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Paul McCartney The Video Archives 1989-1991 Volume II
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11. MTV News At Night 09/89: opening of program, in-depth interview in London by Kurt Loder of Paul McCartney discussing “The Paul McCartney World Tour 1989-1990”

12. The 32nd Grammy Awards 02/21/90: Paul McCartney received the “lifetime achievement award” Presented by the sweet Meryl Streep. She talks with loving memory about her being allowed for the first time to go to New York on a date to go see the Beatles at Shea Stadium. Meryl also introduces the segment about Paul followed by an amazing live performance of “Eleanor Rigby” by the late Ray Charles followed by none other than Stevie Wonder performing we can work it out” to amazing performances in honor of Paul McCartney. This would be the first of two such awards for Paul: he would go on to win again in 2014, honoured as a member of The Beatles.

13. Knebworth 06/30/90: Paul and the band perform a vastly updated version of “Coming Up” along with “Birthday”, “Hey Jude” and “Can’t Buy Me Love” LIVE

14. MTV ROCKumentary 04/07/90: this documentary hosted and narrated by Kurt Loder includes various clips from interviews ranging from as early as the early 80s to present day in 1990 of Paul McCartney interviews along with footage from press conference in support of the tour that they were doing at the time. Also includes scenes from various sly performances both on television and in concert from both the Beatles as well as paul as a solo artist in addition to a interview with George Martin and Elvis Costello.

14. MTV Promotional Commercial 1990: oh that’s quite funny and cheeky and this 302nd promo for MTV extremely rare

15. MTV Unplugged 04/03/91: “Here, There and Everywhere”, “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, “We Can Work It Out” (as noted in some reviews because Paul forgot the lyrics and stuff the band called causing the audience to laugh when he made disparaging remarks about himself), “I’ve Just Seen a Face”, “Every Night”, “She’s a Woman”, “And I Love Her”, “That Would Be Something”, “Good Rockin’ Tonight”, “Singing the Blues” and “Junk” during the credits


Paul McCartney The Video Archives 1980-2002 Volume II
DISC 2 of 2

16. Super Bowl Pre-Game XXXVI 02/03/02: “As a sports fan, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved in the Super Bowl, and as a musician, I am honored to add my voice to the message of tribute that this year’s Super Bowl will carry”. Super Bowl XXXVI was rescheduled for February because of the 9-11 tragedy. Paul McCartney performs his post 9/11 song “Freedom” before the Super Bowl XXXVI between the St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

17. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Friday 05/03/02: Paul is interview regarding new LP “Driving Rain…In The New Country” and first tour in 10 years. Jay mentions that Ozzy Osbourne was there the night before and says how tall is his idol and Paul reacts to that. Paul talked about how the New York Police Department made him an honorary detective and actually shows the badge that he received from them. Jay shows a clip from the most recent tour with Paul performing “Freedom” live then they discussed his recent engagement. Heather joins Paul in the second segment during the interview. Jay shows a segment from the new music video “Your Loving Flame”. Coming back from a commercial break and that beautiful duet was happening. Vicki Randle is her name and she was a member of the Tonight Show band during the Jay Leno years.

18. Saturday Night Live 05/17/80: “Weekend Update” Sketch (Bill Murray and Jane Curtin) Four months after McCartney was busted for marijuana possession in Japan, “Weekend Update” dispatched Father Guido Sarducci (played by Don Novello) to ask the Wings leader about his drug use. Paul and his then-wife-cum-collaborator Linda talk up the video for McCartney II single “Coming Up” (which premiered during the broadcast), but Sarducci keeps steering the interview back to the pop legend’s pot habit. It’s an awkward sketch, but the exclusive reveals one interesting tidbit: If he could be any animal, McCartney would pick “koala bear.” Makes sense to Sarducci — those little guys love their Eucalyptus highs. Then and airing of a clip from the music video “Coming Up”

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