Olivia Newton-John The Video Archives 2020-2021 Volume II DVD


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1. Olivia Newton-John Behind Closed Doors 07/12/20: Before Olivia Newton-John transformed into leather-clad Sandy in Grease and rocked the charts with “Physical,” she had amassed three Grammys and eight American Music Awards. But in 1992, at the height of her fame, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.“She really was open to the world about it, she just said, ‘Hey, I have cancer, I am fighting it, I am going to live,’” says Newton-John’s longtime friend, Jane Seymore. Now after two more cancer diagnoses in 2013 and 2018, the Australian singer and actress has become a symbol of hope for victims around the world and continues to fight. “She realized that there was a power in that she could let women know that if you’re going through this, ‘I’m here and I’ve survived and I’m thriving, and it was empowering for her,” says Didi Conn, who [co-starred] with Newton-John as Frenchie in Grease. Beyond her movies that spawned hit songs like “Xanadu,” the 71 year-old’s name has become synonymous with activism and entrepreneurship, thriving through her third cancer diagnosis and launching the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research & Wellness Centre in Melbourne, Australia. “I think everyone who cared about Olivia was just crestfallen, ‘Oh no, not Olivia,’ and the very next thought was, ‘She’s gonna be fine,’ offers her friend Leeza Gibbons. How has Newton-John persevered through professional challenges, personal tragedies and the trials only decades of stardom can bring? Get the details from those closest to her as Natalie Morales hosts Olivia Newton-John: Behind Closed Doors Documentary TOTAL RUNNING TIME 1 Hour 28 Minutes ALL COMMERCIALS EDITED OUT

2. CBS Sunday Morning 08/30/20: Opening and “Sunday Profile” on Olivia, an in-depth interview with Olivia and a profile of her career. Olivia discusses  her battle with cancer in addition there is discussion about the auctioning off some of her personal items including the outfit worn for the finale of Grease. Olivia actually tries on the original pants from the movie and they fit! A heartwarming interview.

3. Today Show 10/07/20: In-depth profile and exclusive interview with Olivia discussing her stage four battle with breast cancer and her new project. “The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Center” and her new Foundation.

4. Today 3rd Hour 10/20/21: Interview with Olivia. She discusses the 40th anniversary of the hit song “Physical”. in addition to discussing her foundation and surviving though the pandemic

5. Today Show 08/10/21: “Remembering Olivia” a lovely tribute to Olivia including a career profile

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