Motley Crue Video Archives 1985-2019 Volume V

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46. A&E’s Biography Tommy Lee 2005: Profile of the party-hearty, totally-tattooed, chick-magnet drummer of Mötley Crüe whose marriages to überbabes Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson put him at the top of the celebrity food chain. There have also been plenty of low points in Tommy’s life, including the infamous Pam & Tommy sex tape and run-ins with the law. In an illuminating interview, Lee reveals the man behind the image and talks about what he’s learned on his long, strange trip.

47. IHEART Radio Music Festival Las Vegas 2014 09/30/14: Opening and a short clip of the band performing LIVE.

48. The Download Festival Live in Donnington Park, UK 2015: Interview Nikki Sixx (Part 1 of 2) then the band perform “Wild Side, Nikki Sixx (Part 2of 2) “Anarchy In he UK” and “Live Wire”

49. Night Flight “New Sounds IV with Wendy O Williams and Motley Crue” 09/20/85 RARE: Wendy guest-hosted an episode of Radio 1990 interviewing Tommy Lee and Vince Neil back in 1985, at the time they were in our New York studio, promoting their third album. They discuss a few different topics, Theatre of Pain. Includes the music videos for “Smoking In The Boys Room” , “Live Wire” and “Looks That Kill”

50. The controversial “MOTLEY CRUE: Breaking The Band” 06/16/19: Description: Motley Crue has sold over 100 million records making them one of the most successful rock bands in the world. The rise of the Sunset Strip bad boys was an 80s journey of debauchery and excess, until their hair metal hedonism ended in tragedy and addiction. Behind the fame, fortune and larger than life lifestyles was recrimination, rehab and bitter resentment. It’s interesting to note that Motley Crue condemned this documentary for the portrayal of the band and sent them a cease-and-desist order to REELZ Network. REACTION OF THE DOCUMENTARY FROM THE BAND: Neil first posted a photo on Instagram before the show even aired. All commercials and edited out. “Just seen this add. Never seen the show but I hope it’s accurate. Tune in,” he wrote. He then gave a full review, which was not exactly positive. “Breaking the band, fucking memories from a manager Doug Thaler who can’t remember that he’s the one who actually broke up the band,” he begins. The band didn’t break up because of me racing. It broke up because he was (too) much of a pussy who didn’t just say, ‘hey guys let’s take a week off and come back with cooler heads.’”“He called me an hour later and said I was out of the band! Great Management!!! What he didn’t say was instead of me going racing I put out a top 10 single with ‘Your Invited’ oops he forgot! Then an album called Exposed! Oops forgot again! No wonder he was fired shortly after.” He is referring to his 1992 departure from the band and the way Reelz portrayed it. Sixx then took to Twitter to talk about the episode. “Breaking the band was not authorized by Mötley Crüe. Our lawyers sent them a cease-and-desist and further action will be taken.@ReelzChannel Is the bottom of the barrel,” he first wrote.“Should @ReelzChannel be liable for putting out shows without so many artist approval? I am very disappointed that they think they can tell our LIFE story just to sell advertising ( mostly incorrect ) and without any bodies permission,” he continued.


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  1. Marisa Wojcik (verified owner)

    Awesome DVD!!! Great to find past interviews with the band and videos, that can’t be found anywhere else on DVD except for MVR!!

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