NIGHT FLIGHT “Highlights”– COMPLETE NEW 2017/2018 SEASON ALL 18 Episodes 2 DVD Set (Featuring Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Depeche Mode, Beastie Boys, The Who, The Damned and Tom Petty)


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NIGHT FLIGHT – COMPLETE NEW 2017/2018 SEASON 12 Episodes Disc 1 of 2

Night Flight’s NEW SEASON was produced in 2017 and aired in 2018. The pop culture show as a short form program, showcasing the most memorable moments from the original Night Flight library, including iconic interviews and performances from 80s era all-stars. The cable series describes these episodes as “A fever dream of classic clips including iconic rock stars, animation, and heavy metal music, a trip back to the boundary-pushing music and videos of the 1980s”  Here for the first time on DVD is a compilation of the ENTIRE NEW SEASON

Season 1, EP 1 HEAVY METAL & PUNK April 20, 2018
Classic Interviews featuring legends of heavy metal and punk rock. Late Night TV from the 80s never felt so good. Features animation, rock gods, pop culture icons, and other surprises.

Legendary hard rock metal and video music pioneers talk shop. Late Night TV from the 80s never felt so good. Features cartoons, pop culture icons, and a divine drag queen.

Cult films, retro animation and a visit from the Shock Rock Goddess herself. Late Night TV from the 80s never felt so good. Features retro animation, cult video, and candid

Season 1, EP 4 NY PUNK AND SPACEMAN May 12, 2018
Two titans of modern music stop by with candid interviews and rare performance footage. Late Night TV from the 80s never felt so good. Features revealing interviews with music icons and concert clips.

A close look at an anonymous group of video experimenters and two influential blues guitarists. Late Night TV from the 80s never felt so good. Featuring new music videos, rare performance footage and more.

Watch rare footage of groundbreaking hardcore punk and get to know Australia’s biggest rock band with exclusive interviews. Late Night TV from the 80s never felt so good.

Season 1, EP 7 ICONIC HORROR AND D.C. PUNK June 1, 2018
A Jekyll and Hyde-like interview with one of Horror’s most infamous villains and a retrospective of the Washington D.C. punk scene of the 1980s. Late Night TV from the 80s never felt so good.

One of Rock n Roll’s most iconic image makers stops by and a Grandmaster walks us through the culture of New York Hip-Hop. Late Night TV from the 80s never felt so good. Featuring iconic rock photography, rare footage and more.

Season 1, EP 9 ROCK ON THE ROAD October 5, 2018
Guitar tips from the master Eric Clapton and rare tour footage of Ike and Tina Turner including interviews

Season 1, EP 10 The Electronic Revolution October 12, 2018
The bands that brought the synthesizer out of the avant garden and into the pop stratosphere. Includes exclusive vintage interviews from Depeche Mode circa late 1985. Dave has blonde hair in the one! Clips are featured of various DM videos like Just Can’t Get Enough, Everything Counts, People Are People. Scenes from the documentary “Kraftwerk and The Electronic Revolution”. Hysterical outtake from the 1962 TV Series “McHale’s Navy” with Ernest Borgnine and cast. Clip from documentary Brian Eno 1971-1977: The Man Who Fell To Earth. Cult classic Cartoons and MORE!

Season 1, EP 11 Virtuoso Frontmen October 19, 2018
The most feverishly creative frontmen in modern music history. We thought we’d give Night Flight’s blog readers another look at The Freak Out List, and this previously-posted blog penned by Frank Zappa fanatic and Night Flight contributor Tom Brown. This documentary film, which explores Zappa’s musical roots, is available now for our subscribers on Night Flight Plus! Tom Brown writes: Let’s start back at the beginning. I realize you may have been too young to freak out in the Sixties, but I suggest you may want to give it a try presently, and there’s no better soundtrack for that than the Mothers of Invention’s album Freak Out, which was released in 1966.

Season 1, EP 12 Art Pop and Rock Muses October 26, 2018
A seductive take on pop music and the cosmopolitan lovers that inspired it. Adam Ant stars in Drop Dead Rock, a campy mid-’90s music biz farce from the co-director of the Beastie Boys‘ “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” and “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.” In the 18-minute “Making Of” documentary that comes with the DVD of Drop Dead Rock, director Adam Dubin says he “wanted to make a 60’s movie about an 80’s rock star in the 90’s.” Debbie Harry’s extended cameo turns out to be a pivotal plot point since it turns out Spazz-O’s actually worth more alive than dead.When she was asked if she’d based her portrayal of record company executive on anyone she’d met at Chrysalis Records, Blondie’s label, Harry said: “No… just on everybody I’ve ever met in the entire industry.”

