Missing Persons Music Video and Live Anthology 1982-2005 (1 Hr. 50 Mins.)

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Music Videos

1. Right Now
2. Give
3. Noticeable One
4. Destination Unknown
5. Words
6. Mental Hopscotch
7. Surrender Your Heart
8. I Can’t Think About Dancing
9. Frank Sinatra: L.A. is My Lady (Missing Persons appear in Video)


1. Mental Hopscotch
2. Noticeable Ones
3. What are words for
4. Tears
5. Ain’t none of your business
6. Back streets
7. U.S. Drag
8. A window to look through
9. Here and now
10. Nobody walks in L.A.
11. I Like Boys
12. Destination Unknown.
13. No Way out

Bonus Material

14. Access Hollywood 2003: Dale & Warren are interviewed and Destination Unknown (LIVE) 2003

15. Hit Me Baby 1 More Time 06/30/05: Opening. Words LIVE, Profile & Can’t Get You Out Of My Head


1. Words
2. Destination Unknown

TOTAL RUNNING TIME 1 Hour 50 Minutes

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2 reviews for Missing Persons Music Video and Live Anthology 1982-2005 (1 Hr. 50 Mins.)

  1. Pony Cecil (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and fast shipping. I was very impressed with the professional quality and editing. You can not find a collection like this anywhere else. Thanks to “MVR” you can see some of the best early MTV had to offer. “MVR” is providing an excellent service by saving and making rare hard to find videos like this available.

  2. norman d bogert (verified owner)

    This is a hard group to find on DVD. The band from the eighties were very popular then faded away. This collection offers a number of videos which are good. I think maybe Lady Gaga saw a few of these. Also has an hour long concert from the US Festival then other assorted bonus videos in slightly better quality going up to a fairly recent one. The picture is on the whole good; the sound is good. A step back into the eighties; enjoy!

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