NIGHT FLIGHT – FULL EPISODE September 28, 1982 DVD (Making of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, videos from Rod Stewart, The Residents, The Doors, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Bob Marley and more)


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This almost 2 hour special episode of Night Flight originally aired on September 28, 1982.

This DVD includes at the head Night Flight’s “Take Off” show that focuses on the  history of special effects in film. Included are interviews from Ray Harryhausen, director John Carpenter (God he looks young here) and special Make Up effects Rob Bottin artist profiling the new film at the time “The Thing”. Also included is an interview with Kurt Russel along with behind the scenes footage on the set of the film. Also profiled is the original film “TRON” including an interview from actor David Warner.  Steven Spielberg is interviewed regarding Poltergeist along with behind the scenes footage on the set of the film.

“They went to the stars” an excursion through 1950s space adventures, An episode of “They Went To The Stars” Science Fiction When TV Was Live!: Starring actor Frankie Thomas aka Tom Corbett (of  TV series “Space Patrol” and “Space Cadet”) and with special guest star Ed Kemmer. The actors discuss the golden age of Science Fiction on TV.

Night Flight’s Flashback to 1951: performance from  Count Basie and his Orchestra

Night Flight’s collection of SCTV’s Bob & Doug McKenzie sketchs

Funny Black & White overdubbed scene from vintage Phantom superhero serial

Music videos from The Residents (strange black and white short), Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Bob Marley and so so much more…

Ed Sullivan Show 1967: Clips from  The Doors performing When You’re Strange & Light My Fire

Jimi Hendrix: Star Spangled Banner and Purple Haze

Funny Black & White overdubbed scene from vintage sci fi film

Neil Young: “My my, hey hey (Out of the blue)” (LIVE)

Bob Marley: No Woman No Cry (LIVE)

Later in the program a documentary on filming Pink Floyd’s The Wall,  On September 28, 1982, viewers watching “Night Flight” that evening were able to see a 25-minute documentary about the making of the Pink Floyd – The Wall, released into theaters during the first week of August ’82, three years after the release of the band’s double LP of the same name. You can watch it too, in the second hour of this full episode on DVD

The Other Side of The Wall — directed by Barry Chattington, and narrated by David Healey — provided a behind-the-scenes look at the conception, design and live shows of The Wall performed by Pink Floyd in 1980 and 1981 (including footage of The Wall being performed at Earl’s Court in 1980). The doc is chock-full of interviews with the film’s director, Alan Parker, and its star, Bob Geldog, in addition to interviews with Mark Fisher (stage designer), Jonathan Park (stage designer), Gerald Scarfe (animation designer and director) and in-depth early-80s era interviews with Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason.


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