Night Flight – FULL EPISODES of the 5th and 6th Anniversaries June 7th 1986 and June 5th, 1987 Anniversary Specials : The Greatest Moments in “Night Flight” History (Neil Young, Bob Marley and MUCH MORE!)


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Night Flight – FULL EPISODE June 7, 1986 5th Anniversary Special The Greatest Moments in “Night Flight” History

Night Flight’s 5th Anniversary special from 1986. This newly added special segment from our 5th year anniversary goes deep. Featuring hilarious two-bit animation from Stop’s “Wake Up,” Columbia University grads The Special Guest’s cubist anthem “Paul Cezanne,” the sample-based ratings controversy inspired “Explicit Lyrics,” by Blackwell Project, and a reverb drenched vocal take on techno-pop from act Growing Up Different.

All of this can be found in Night Flight’s “Discoveries and New Sounds” that feature the following extremely rare music videos

Discoveries Segment

Stop “Wake Up”
The Special Guests “Paul Cezanne”
Dress For Success “Now Is The Time”
Blackwell Project “Explicit Lyrics”
Legal Weapon “Interior Hearts”
Growing Up Different “Watching In The Moonlight”
Powder Blues “I’m On The Road Again”


The Bodeans “Fade Away”
Danny Wilde “Isn’t It Enough”
The American Girls “American Girls”
The Call “Everywhere I Go”
Jean Beauvoir “Feel The Heat” (Soundtrack “Cobra”)

Go Baby Go Short Film by Hank Liebeskind

Night Flight – FULL EPISODE June 5, 1987 6th Anniversary Special The Greatest Moments in “Night Flight” History

Night Flight’s 6th Anniversary special from 1987 hosted by Judy Tenuta relives some of the best segments from Night Flight’s history including moments from Mr. Bill, J-Men, Tunnel Vision and more…

Hosted by offbeat stand-up comedian and actress Judy Tenuta.  Tenuta — who had previously appeared on our “Comedy Cuts,” when she was probably still considered one of fastest-rising stand-up comedy stars — introduces clips from a variety of some of our best-loved episodic “Night Flight”favorites from the first half of the 1980s, including: Tunnel Vision; The Mr. Bill Show; J-Men Forever; The Rocky Horror Picture Show; Neil Young’s Rust Never Sleeps; Bob Marley & the Wailers in Reggae Sunsplash; an excerpt from “New Wave Theatre” and an excerpt from the rarely-seen documentary, “Lenny Bruce Without Tears” and much much more.

Tenuta is seen throughout the special in interstitial segues, many of them filmed in New York City’s Central Park, near East 74th Street, where we see her sitting on a mushroom on a larger-than-life bronze statue of Alice — from Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland — playing with her cat, while the Mad Hatter and March Hare look on.

Back then, Ms. Tenuta was already well known in New York after her many appearances in the city’s comedy club circuit, where she perfected her exaggerated, offbeat Goddess persona which had her dressing up and acting like a kind of obnoxious fairy princess in flowing Greco-Roman goddess gowns while dispensing bratty but funny comments in a shrill, craggy voice, often insulting the men in her audience after first cheerily greeting them, “Hi, Pigs!”
In addition to “Love Goddess,” some of her favorite other self-applied nicknames include: “Goddess of Gossip”; “A Petite Flower”; “Giver Goddess”; “Fashion Plate Saint”; “Aphrodite of the Accordion”; “Princess of Panty Shields”; and, finally, “Empress of Elvis Impersonators” (we hope we haven’t forgotten any others).

The wisecracking, accordion-wielding feminist comic — who dispenses disbelievers with a curt catch phrase, “It could happen!” — is now an ordained minister, and even encourages her fans to becomes converts to her signature religion, “Judyism.”

Neil Young “Rust Never Sleep”

TUNNELVISION Segment: Funny skits with Chevy Chase about mental health, “The Last Hippies”, parody commercial
J Men Forever; a funny over dubbed black and white film with new funny dialog along with “The Castle”
Scene from “Rocky Horror Picture Show’ with “Time Warp”

Cult Classics:

“Bambi Mets Godzilla
Scene from “Refer Madness”
Interview with James Dean on the set for what looks like “Giant” about (ironically) fast driving and how he took a lot of chances and how he is now “extra cautious”.
More cult classic shorts including funny out takes from old black and white films
The Reggae Sunsplash live performance from Bob Marley with Get Up, Stand Up”

Various scenes from New Wave Theater Starring Peter Ivers and Ghost:

Night Flight’s Take Off to Animation: Tom Tom Club: “Pleasure of Love”

Cooking with Mr. Bill
Stand Up comedy with “The Funny Boys”
More funny over dubbed black and white film with new funny dialog along

Judy Tenuta stand up performance also included are routines by Frankie Pace

Total Running Time 1 Hour 47 Minutes

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