NINE INCH NAILS The Music Video Anthology 1989-2016 3 DVD Set

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All music videos are official, COMPLETE, UNINTERRUPTED and offered here in the chronological order that they were originally released. All song titles listed below are in fact music videos unless stated otherwise as live. This Collection totals just under FIFTY EXTREMELY RARE music videos. The 3 DVD Set features multi page menus with chapter selections for each individual music video. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available in this unique collection.

The Music Video Anthology Volume I

1. Down In It
2. Head Like a Hole (Clay Version)
3. Sin
4. Down In It (Shred Version)
5. Head Like A Hole (Copper Version)
6. Broken Movie (Unreleased Visual EP)
7. Pinion
8. Wish
9. Help Me I Am In Hell
10. Happiness In Slavery
11. Gave Up (Broken Movie Version)
12. Gave Up (Studio Version)
13. March Of The Pigs (Original Conceptual Version Raw Footage)
14. Closer (Original Uncensored Version)
15. Hurt (Original Conceptual Version Raw Footage)
16. March of the Pigs (Second Conceptual Version)
17. Closer (Director’s Cut)
18. Hurt (Live Version)
19. Eraser (Live Version)

The Music Video Anthology Volume II

20. Closer (Clean Version)
21. Burn
22. Wish (Live Version)
23. The Perfect Drug
24. We’re In This Together (Original Conceptual Version)
25. Into The Void (Original Conceptual Version)
26. Starsuckers, Inc.
27. We’re In This Together (Extended Edition)
28. Into The Void (Alternate Version)
29. Deep
30. The Day The World Went Away (And All That Could Have Been Version)
31. Gone, Still
32. The Becoming
33. Something I Can Never Have
34. The Frail/The Wretched (Live Version)
35. The Hand That Feeds

The Music Video Anthology Volume III

36. Only (Original Uncensored Version)
37. The Collector (Rehearsal Version)
38. Love Is Not Enough (Rehearsal Version)
39. Every Day Is Exactly the Same (Rehearsal Version)
40. Only (Censored Version)
41. Survivalism (Original Uncensored Version)
42. Survivalism (Clean Version)
43. 1,000,000 (Rehearsal Version)
44. Echoplex (Rehearsal Version)
45. Letting You (Rehearsal Version)
46. Discipline (Rehearsal Version)
47. Head Down (Rehearsal Version)
48. Came Back Haunted
49. Burn Bright (Fields On Fire)


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  1. Robert Berry (verified owner)

    Sure everything claimed in the track listing is here making this the best collection I’ve seen of Nine Inch Nails ever! Also, the company sent discs in clear circular plastic promo cases as described.

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