No Doubt and Gwen Stefani Video Archives 1996-2014 (6 DVD Set 12 Hours)


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The following Worldwide Video Archives includes footage from as early as 1996 to 2012. The source of the archives mostly consists of footage from the USA. Other sections of this archives set include footage from Canada as well. Probably the most comprehensive collection of historical archives of the band No Doubt including performances, interviews and documentaries. A great collectors item to all fans especially those outside of the USA. This Video Archives Collection shows the progression as well as the evolution of the band from as early as 1996 all the way up to the bands recent reunion in 2012 to 2014.

No Doubt Video Archives Collection 1999-2002 Volume I

1. VH1’s Behind The Music 1999: In-depth Interview and profile documentary (All Commercials edited Out) (45 Mins.)
2. MTV Driven 2001: Documentary of No Doubt as they tour the USA as the supporting act for U2 (All Commercials edited Out) (45 Mins.)
3. MTV JAMMED 2002: No Doubt plan a secret surprise concert at local California high School. Includes behind the scenes footage of preparation of concert. Also included is the following songs live Spiderwebs, Just A Girl, Ex-Girl Friend (21 Minutes)
4. MTV2 Artist Collection 2002: No Doubt hosts one hour of programming on M2 where they play about 8 of their music videos. This segment is ONLY the segments of ND hosting and NOT the music videos themselves. All music videos and commercials are edited out.


No Doubt Video Archives Collection 2000-2002 Volume II

1. (Canada TV) Much Music’s “Egos and Icons” 4/14/02: In-depth interviews and profile of No Doubt. Much Music Network goes into their archives and digs up interviews from throughout 1995 right up to 2002. Nice comprehensive collection of interviews that No doubt did through out the years. (All Commercials edited Out) (47 Mins.)
2. (Canada TV) Much Music’s “Music Music News Weekly” 4/14/02: Opening, Teaser and Interview with Gwen about her marriage scheduled for September (3:08)
3. MTV2 No Doubt Live In The Tragic Kingdom 2000: This special is different then the actual original concert video. This special has various comments from No Doubt (via an interview) discussing various aspects of the concert and their career at that point in between some of the songs. Songs include: Tragic Kingdom, Excuse Me Mister, Interview with No Doubt comment on the concert, another song “Different People”, Don’t Speak, Interview with No Doubt
4. Deeper with No Doubt 2001: Documentary of No Doubt on tour as the opening act for U2. Included are behind the scenes footage and interviews with the band (30 Minutes)



No Doubt / Gwen Stefani Video Archives Collection 1996-2005 Volume III

1. Late Night with Conan O’Brien 7/2002: Hella Good & Title Unknown
2. MTV Spring Break Summer 3/96: Just A Girl and Spiderwebs (LIVE)
3. Saturday Night Live 1996: Don’t Speak and Excuse Me Mister
4. The 1997 MTV Video Music Awards Opening Act 9/97: Interview with ND
5. The 1997 MTV Video Music Awards 9/97: Opening, ND wins “Best Group Video” and also present “Best R&B Video”
6. The 1998 MTV Video Music Awards Opening Act 9/98: Opening, Interview with ND
7. The 2000 Radio Music Awards 12/2000: Opening, Introduction & Bathwater (LIVE)
8. The Late Show with David Letterman 12/2000: Gwen Steafni with Moby Southside (LIVE)
9. My VH1 Music Awards 1/2001: Opening, introduction & Bathwater (LIVE)
10. The 2002 MTV Video Music Awards “Pre-Show” 8/29/02: Interview with No Doubt about touring in Australia
11. The 2002 MTV Video Music Awards 8/29/02: Opening, No Doubt wins “Best Pop Video” Award, No Doubt also wins “Best Group Video” Award
12. BBC America’s Top of The Pops 10/02: No Doubt performs “Underneath It All” LIVE
13. The NFL Superbowl 1/2003 ND performs “Just A Girl” & “Message In A Botte” with Sting (LIVE)
14. VH1’s The Top 200 Personalities 8/2003: Gwen Stefani is profiled
15. The 2003 Billboard Music Awards 12/10/03:Opening and “It’s My Life” LIVE
16. Jimmy Kimmel Live 12/11/03: Interview with Gwen and drummer Adrian of No Doubt and ND performs “It’s My Life” and a portion of “New” LIVE
17. The 46th Annual Grammny Awards 02/04: Opening, Gwen presents award for “Contemporary R&B Album” to Beyonce Knowles for “Dangerously In Love” and No Doubt WIN a grammy for “Best Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal” and acceptance speech
18. The 2004 MTV Video Music Awards 8/29/04: No Doubt receives “Best Pop Video” Award and acceptance speech
19. Roma 2004 MTV Europe Video Music Awards 11/28/04: Robert Smith introduces Gwen Stefani. One song live “What U Waiting 4?”
20. The 2004 Billboard Awards 12/08/04: Duran Duran introduce Gwen Stefani performing What U Waiting 4? LIVE
21. The 47th Annual Grammy Awards 02/13/05: Gwen performs “Rich Girl” LIVE

