Olivia Newton-John Music Video Anthology 3 DVD Set 1978 to 2019 & Live (47 Music Videos)

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This Music Video Anthology is a complete collection of all of the versions of ONLY MUSIC VIDEOS. It includes nearly FIFTY music videos including some very rare tracks that have NEVER been released before and are seen here on DVD for the very first time! Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available on this unique on of a kind offer. Also included is a FREE BONUS Live Performances on “Volume III” This 3 DVD Set totals OVER FOUR HOURS.

Olivia Newton-John Music Video Anthology 1978 to 2019 & Live 3 DVD Set TRACK LISTING:

Olivia Newton-John Music Video Anthology 1978 -1986 Volume I

  1. Deeper Than The Night
  2. A Little More Love (Version I)
  3. Totally Hot
  4. Landslide
  5. Magic
  6. Physical
  7. Carried Away
  8. A Little More Love (Version 2)
  9. Recovery
  10. The Promise (The Dolphin Song)
  11. Love Make Me Strong
  12. Stranger’s Touch
  13. Make A Move On Me
  14. Falling
  15. Silvery Rain
  16. Hopelessly Devoted To You
  17. Twist Of Fate (Appearance by John Travolta)
  18. Take A Chance (Duet with John Travolta)
  19. Livin’ In Desperate Times
  20. Shaking You
  21. Heart Attack
  22. Tied Up
  23. Soul Kiss
  24. Culture Shock
  25. Emotional Tangle
  26. Toughen Up
  27. The Right Moment
  28. Olivia Newton John with David Foster: The Best of Me 1986 (RARE)

Olivia Newton-John Music Video Anthology 1988 -2019 Volume II

  1. Tutta La Vita (RARE)
  2. Click Go The Shears (RARE)
  3. Walk Through Fire (RARE)
  4. Old Fashioned Man (RARE)
  5. Let’s Talk About Tomorrow (RARE)
  6. Winter Angel (RARE)
  7. Get Out (RARE)
  8. Big And Strong (RARE)
  9. Love And Let Live (RARE)
  10. Australia For Me (RARE)
  11. Rumour
  12. Can’t We Talk It Over In Bed
  13. Reach Out For Me
  14. The Grease Megamix 1990 (RARE)
  15. I Need Love 1992
  16. I Honestly Love You 1998
  17. Precious Love 1998 (RARE)
  18. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John: I Think I Might Like It 2012 (RARE)
  19. Dave Audé ft Olivia Newton-John & Chloe Lattanzi “You Have To Believe” 2015 (RARE)

Olivia Newton-John Music Video Anthology Volume III

BONUS Live Performances

  1. Let Me Be There (Live)
  2. Please Mr. Please (Live)
  3. If You Love Me, Let Me Know (Live)
  4. Sam (Live)
  5. Suddenly (Live)
  6. You’re The One That I Want (Live)
  7. Xanadu (Live)
  8. The American Music  Awards 01/25/82: Olivia joins Rick Springfield and the late Andy Gibb to introduce a profile on music from Australia. Everything from the Bee Gees to AC/DC are featured here. Then they show a clip of the then new singe “Physical”. Later in the show Olivia perform the classic “Make A Move On Me” please note sound on this segment is monorial but has been up converted with increased audio levels to Dolby Digital 2.0

YOU WILL NOT FIND A MORE COMPREHENSIVE COLLECTION OF Music Videos from Ms. Olivia THROUGH OUT THE YEARS TO PRESENT DAY! A chronological history spanning OVER 40 YEARS of the evolution of this artist. Take advantage of this auction and OWN this unique Music Video Collection containing nearly 50 music videos and 8 live performances.

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3 reviews for Olivia Newton-John Music Video Anthology 3 DVD Set 1978 to 2019 & Live (47 Music Videos)

  1. Graeme Ferdinands (verified owner)

    This was fantastic to have and view! A lot of “rare” ONJ music video and performances on this DVD Set! Great Quality, and prompt delivery of Discs!

  2. Roberto Padilla (verified owner)

    This DVD Set is great! MVR shipped this collection the SAME DAY! Super fast shipping and handling. The DVD’s were very entertaining and easy to recommend.

  3. Roberto Padilla (verified owner)

    After Olivia passed away I’ve been looking for a music video collection on DVD that was comprehensive and had a majority or hopefully all of her music videos throughout her career. This one, this anthology is easily the most complete collection I found anywhere on the Internet. I’m so glad I found MVR! All the music videos are in great quality and sound; couldn’t really ask for more especially at this price.

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