No Doubt and Gwen Stefani Video Archives Collection 2005-2007 Volume IV


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1. Saturday Night Live 3/19/05: Rich Girl and Hollaback Girl and Closing segment
2. Aviator The movie 2004: An edited down version with only scenes of Gwen
3. A Life Without Limites “The Making Of Aviator” Documentary 2004: featuring interviews with Gwen
4. The Age Of Glamour: Hair and Make-Up of Aviator Documentary 2004: featuring interviews with Gwen discussing the make-up used for the film
5. The 2005 MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Show 8/28/05: Interview with Gwen
6. The 2005 MTV Video Music Awards 8/28/05: Gwen wins best dress award and gives award money to charity
7. Late Night with David Letterman 3/05: Interview with Gwen
8. Fashion Rocks 09/09/05: Opening, Gwen performs Cool live then introduces Duran Duran. Later Gwen performs live with Diddy
9. The 25th Annual Brit Awards 10/29/05: Gwen wins her first Brit Award for “Best International Female” and acceptance speech and then performs What U waiting 4?
10. The 2005 Billboard Music Awards 12/06/05: Opening, Gwen recieves “Most Downloaded Artist” and then Gwen performs Luxurious (Featuring Slim Thug) LIVE
11. E! Live Grammy Awards Pre-Show 02/08/06: Interview with Gwen whilst pregnant
12. The 48th Annual Grammy Awards 02/08/06: Gwen and Billy Joe (of Green Day) presents award for Best Rock Album
13. The American Music Awards 11/21/06: Gwen makes her Live American Premiere of Wind It Up LIVE from her new LP The Sweet Escape
14. Late Show with David Lettermen 12/12/06: Gwen performs Wind It Up Live
15. The Jimmy Kimmel Show 02/26/07: Sweet Escape LIVE
16. VH1’s Box Set Gwen Stefani 02/28/07: Interview with Gwen discussing the making of the videos for What U Waiting 4? And the other singles from her first solo CD. Also included, Gwen performs Crash and Orange County Girl (Live)



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