of the album. Results included sales of approximately 45 million copies and five chart-topping singles, a record tied only relatively recently by Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XXXIX

Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall 01/24/16:: A look at the life of the late pop star Michael Jackson from his early days at Motown Records to the release of his hit 1979 album, Off the Wall. This documentary celebrates his creativity, his humility and his incredibly deep love for his longing and devotion to never stopping until he gave us enough. Thank you Michael Jackson for inspiring us and devoting your life to us. We still haven’t had enough. Thank you Spike Lee for this insightful film and sharing part of MJ’s journey with us and taking so many of us back to our youth when music was pure, warm, and truly authentic. This documentary is a MUST watch. Michael Jackson is one of a kind…often imitated, but NEVER duplicated and this film pays tribute to that fact.


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XL

Celebrity Expose: Michael Jackson (Season 1 Episode 11 Air Date 02/11/08: (On the anniversary of the ground-breaking music video Thriller, Celebrity Exposé examines the life of Michael Jackson. From the peak of his success to the performers he’s inspired, and his decline in popularity. And what does the future hold for the King of Pop?
Video Killed The Radio Star Series 5 Ep 8 Extended Play 8/7/13: Michael Jackson No single artist has left such an indelible mark on music, fashion, dance and pop culture as Michael Jackson. Directors Steve Barron, Joe Pytka, Andy Morahan, Wayne Isham and Tim Pope discuss his seminal music videos.


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XLI

Jackson Five The Soul Train Performances 1972 to 1978: This DVD contains a collection of J5, Jermaine & MJ performances on “Soul Train”. The footage varies from good to Very good & there are great animated menus. It contains performances from the years : 1972, 1973,1974, 1975 & 1978.

That’s How Love Goes – Jermaine
I Want You Back – Jackson 5
Corner of the Sky – Jackson 5
Daddy’s Home – Jermaine
Lookin Through The Windows – Jackson 5


Dancing Machine – Jackson 5
You’re In Good Hands – Jermaine
Get It Together – Jackson 5
With A Child’s Heart – Michael
Don’t Say Goodbye Again – Jackson 5

Whatever You Got, I Want – Michael
If I Don’t Love You This way – Michael
What You Don’t Know – Michael

Just A Little Bit Of You – Michael
Forever Came Today – Jackson 5
One Day In Your Life – Michael
All I Do Is Think of You – Jackson 5
We’ve Got Forever – Michael

Things I Do For You – Jacksons
Shake Your Body ( Down To The Ground ) – Jacksons
Push Me Away – Michael


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XLII

Jackson Five Triumph Concert Los Angeles, Ca 1981: Triumph Tour live in Los Angeles : This DVD contains the Jackson 5 “Triumph Tour” live in Los Angeles, CA from 1981. The concert was professionally filmed.The footage is rare & not perfect quality. I would rate it 6 out of 10. The footage is full screen for the first two songs. Then the picture splits into 4 boxes, with different angles in each box. The audio quality is pretty good. The concert is 47 minutes long & the guys out on a VERY energetic show.

Set List

Can You Feel It
Things I Do For You
Off The Wall
Heartbreak Hotel
She’s out of My Life
Medley – I Want You Back / ABC / The Love You Save
I’ll Be There
Rock With You
Lovely One

Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XLIII

MICHAEL JACKSON “Japan Tour ’87” aka “Bad In Yokohama Japan 1987 Concert Tour” DVD (Region Free): Bad was the first concert tour by American recording artist Michael Jackson, launched in support of his seventh studio album of the same name (1987). Sponsored by Pepsi and spanning 16 months, the tour included 123 concerts to 4.4 million fans across 15 countries making it the second highest grossing tour of 1987. In April 1989, the tour was nominated for “Tour of the Year 1988” at the inaugural International Rock Awards.

1. Intro    2. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’    3. Things I Do For You    4. Off The Wall
5. Human Nature    6. Heartbreak Hotel    7. She’s Out Of My Life    Motown Medley
8a. I Want You Back    8b. The Love You Save    8c. I’ll Be There   9. Rock With You
10. Lovely One    11. Working Day And Night    12. Beat It    13. Billie Jean
14. Shake Your Body    15. Thriller    16. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You    17. Bad
Sound : Dolby Digital 2.0
Format : NTSC
Region : All (Worldwide)


