No Doubt Video Archives Collection Volume II


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No Doubt Video Archives Collection Volume II

1. (Canada TV) Much Music’s “Egos and Icons” 4/14/02: In-depth interviews and profile of No Doubt. Much Music Network goes into their archives and digs up interviews from throughout 1995 right up to 2002. Nice comprehensive collection of interviews that No doubt did through out the years. (All Commercials edited Out) (47 Mins.)
2. (Canada TV) Much Music’s “Music Music News Weekly” 4/14/02: Opening, Teaser and Interview with Gwen about her marriage scheduled for September (3:08)
3. MTV2 No Doubt Live In The Tragic Kingdom 2000: This special is different then the actual original concert video. This special has various comments from No Doubt (via an interview) discussing various aspects of the concert and their career at that point in between some of the songs. Songs include: Tragic Kingdom, Excuse Me Mister, Interview with No Doubt comment on the concert, another song “Different People”, Don’t Speak, Interview with No Doubt
4. Deeper with No Doubt 2001: Documentary of No Doubt on tour as the opening act for U2. Included are behind the scenes footage and interviews with the band (30 Minutes)


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