OASIS Music Video Anthology 1993-2010 & 2 EPK’s (2 DVD Set 2 Hrs. 40 Mins.)


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All music videos are in the order that they were originally released. An astounding  TWENTY THREE music videos in all, TOTALING OVER TWO HOURS on TWO SEPARATE DVD VOLUMES. The most complete music video collection of Oasis from start to finish in the world. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have ALL the music videos available in this unique offer. Makes for a unique gift as well!

Oasis The Music Video Anthology Volume I of II

1. Supersonic (Original UK Version 1)
2. Live Forever (US Version) 01/14/95
3. Cigarettes & Alcohol
4. Supersonic (US Version 2) 10/24/94
5. Wonderwall 10/20/95
6. Champagne Supernova (Short Version 2) 04/01/96
7. Don’t Look Back In Anger
8. Morning Glory (What’s The Story?)
9. Champagne Supernova (Original Long Version 1) 04/01/96
10. D’you Know What I Mean 07/09/97
11. Don’t Go Away
12. All Around the World
13. Goldie: “Temper, Temper” (Safe Version featuring Noel in Video) 11/14/97
14. Acquiesce (Live)
15. Go Let It Out
16. Where Did It All Go Wrong
17. The Hindu Times
18. Stop Cying Your Heart Out
19. Ian Brown (formerly of Stone Roses) Featuring Noel Gallagher: Keep What Ya Got Domestic
20. LYLA
21. The Importance Of Being Idle (Long Version)
22. I’m Outta Time
23. Let There Be Love


Oasis The Music Video Anthology Volume II of II

23. “Oasis EPK” Version One with Music (15:43) Electronic Press Kit includes in-depth interviews with the entire band on the brink of their new release “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”
24. The Ear Has No Memory 2005: This in-depth interview with all members of the band discuss ecah and every song. This documentray short includes discussion about the inspiration behind the lyrics and music of the new CD Don’t Believe The Truth in addition to exclusive footage shot during the making of the new LP.
25. Behind The Scenes of The making of The Importance Of Being Idle music video
26. Excepts from the yet unreleased tour Documentary Lord Don’t Slow Me Down


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