NIGHT FLIGHT – FULL EPISODE (with commercials) June 30th 1984 2 DVD Set (Vanity 6, Berlin, Mary Jane Girls, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Divinyls, The Plasmatics Rush, Ultravox)


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You are now entering “As Aired” territory. a full 3 hour original episode from 1984 streaming in exactly the format it aired 33 years ago. That’s right, from start to finish you’ll see an excellent representation of all the classic segments (including the commercials!). Look out for all the essentials:

Night Flight’s full episode from June 30th, 1984 kicks off hot and heavy with a bold “Take Off” to Sex. “Music videos use phallic and vaginal symbols,” Pat Prescott tells us as she introduces videos from:

Rod Stewart: Tonight I’m Yours,

Vanity 6: Drive Me Wild RARE

Miquel Brown: So Many Men, So Little Time

Commercial Break: Levi Jeans, Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum “Double Your Pleasure”

“Take Off” to Sex” continues

INXS: The One Thing

Berlin: SEX

Mary Jane Girls: Candy Man

Doug & The Slugs: Making It Work RARE

Commercial Break: Playboy Magazine

Dwight Twilley: Girls RARE

Prince:: Dirty Mind

Commercial Break: Pepsi (Narrated by Martin Sheen), Musician Magazine

“Take Off” to Sex” continues

Southside Johnny: Trash It Up RARE

ZZ Top: Sharp Dressed Man

Commercial Break: Coffee commercial with HEART

“Take Off” to Sex” continues

David Bowie: “China Girl (Original Uncensored Version 1)

Duran Duran: Girls On Film

short clip of Marilyn Monroe

Commercial Break: Global Life & Accident Insurance Company,

Mateel Electronics Intellivision II sponsored tour dates for John Cougar Mellencamp over the top of the music video for “Pink Houses”

Preview of later in the show when Night Flight  does there Video Classics portion with a “Look back to 1969”

Three Dog Night: Try A Little Tenderness (this song less than three years later gets used in the film “Pretty In Pink”

Commercial Break: Ten-O-Six Lotion, 1-800-HOT-ROCK Music Audio Cassette Mail offer

Then Night Flight goes into a Heavy Metal Half Hour with music videos from:

Marillion: He Know You Know

Krokus: Eat The Rich RARE

Def Leppard: Rock of Ages

Divinyls: Science Fiction RARE (yeah I don’t know why this is here either)

Ratt: Round and Round

The Plasmatics: The Damned

A short Black and White film about Manners from the 1950’s

Commercial Break: Pepsi “New Generation” with The Jackson (1st of 2 commercials featuring The Jackson), Promo for TV Program “Radio 1990”, FCLD Commercial, Night Flight Logo teaser, Miller Beer “Welcome to Miller Time”, Levi 501 “Shrink To Fit 501 Blues”,

Night Flight Cartoon Classics

Commercial Break: A great commercial for CINEMAX that will take you back

Dig into more music videos

Pointer Sister: Jump (For My Love)

Def Leppard: Me and My Wine

RUSH: Distant Early Warning

The Go-Go’s: Turn To You

Bob Dylan: Jokerman

Nick Lowe: Half A Boy/Half A Man

Ultravox: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Billy Squire: Rock Me Tonight

Elton John: Sad Songs (Say So Much)

Commercial: Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum “Keeps You Hummin'”, Joy of Sex Movie commercial,

Night Flight’s Rising Stars: Slade: My Oh My and Bronze: Send Me An Angel

Night Flight’s Cult Classics Film short

Commercial Break: Ban deodorant, Pepsi (Narrated by Martin Sheen), Drag Review News Paper offer,

A strange short film called The Speed of Light Directed by Brian Hansen, starring Sally Norvell (later cast by Wim Wenders as “Nurse Bibs” in Paris, Texas). Film is about The Surreal nightmarish story of a Mother and Daughter trip through 1960’s America

Commercial Breaks during the film include: Time Life Books The Vietnam Experience, America’s Top Rock Vinyl, Cassette and 8-Track offer, Miller Beer,

Total Running Time: 2 Hours 55 Minutes



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