Michael Jackson The Video Archives Volume XLIV

The Last Days of MICHAEL JACKSON 05/24/18: MJ’s estate issued a statement condemning ABC’s special The Last Days of Michael Jackson. “We believe the special to be another crass and unauthorized attempt to exploit the life, music and image of Michael Jackson without respect for chael’s legacy, intellectual property rights or his children,” the statement noted. The Last Days of Michael Jackson aired on Thursday, and it has other problems the singer’s estate failed to identify. The special is rife with trite, clunky segues – “It seemed like the sky was the limit, but there was so much more to come”; “this was a man who knew no limits when it came to spending, and in the end, it cost him.” More frustratingly, The Last Days of Michael Jackson offers little in the way of new revelations or reporting and at times seems heavy on armchair psychoanalysis and unsupported conjecture. The special provides a broad overview of Jackson’s life, covering all the predictable bases: early stardom in the Jackson 5, stepping out on his own, creating Thriller, struggling to top Thriller, facing child-molestation charges (twice), beating the charges, struggling with drugs, plotting a comeback that was cut short by a fatal dose of those drugs in 2009. Here are five takeaways from the controversial doc.1. Jackson combined intuitive musical talent with savvy commercial strategy.
It’s easier to dig into Jackson’s music – even without the participation of collaborators, who either refused to appear in this film or weren’t asked to – than it is to unpack the murky details of the star’s personal life, so the documentary tends to be most assured when discussing the singer’s recorded output. Jackson used musicians to help him flesh out rhythmic and melodic ideas that he had in his head; footage of the singer beat-boxing to illustrate his creative process is riveting. Later, the documentary discusses the way Jackson and his team sequenced the singles for Thriller to cross over to white radio stations, which mostly refused to play any music by black performers in the early Eighties. To get around that bias, Jackson led his album cycle with the Paul McCartney–featuring “The Girl Is Mine” and later went to rock stations with the Eddie Van Halen–assisted “Beat It.” To get “Billie Jean” onto MTV, CBS president Walter Yetnikoff threatened to withhold his roster’s white artists ­– Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen – from MTV unless they played Jackson as well. 2. Nothing was good enough for Jackson. The documentary presents Jackson as a driven perfectionist facing more and more seemingly insurmountable hurdles of his own making. “The next [album] is always the toughest one, because people always expect more,” Jackson says in an old interview. “No matter how good it is, they go well, it wasn’t as good as … that type of thing. When I did Off the Wall, people always said, you can’t top Off the Wall – you had four Top 10 singles and it sold 10 million albums. You can’t beat that!” Even Jackson’s legendary performance at the Motown 25th anniversary special didn’t live up to his own high standards. “I don’t think I’m ever pleased with my performances – never,” Jackson said. “And after that performance I wasn’t happy either. I wanted to do the five spins and go on the toes and freeze there, just hold it and stay there. And I didn’t. I was angry about that, really disappointed. He was pleased, however, when his idol, Fred Astaire, called him after the show and complimented his dancing. 3. A burn might have introduced Jackson to painkillers.
While filming a Pepsi commercial, a spark caught Jackson’s hair – extra-flammable at the time due to the quantity of hairspray he was wearing – and lit the singer on fire. The documentary includes grainy, hard-to-make-out footage of Jackson continuing to dance before he’s suddenly engulfed in flames. “He was in pretty bad physical pain really from the Pepsi commercial on, and he started to have trouble sleeping,” the film notes. The Last Days of Michael Jackson positions this moment as the first where the singer might have started using painkillers. He went to rehab to fight addiction to painkillers in the Nineties. 4. Jackson planned to return to the road to get out of debt. The Last Days of Michael Jackson becomes increasing tragic as it progresses. By the end, Jackson is over-leveraged, and he hasn’t put out an album since 2001’s Invincible. So he decided to plan a tour ­– which the documentary dubs “the greatest comeback in rock & roll history” – to bring in some income. But this plan soon backfired. “Michael Jackson realized he had boxed himself in,” the film explained. “He owned AEG money; they had given him a hefty advance. He had to perform these concerts or they could take some of his valuable assets from him. What was he gonna do? He was in no shape to do what he had signed up for.” “It was like the world was crashing down on him,” the documentary adds. “And he didn’t have a way out.” 5. Jackson turned to the drug Propofol as a fix-all. Jackson’s doctor kept giving the singer Propofol, which the film describes as “anesthesia,” “every night for 30 straight days.” The dose was reportedly around 50 milligrams, “what you might see given to a patient before they have surgery.” “I did to say to Mr. Jackson, I don’t know who told you that Propofol is safe to take for sleep, but it isn’t,” a nurse explains. “That’s when, he assured me, my doctor said I’ll be safe.” Jackson was pronounced dead on June 25th, 2009, at age 50. His doctor, Conrad Murray, was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter, though you won’t find that out in the documentary.


2. Inside Edition 05/25/18: In-depth interview with Wade Robson regarding “Leaving Neverland Documentary

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    Hard to know where to begin. I purchased this probably close to a year ago and it’s taken this long to get through it all. To be fair, I was distracted by some of my many other purchases from MVR. I really don’t know what to say about this collection except…wow! I can’t count the number of times I said to myself “Where did MVR find this footage?” The number of man hours to research and archive this footage must be staggering. And then to present it in a way that is chronologically correct is taking things to the next level. I actually played numerous parts of this masterpiece to a fellow Michael Jackson fan and then gave him a simple task: “Now go find this on YouTube.” I’m still waiting. Just like I know I will be waiting a long time before he returns this collection to me. There are so many treasures in here I can’t even begin. But in broad strokes both the audio and the video are absolutely top notch, and many are even better than the source material because of the geniuses of MVR and their remastering processes. I want to stress that this is not some cheap bootleg, this is the original footage completely remastered. Now some will look only at the price of this collection and be hesitant. I’m telling you: don’t be. The number of hours of enjoyment you will get is beyond worth the price of the collection. This is the most complete Michael Jackson collection you will ever find but please note this does not include Leaving Neverland. The good news is that MVR also offers Leaving Neverland including the bonus After Neverland special with Oprah Winfrey. Also outstanding and a must have for any Michael Jackson fan. And to the people at MVR: Thank you!!!!

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