NIGHT FLIGHT – COMPLETE NEW 2018 SEASON 6 Episodes Disc 2 of 2

Season 1, EP 13 The Who and The Damned November 2, 2018
The Damned: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead — now streaming on our Night Flight Plus channel — is an authorized biographical look back at one of England’s pioneering punk bands, beloved by fans (like the filmmaker Wes Orshoski) but — unlike the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and the Ramones, to name a few — they’ve been largely forgotten by the mainstream punk press who have managed to re-write history and ignored the fact that the Damned were there from the very start. The Damned — Brian James (guitar), Captain Sensible (bass), Rat Scabies (drums) and Dave Vanian (vocals) — formed the band in early 1976, and it was this original lineup who were the first to release a single in England (the ferocious “New Rose” on Stiff Records, produced by Nick Lowe and released on October 22, 1976), the first to release an album (their self-titled Damned, Damned, Damned, also produced by Lowe and issued by Stiff on February 18, 1977 (Brian James’ 22nd birthday), and they were the first to tour the U.S. (April 1977). They were also the first to disband (Feburary ’78) and to reform (April ’79). The Damned had briefly called it quits after sophomore album, Music for Pleasure (1977) was panned by the critics, but when they reformed, they soldiered on bravely without their original songwriter and guitarist, Brian James, releasing at least one certified masterpiece, 1979’s Machine Gun Etiquette. Shifting gears to add new members and along the way in the 1980s, they began to incorporate elements of goth rock, new wave and psychedelia while scoring nine Top 40 UK singles and releasing a series of fine albums — The Black

Album (1980), Strawberries (1982), Phantasmagoria (1985) and Anything (1986) (those last two did not feature Captain Sensible, who had left the band in ’84). In 1988, James and Sensible rejoined to play what was said to be The Damned’s final live show (released as their live album Final Damnation in 1989), and they reformed again, briefly, for a follow-up tour in 1991, before the band members decided they couldn’t continue on with the original lineup.

Season 1, EP 14 The Heartbreakers November 9, 2018

A close look at a lost rock icon and a glam pink band. both known to have broken a heart or two….In the Spring of 1985, Tom Petty meet with rock journalist Lisa Robinson backstage at one of his shows for a candid in-depth interview. During his Night Flight video profile — which first aired on April 30, 1985, while Petty was still promoting his latest album on the Southern Accents Tour (Petty later told Rolling Stone it was his “concept record about the South”) — he talked openly about his songwriting process, his favorite music decade (the Sixties, naturally), what it was like making music videos, and other topics of interest. Petty’s music videos — including his Alice in Wonderland-themed “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” a Top Twenty single produced & co-written by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics — were frequently aired on “Night Flight.”

Season 1, EP 15 Pop Poetry November 16, 2018

Lyrical sophistication and songwriting elegance define two of modern music’s most compelling figures.

Dire Straits had earned plenty of critical and commercial respect for their first four records, with songs like “Sultans of Swing” and “Industrial Disease” becoming album rock radio staples. The release of Brothers in Arms in the spring of 1985, however, catapulted the band to their biggest level of success. The album debuted at #1 on the UK charts, spent nine weeks at #1 on the US Billboard chart, and even set a Guinness World Record for being the first album in the nascent CD format to sell a million copies. Its lead US single, “Money for Nothing,” was the band’s first #1 Top 40 hit, won a Grammy for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, and its accompanying music video won Video of the Year at the third MTV Video Music Awards. However, upon the release of Brothers in Arms, Knopfler had soured on the process of making videos Where he had been an active dramatic participant in clips for “Tunnel of Love” and “Private Investigations,” for the singles from Brothers, he chose only to appear in performance footage or occasional candid moments. Steve Barron, who directed two videos for the album, said, “The problem was that Mark Knopfler was very anti-videos. All he wanted to do was perform, and he thought that videos would destroy the purity of songwriters and performers.”

