OASIS The Music Video Anthology Blu-ray DVD (OVER 3 HOURS LONG! with nearly 40 music videos)


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All music videos are official and are COMPLETE and UNINTERRUPTED. This Blu-ray features ALL music videos in chronological order to better understand the growth of OASIS as a band. In this Blu-ray collection you’ll find a multi page menu along with chapters selections for EACH AND EVERY MUSIC VIDEO so you can get to your favorite video right away.

This Collection totals an incredible THIRTY EIGHT music videos in all totaling OVER THREE HOURS of music videos including conceptual versions as well as alternate and live versions. Easily the most complete music video collection from start to finish available! Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available in this unique offer.

Track List:

01 Supersonic (Original Conceptual UK Version 1)
02 Supersonic (New Conceptual US Version 2)
03 Shakermaker
04 Live Forever (Original Conceptual UK Version 1)
05 Live Forever (New Conceptual US Version 2)
06 Cigarettes & Alcohol
07 Rock ‘N’ Roll Star
08 Whatever
09 Some Might Say
10 Roll With It
11 Morning Glory
12 Wonderwall
13 Don’t Look Back In Anger
14 Champagne Supernova
15 D’You Know What I Mean
16 Stand By Me
17 All Around The World
18 Don’t Go Away
19 Acquiesce (Live)
20 Go Let It Out
21 Who Feels Love
22 Sunday Morning Call
23 Where Did It All Go Wrong
24 Gas Panic! (Live)
25 The Hindu Times
26 Stop Crying Your Heart Out
27 Little By Little (Original Conceptual UK Version 1)
28 Little By Little (Live Version 2)
29 Songbird
30 Lyla
31 The Importance Of Being Idle
32 Let There Be Love
33 Acquiesce
34 The Masterplan
35 Lord Don’t Slow Me Down
36 The Shock Of The Lightning
37 I’m Outta Time
38 Falling Down

Total Running Time: 3 Hours 5 Minutes

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