Total Running Time: 2 HOURS


No Doubt / Gwen Stefani Video Archives Collection 2005-2007 Volume IV

1. Saturday Night Live 3/19/05: Rich Girl and Hollaback Girl and Closing segment
2. Aviator The movie 2004: An edited down version with only scenes of Gwen
3. A Life Without Limites “The Making Of Aviator” Documentary 2004: featuring interviews with Gwen
4. The Age Of Glamour: Hair and Make-Up of Aviator Documentary 2004: featuring interviews with Gwen discussing the make-up used for the film
5. The 2005 MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Show 8/28/05: Interview with Gwen
6. The 2005 MTV Video Music Awards 8/28/05: Gwen wins best dress award and gives award money to charity
7. Late Night with David Letterman 3/05: Interview with Gwen
8. Fashion Rocks 09/09/05: Opening, Gwen performs Cool live then introduces Duran Duran. Later Gwen performs live with Diddy
9. The 25th Annual Brit Awards 10/29/05: Gwen wins her first Brit Award for “Best International Female” and acceptance speech and then performs What U waiting 4?
10. The 2005 Billboard Music Awards 12/06/05: Opening, Gwen recieves “Most Downloaded Artist” and then Gwen performs Luxurious (Featuring Slim Thug) LIVE
11. E! Live Grammy Awards Pre-Show 02/08/06: Interview with Gwen whilst pregnant
12. The 48th Annual Grammy Awards 02/08/06: Gwen and Billy Joe (of Green Day) presents award for Best Rock Album
13. The 35th Annual American Music Awards 11/21/06: Wind It Up (Historical. It’s the FIRST EVER performance of the song)
14. The Late Show with David Letterman 12/12/06: Wind It Up (Live Performance)
15. The Jimmy Kimmel Show 02/26/07: Sweet Escape (Live Performance)
16. VH1 “Box Set with Gwen Stefani” 02/28/07: Interview with Gwen discussing the making of the videos for What U Waiting 4? And the other singles from her first solo CD. Also included, Gwen performs Crash and Orange County Girl (Live)


No Doubt/Gwen Stefani Video Archives 2007-2010 Volume V

1. American Idol 03/28/07: Profile of No Doubt and Gwen Stefani. This segment includes the mentoring of all of  the contestants on the show and their subsequent performances.
2. American Idol 03/29/07: Gwen performs Sweet Escape with Akon LIVE and interview with Gwen
3. The 20th Annual Kids Choice Awards 03/31/07: Gwen performs Sweet Escape with Akon LIVE and interview with Gwen
4. American Idol 05/06/09: No Doubt perform Just A Girl LIVE. Later Gwen is interviewed with the band and discusses the recent tour of No Doubt.
5. A Home For The Holidays 09/2007: No Doubt perform It’s My Life & Running LIVE
6. The 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors 12/28/10: No Doubt perform a tribute to Sir Paul McCartney. Song performed live include Hello Goodbye and Penny Lane. Later No Doubt joins the cast of performers singing for the finale of Hey Jude
7. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 07/26/12: Opening then introduction by Jimmy of No Doubt performing there new single “Settle Down” from the LP “Push and Shove” live and ending segment with ND.
8. Teen Choice 2012 Awards 07/2012: Opening then introduction of No Doubt performing for the FIRST TIME on TV there new single “Settle Down” from the LP “Push and Shove” live and ending segment with ND.
9. CBS Sunday Morning 09/23/12: Opening mentioning the ND Segment later in the show followed by two “coming up” teasers for the segment. Then later in the show an In-depth interview and Profile of No Doubt during
10. The 2nd Annual I Heart Radio Music Festival 10/01/12: Opening, Just A Girl performed live with PINK,
11. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 10/24/12: Opening, introduction and LIVE performance by ND with their new song “Looking Hot”
12. MTV Spring Break 2000: Ex-Girlfriend LIVE

No Doubt/Gwen Stefani Video Archives 2012-2014 Volume VI

1. E News Special No Doubt 09/28/12: Complete profile / documentary of the entire history of the band. Includes completely exclusive interviews with all band members specifically for this documentary. Also includes personal home video from the band including live footage and the making of their first music video “Trapped In A Box” and “Settle Down” and then the band performs “Looking Hot”
2. The 40th Anniversary of The American Music Awards 11/18/12: Introduction and No Doubt performs “Looking Hot” LIVE
3. MTV Europe Music Awards 11/11/12: Opening and No Doubt performs “” LIVE
4 MTV World Stage 12/28/12: Live in Concert at The Capital Theater in Frankfurt Germany in November 2012. Songs include: Hella Good, Looking Hot, Underneath It All, Hey Baby, It’s My Life, Settle Down,Don’t Speak, Just A Girl, Push and Shove and finally Spider Webs.
5. The 3rd Annual Music For Change The Global Citzen’s Festival 09/27/14: Gwen introduces Norway’s Prime Minister. Then ND perform “Message In A Bottle” with Sting
6. Good Morning America 12/01/14: Interview with Gwen on new solo single “Start The Fire”
7. The First Annual People Magazine Awards 12/18/14: Opening, Pharell presents “Style Icon of The Year” Award to Gwen Stefani. Later in the program she performs “Start The Fire”

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