By the time she was sixteen she’d written nearly 200 songs, and with help from her musical family she produced a demo tape with over fifty songs, which then made its way — through a family friend, Ricky Hopper — to one of his friends, Pink Floyd guitarist and producer David Gilmour, who was also friendly with the entire Bush family. Impressed with what he heard, Gilmour spent his own money recording three of Kate’s songs, and got his friend Andrew Powell to produce the session which included a huge studio orchestra. That tape made its way into record executive Terry Slater’s hands, who promptly signed her to a recording contract with EMI Records. At just sixteen years old, it was determined by EMI that Bush wasn’t quite ready yet for the release of her debut, and so the next few years were spent carefully developing and honing her considerable talents, focusing on dance, mime and voice training (she used part of her advance to enroll in Lindsey Kemp’s interpretive dance classes). She also performed at various small venues in and near London under the name KT Bush Band. By 1978, she was nineteen years old and finally ready, and EMI picked thirteen of her songs among the many she’d written for her debut, The Kick Inside.

Season 1, EP 16 Addicted November 23, 2018
An escape to unreality with late ’80s alt rock; hooked on love with a stylish soul soloist.
Featuring Janes’ Addiction live in concert along with interview with Perry Farrell. Interview with actor Tom Hanks. Also included is an exclusive interview with Robert Palmer along with clips from the music video “Simply Irresistible” and a most of the rare video for the DEVO cover “The Girl U Want”.

Season 1, EP 17 Vocal Vanguards November 30, 2018
A pop heir charts his own course; a look at the career of rock’s vanguard vocalist and song stylist.
Interviews with Robert Plant and various music videos clips from his solo career and with Led Zeppelin. Also an interview with Chevy Chase. To start off though an exclusive interview with Julian Lennon. In 1984, Lennon’s UK record company, Charisma Records, decided that the best way to introduce Julian Lennon as a new artist — showing him having grown beyond the influence of his father — was to make him the focus of an hour-long, behind-the-scenes documentary.

They hoped that MTV would air the documentary special — showing Lennon at rehearsals, recording sessions and in intimate concert settings — during primetime. According to David Weddle’s If They Move… Kill ‘Em!: The Life & Times of Sam Peckinpah, British humorist, TV personality & film producer Martin Lewis was brought aboard the project as a producer.

One of his first tasks was to find a director for the project, and Lewis thought that a seasoned feature filmmaker — and not a young, fresh-out-of-film-school music video director — could add, in his words, “some texture, some perspective.” As David Weddle writes in his Peckinpah biography, “the videos exhibited a quiet lyricism and subtle eye for nuance that [Peckinpah’s] critics would never have thought him capable of.” nThe videos also proved to be Peckinpah’s final work as a director, however, as he died on December 28, 1984, from heart failure. He was 59.

Season 1, EP 18 Fame December 7, 2018
Rare footage of lost 1960s icons and a candid interview with a legendary pop deity.
Director Amy Berg’s 2015 documentary Janis: Little Girl Blue — narrated by musician Chan Marshall (Cat Power), whose raspy Southern drawl adds an authenticity to the reading of Joplin’s achingly intimate letters — traces the trajectory of Joplin’s evolution into a star from letters that Joplin wrote over the years to her friends, family, lovers and collaborators.

Berg — who had the full co-operation of the singer’s estate, including her younger siblings Laura and Michael, who each provide revealing insights straight to camera — reveals Joplin to be much different than we know her to be through critical rock writer’s perspectives.
We see how Joplin — who loved to dress up both onstage and off in feathers, furs and velvet, wearing numerous necklaces and headdresses — broke new ground and inspired the generation of singer’s and songwriters coming up behind her, informing their knowledge of the blues. Also featured on tonight’s “Night Flight Highlights” is footage of the Doors’ Jim Morrison, looking stoned immaculate and barely able to string words together to form complete sentences. The footage comes from All You Need Is Love: The Story of Popular Music, Tony

Palmer’s compelling 17-part docu-series, originally broadcast on the BBC during prime-time on Saturday nights, between February 12 -June 4, 1977, and which has been available, as of 2008. Also featured is a interview with Nile Rogers discussing working with David Bowie.

Disc 1 & 2 Combined have a TOTAL Running Time of 3 Hours 30 Minutes with all commercials edited out.


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