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Paul McCartney The Video Archives 1985-2003 Volume I
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1. LIVE-AID 07/13/85: ORIGINAL BROADCAST. VHS recording: Let It Be LIVE. Who’s famous famous performance is known for Paul’s microphone not working until midway through the song. See it here LIVE as it happened on MTV with original VJ Martha Quinn chiming in about the problem with mic. Shortly after follows the finale of the live satellite broadcast that includes a majority of the performers that day from Wembley stadium performing “do they know it’s Christmas?”

2. VH1’s Live Aid 10th Anniversary 7/15/95: this exclusive interview for this anniversary program has Paul reminiscing about the fact that there was no rehearsal time of any kind and naturally the microphone malfunction. Paul explains how he also couldn’t hear himself whilst performing on stage but just assumed that “the sound must be somewhere” and continued, the show must go on. Also includes interview with Bob Geldof discussing this specific performance. Can also includes the finale with all the farmers from Wembley stadium performing “do they know it’s Christmas?”

3. VH1 Special The Yellow Submarine Sails Again 09/19/99: A VH1 Special on the re-release of the Yellow Submarine film on VHS and DVD, this special/documentary contains behind the scenes of the producing of the movie and contains then NEW interviews with the three surviving Beatles. Paul Ringo and George that are exclusive to this special.

4. VH1’s 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons 07/01/2003: Opening, then segment featuring the Beatles with comments from Bill Maher, Ricky Marti,n Darrell Mack of RUN-DMC, Gene Simmons of KISS and Kelly Osbourne

5. CNN’s People In the News with Paula Zahn 10/13/02: Opening, exclusive interview with Paul along with footage of him on his den current tour along with footage from Russia with Paul meeting Vladimir Putin in May 2003.

6. E! True Hollywood Story: Heather Mills McCartney Season 7, episode 41 Air Date 11/30/03: A documentary style program profiled on the life of British model and humanitarian, Heather Mills McCartney, and Sir Paul McCartney’s second wife with footage and interviews. Comments from Piers Morgan editor in chief of the “daily mirror”, sir Richard Branson and interviews with Pamela Cockerill co–author of “a single step” and Susan Rozsnyai who is the editor at large at “Hello!” Magazine discussing Heather. Includes multiple clips from Heathers 2002 appearance on CNN’s Larry King live.


Paul McCartney The Video Archives 1985-2003 Volume I
DISC 2 of 2

7. The 46th Annual Grammy Awards 02/08/04: Grammy tribute that marked the 40th anniversary of The Beatles’ invasion of America – the 40th anniversary of their landmark first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Still a draw in their fifth decade, the Beatles were central to the telecast, with an all-star jam featuring Sting, Dave Matthews, Vince Gill and Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes who also won the Best Producer Award that night as they performed “I Saw Her Standing There” with the Fab Four’s freshly-scrubbed faces flashing behind them. The second part of the Beatles tribute saw them being given the President’s Award. Surviving band members Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr joined the party and acknowledged their honor by satellite link from London, while the late George Harrison and John Lennon were represented live by their respective wives, Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono, who said tearfully, “If John were here, he would say it again, ‘Come together, give peace a chance and love is all we need.’

8. RARE ABC Monday Night Special: “Geraldo Rivera: Good Night America” record date 6/25/76: Includes opening then profile on Paul McCartney. Once part of the Beatles now is touring the country with his own band, Wings. Geraldo provides exclusive interviews with not only Paul and Linda McCartney but also all other members of the touring band for WINGS. Segment includes Paul looking back at the Beatles. Features exclusive tour footage of WINGS on tour in America. Finally a performance of “Band on the run” from their Seattle Washington show a couple of weeks earlier on June tent 1976.

9. “So Bad” (Music Video) 1983

**Important to Note: The following in-depth interview done exclusively by CBS for 60 minutes II was used in part as behind-the-scenes footage for Paul McCartney’s documentary “The Love We Make”. See here the actual exclusive interview as it aired on CBS.

10. 60 Minutes II 10/24/01: When Paul McCartney was in his early 20s, he wrote “Yesterday,” It seemed particularly meaningful when he sang it again this past weekend. McCartney, the son of a Liverpool fireman, performed the song for firefighters, police and rescue workers and their families. Dan Rather reports. “I wanted to do something,” he says. “Like a lot of people, I felt helpless. I’m not a firefighter but my dad was in World War II. He was a volunteer firefighter in Liverpool, which got a lot of heavy bombing.”

Six thousand rescue workers and their families were given free tickets to attend the event, “The Concert for New York,” at Madison Square Garden. Broadcast nationally on VH1, the event raised millions for charities set up in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack. For his part, McCartney wrote a new song specifically for this concert, called “Freedom.”

Rather took McCartney back to the old studio, and showed him a tape of the original performance. “Good group. Wow,” McCartney said jokingly afterwards. “You had to take me back there, didn’t you?” It doesn’t feel like 37 years ago, McCartney said. “It’s one of those staggering things about life, you can just literally seem a few years ago. And it isn’t – it’s a long time ago. But I have memories. Very excited for us as Liverpool kids to come to America and thn to suddenly be involved in something like that. A really big show. And then the reaction to it, I love. I still meet people who say, ‘I know where I was, I was in our sitting room and’ And their dads invariably say, ‘Those are wigs. They’re wearing wigs.’ You look at it now. It looks pretty short, it looks pretty tame.”

McCartney’s connection with New York has always been powerful. A year after their first Ed Sullivan appearance, the Beatles played Shea Stadium in Queens. McCartney recalls laughingly that the sound system wasn’t very good. “If we thought we were playing well, it was a little bit annoying, because the people who came to hear couldn’t hear us. If we were not in a very good mood, and not playing very well, it was a blessing.”

Thirty-six years later, he was the first to sign on for last weekend’s benefit concert. He says his love for New York played a part. But so did his own experiences with untimely loss, beginning with the death of his mother. In 1968, the Beatles’ first manager, Brian Epstein, died at the age of 33. In 1980, John Lennon was murdered. And just three years ago, McCartney lost his wife, Linda.

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