NIGHT FLIGHT – FULL EPISODE (with commercials) September 8th 1984 2 DVD Set (Interviews with Krokus, Billy Squier. Rare film shorts “One Or The Other”, “1896”, “Rocket To Stardom” and more)


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You are now entering “As Aired” territory. a full 3 hour original episode from 1984 streaming in exactly the format it aired 33 years ago. That’s right, from start to finish you’ll see an excellent representation of all the classic segments (including the commercials!). Look out for all the essentials:

Night Flight’s full episode from September 1984 starts off with “Commercial Free Video Picks” and doesn’t stop until way past your bedtime. Night Flight’s Video Picks give you selections from

Lou Reed: I Love You Suzanne

RUSH: Body Electric

Art of Noise: Close to The Edit

Billy Idol: Flesh For Fantasy

Sheila E.: Glamourous Life

Prince: Let’s Go Crazy (Original Extended Version 1)

The Cars: Drive (Featuring a  young Paulina Porizkova)

Elvis Costello with Daryl Hall: The Only Flame In Town

Queen: It’s a Hard Life (Directed by Tim Pope of The Cure fame)

Cut away to some classic Commercials. In this break: Pepsi “New Generation” with The Jacksons, FM1 Fish Fillet Knife, Army ROTC Scholarships

“Commercial Free Video Picks” continues

WHAM!: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

The Beat: Dance Dance RARE

Fastway: Tell Me RARE

Night Flight’s Cult Classics Film short “Do’s and Don’ts”

Commercial Break: Coffee commercial with HEART

Night Flight Promo with heavy Metal band Krokus

Night Flight’s “Hit Parader’s Heavy Metal Heroes”

AC/DC: Flick of The Switch

Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze (Black & White 1967)

Interview with Krokus

Krokus: Midnight Maniac

Ted Nugent: Tied Up In Love

Van Halen: Panama

Judas Priest: Freewheel Burning

Commercial Break: British Steel Compilation, Hawaiian Punch. Levi’s

An episode Radio 1990 with Kathryn Kinley: Huey Lewis and The News: If This Is It, Commercial break Miller Beer, British Steel Compilation, Hawaiian Punch, Army ROTC Scholarships, Talk Talk: Dum Dum Girl, commercial break: Mountain Dew Soda, Sergio Valente, Interview  featuring Billy Squier, as he releases his video for “Rock Me Tonite”, the clip that may or may not have torpedoed his career.

Commercial Break: Hawaiian Punch, British Steel Compilation, USA’s Crimebusters

Radio 1990 with Kathryn Kinley  “Goes To The Movies”: Scenes from “The Woman In Red”, “Meatballs Part 2”, “The Philadelphia Experiment”

“One Or The Other” Film short by Director Nicholas Hondrogen

Commercial Break: Miller Beer, British Steel Compilation,

“One Or The Other” continues

Commercial Break: Miller Beer, Army ROTC Scholarships

“One Or The Other” continues

Commercial Break: Hawaiian Punch. Wrigley’s Extra Gum,

The 1983 Cartoon Fantasy “1896” Directed by David L Troffer

Night Flights Cult Classic “Helpful Hints” (Atomic Bomb safety film)

Commercial Break: Hawaiian Punch.

The Swingers: Counting The Beat

Commercial Break: Miller Beer, Second Chance at Love Book Series, I Wanna Dance instructional Video offer,

Dan Halperin Film “Rocket To Stardom” from 1982 featuring Taylor Negron

Total Running Time 2 Hours 48 Minutes

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