OASIS Ten Years of Noise and Confusion Live At The Barrowlands (Concert) and There We Were, Now Here We Are… (Documentary) Blu-ray

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1. OASIS Ten Years of Noise and Confusion Live At The Barrowlands (2001 Live Concert)

In October 2001, the band went on a cross-country week-long tour to celebrate their 10th anniversary entitled “10 Years of Noise and Confusion. The tour would also serve as the last leg of the band’s chaotic tour to support their fourth album “Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants” which was released in February 2000.

Unlike prior tours, the band performed in smaller venues on the tour since prior to the tour, they weren’t able to perform in smaller venues due to their rising popularity worldwide brought on by the success of their first three albums “Definitely Maybe”, “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?” and “Be Here Now” and as a result, only performed in large venues like Earls Court, Maine Road and most famously Knebworth Park. The tour would also be the band’s shortest at only six dates and at three venues (Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Manchester Apollo and the Barrowlands) and while it maybe the shortest in dates, they were the longest concerts at nearly two hours and the setlists had a mix of songs that were performed on both the Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants tour and the Tour of Brotherly Love, songs that hadn’t been performed since at least the (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? tour and two new songs from their yet-to-be released album “Heathen Chemistry”

The October 13th 2001 gig at the Barrowlands in Glasgow Scotland was recorded and aired as a special entitled “Oasis: 10 Years of Noise and Confusion” on the now defunct Sky Box Office. Despite the special being an exclusive to Sky Box Office, the special did air on several music channels in the UK at several unidentified dates. Only three songs from the concert were cut from the special, The Hindu Times, Live Forever and Hung In A Bad Place. The Hindi Times and Hung In A Bad Place were likely cut because they were new songs, but the reason why Live Forever was cut is unknown.
An audience recording of the full gig is confirmed to exist, but it has not surfaced online as of the writing of this article. A couple clips of Hung In A Bad Place were used in an interview with Noel, Gem and Liam that was released on a CD-ROM with several copies of Heathen Chemistry. The song Columbia from the Barrowlands gig was included as a B-Side on the Heathen Chemistry single “Songbird” that was released in February 2003. With the former’s appearance in an interview released by the band’s label Big Brother Recordings and Columbia’s appearance on the Songbird single, it’s likely the band’s label is in possession of the full recording of the gig. But since the band’s output during the 2000s have largely been overshadowed by their 1990s output, it’s unlikely that the concert will ever resurface in full. On January 30th, 2023, it was announced that the performance would be coming to Paramount+ on February 22th, however it was the Sky Box Office special that was added and not the full performance.

1. Go Let it Out
2. Columbia (Songbird B-Side)
3. Morning Glory
4. Acquiesce
5. Supersonic
6. Fade Away
7. Half the World Away
8. Whatever
9. The Masterplan
10. Gas Panic
11. Cigarettes & Alcohol
12. Slide Away
13. She’s Electric
14. Champagne Supernova
15. Rock n Roll Star
16. Don’t Look Back in Anger
17. I Am the Walrus
18. Roll With It

Total Running Time: 1 Hour 32 Minutes


2 .Oasis There We Were, Now Here We Are… The Making of Oasis (2004 Documentary)

Originally broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 TV this documentary aired on 3rd September 2004.A documentary made for television that looks back on the development and rapid rise of Oasis from being a band practicing nightly in the Boardwalk to one the biggest British bands of the last thirty years. Building from the formation of the band (with Liam apparently just fed up waiting for other bands to release records and decides to do something himself), the film uses contributions from key people really well to tell the story in an engaging way.

This documentary which includes interviews with those behind-the-scenes people closest to the band during the early days such as producers and engineers. Real stories from the people who were there, cut with video footage and some commentary from the band members themselves. An excellent watch, my go-to documentary, probably more so than Supersonic.

Total Running Time: 52 Minutes

Complete Running Time of the entire Disc is 2 Hours 24 Minutes

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  1. J. Mac (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome! Liam was at his petulant best, while brother Noel steered the ship to where it needed to go. Picture and audio are unbelievable. I don’t know where MVR finds these hidden treasures, but we as collectors are the ones who benefit.

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