NIGHT FLIGHT – FULL EPISODE July 15, 1983 DVD (Joni Mitchell , Gene Pitney, Robin Williams, Blue Oyster Cult interview, Depeche Mode, Black Sabbath, The Belle Stars)


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This almost 2 hour special episode of Night Flight “Hot Rocks #1” originally aired on June 21, 1983 (for some interesting reason the slate for this episode reads “July 15th” of the same year….). Where else on television could you find 1950s cult video segments like ‘Space Cadet’ followed by a pure Lynchian unknown filmmakers showcase into Kaiju Midnight Movie trailers? Blue Oyster Cult interviews back to back with Depeche Mode videos or Black Sabbath’s iconic Beat Club performance following The Belle Stars? Where on television could you be challenged, excited and inspired all at once? Night Flight of course!

This DVD includes a vintage episode of 50s SciFi TV episode of “Space Cadet” Starring actor Frankie Thomas aka Tom Corbett. This episode is followed by a grouping college experimental films that presently are extremely rare.

Vintage Movie Trailers for “Battle of  The Amazons”, “Godzilla vs. Megalon”, “Inframan”, “Star Crash”, “Barbarella”, “Killer Fish”, “Mean Frank and Crazy Tony”

Joni Mitchell Tour Dates,

Exclusive interview with Doc Pomus: Using the stage name “Doc Pomus”, teenager Felder began performing as a blues singer. His stage name was not inspired by anyone in particular; he just thought it sounded better for a blues singer than the name Jerry Felder. Pomus stated that more often than not, he was the only Caucasian in the clubs, but that as a Jew and a polio victim, he felt a special “underdog” kinship with African Americans, while in turn the audiences both respected his courage and were impressed with his talent. Gigging at various clubs in and around New York City, Pomus often performed with the likes of Milt Jackson, Mickey Baker and King Curtis. Pomus recorded approximately 40 sides as a singer in the ’40s and ’50s for record companies such as Chess, Apollo, Gotham and others.

Performance from Gene Pitney “something’s Got a Hold of My Heart” from Germany’s The Beat Club. It’s interesting to note that this song would later be rerecorded with Pitney and Soft Cell Front Man Marc Almond)

Vintage Movie Trailers for “Island of Desire”

Blotto” Metal Head” Music Video

Harlem Merry Go Round with Nipsey Russell and Mantan Moreland

Profile of the 1983 film “The Survivors” with Robin Williams and Walter Mathau. Extremely rare interviews with both actors on the set. (crazy rare footage here viewers) Also included is bhind the scenes footage of the making of the film. I’m sure the DVD release of this film doesn’t have this footage folks!!

Madness: “Our House” (Music Video)

The Belle Stars: “The Sign of The Times” (Music Video)

Depcehe Mode: “Get The Balance Right” (Music Video)

Night Flight exclusive interview with Blue Öyster Cult’s Allen Lanier and Joe Bouchard is broken up by a couple of the band’s 1981 videos (the somewhat controversial “Joan Crawford” and “Veteran of the Psychic Wars,” a dark, brooding track featured on the Heavy Metal soundtrack), making for one of our more interesting and informative conversations with classic rockers of the ’70s and ’80s. Includes music videos for the rare “Joan Crawford”, “Veteran of The Psychic Wars”

Black Sabbath “Iron Man” Live at The Beat Club

A Flock of Seagulls: “I Ran” (Music Video)

The Video Artists Segment features A Flock of Seagulls: “Space Age Love Song” (Music Video) MM RIP

Vintage Movie Trailers for “A Singin’ FOOL”

CULT Theatre: Another vintage episode of 50s SciFi TV episode of “Space Cadet” Starring actor Frankie Thomas aka Tom Corbett.

The Fixx; “Saved By Zero” (Music Video)



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