MOURNING SON (2015 Documentary) Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction & Red Hot Chili Peppers


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Dave Navarro is a trauma survivor of the highest order. When Dave was only 15 years old his mother was brutally murdered by her estranged ex-boyfriend. For 8 long years Dave’s mother’s killer eluded capture while Dave dealt with his deepest, darkest fears through drugs, art and escapism. In a heartbreaking, inspirational journey, Dave confronts the events that changed his life forever. Through revelations from friends and family, to the cold hard facts from police and FBI agents, Dave attempts to come to terms with his mother’s senseless murder and the horrific realities of domestic violence.

It would take nearly eight years for the authorities — with assistance from the television show “America’s Most Wanted” — to capture Mr. Riccardi. In 1994 he was convicted of the murders and sentenced to death. The California Supreme Court overturned that sentence in 2012, because of a juror selection issue, and Mr. Riccardi was then given life without parole.

Total Running Time is 1 Hour 47 Minutes

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