NIGHT FLIGHT – FULL EPISODE (with commercials) August 24, 1984 2 DVD Set (Rolling Stones, & “White Lies”co-starred a young Willem Dafoe)

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Get ready for a full 3 hour episode of Night Flight!

Welcome back to Night Flight! Tonight’ we give you over 3 hours of original “As Aired” programming. That’s right, our “As Aired” selections from 1983-4 return with all of the classic Night Flight segments. You are now entering “As Aired” territory. a full 3 hour original episode from 1984 streaming in exactly the format it aired 33 years ago. That’s right, from start to finish you’ll see an excellent representation of all the classic segments (including the commercials!). Look out for all the essentials: including Video Profiles, Interviews, Film Galleries, Cartoon Classics, and more. This episode features profiles on Rolling Stones, The Psychedelic Furs, surreal 80s video art and a strange New Wave love story called White Lies from director Marion Cajori starring a young Willem Dafoe with stellar music by Peter Gordon. We’re all but certain this doesn’t exist anywhere else, so dig in and enjoy!

Content includes

“Commercial Free Video Picks”
Prince: “When Doves Cry” (Music Video)
Elton John: “Sad Songs (Say So Much)” (Music Video)
Face To Face: “10, 9, 8” (Music Video)
Thompson Twins: “You Take Me Up” (Music Video)
Twisted Sister: “We’re Not Gonna Take It” (Music Video)
Jermaine Jackson : “Dynamite” (Music Video)
Kenny Loggins: “I’m Free” (Music Video)
A Flock of Seagulls: “The More You Live The More You Love” (Music Video)
Bruce Springsteen: “Dancing In The Dark” (Music Video)
Prince: “Let’s Go Crazy” (w/sound effects from original film ‘Purple Rain’) (Music Video)
R.E.M.: South Central Rain (Music Video)
Joe Ely: “What’s Shakin’ Tonight” (Music Video)
Combonation: “Clever Girls Like You” (Features Robin Wright)

Night Flight’s: “Casting Call” (Black and White Short)

Commercial Break includes Pepsi Generation with The Jacksons amongst others

Psychedelic Furs: “Heaven” (Music Video)
INXS: “Original Sin” (Music Video)
SPARKS: “With All My Might” (Music Video)

Commercial Break

Night Flight: Video Profile of Rolling Stones: “Time is On My Side” Live Performance from the 1960’s and interview with Bill Wyman from 1984. “I’m Just Waiting On A Friend” (Music Video), “Neighbors” (Music Video banned from MTV), “Emotional Rescue” (Music Video), Interview with Bill Wyman continues. “Let’s Spend The Night Together (Live)” from the film of the same name. “Undercover Of The Night” (Music Video), “She Was Hot” (Music Video) and Bill Wyman interview continues

Commercial Break

Night Flight New Film & Video Gallery includes “Skyline” Movie clip of film from Spain

Commercial Break

Ken Berg: “Menage A Montage” and “They’ll Show You Who’s Won Now”

Commercial Break includes Coffee commercial with HEART

Steven M. Sattler: “Adam of The Future”(Mixed media time travel short)
Night Flight’s “Cartoon Classics” Betty Boop Cartoon

Commercial Break

Reading Rock Festival August 26-28 1983: Y&T in Concert. Rescue Me & Forever

Commercial Break

“White Lies”: Marion Cajori’s experimental New Wave love story co-starred a young Willem Dafoe featured director Marion Cajori’s strange experimental (and slightly NSFW) New Wave love story, White Lies, which co-starred a young Willem Dafoe in one of his very first film roles, as well as an intense synth-driven early ’80s soundtrack by Peter Gordon.
Night Flight’s Helpful Hint: Atomic Blast warning film

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  1. kv3ba (verified owner)

    I purchased this for the short film White Lies. I had not seen this in 33 years and was very pleased to finally find it. It was of very good quality. The commercials were a trip. Radio 1990 TV Program included in this Night Flight episode I had forgot about that one.

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