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19. VH1 Special: “The Best of Paul McCartney & WINGS Wingspan” 2001: The special features such rarities as seldom seen performance videos of the band, some Wings footage from the McCartney personal collection, his own home video of Wings in the studio, and an exclusive interview with Sir Paul himself by VH1’s Rebecca Rankin.

Probably one of the most important aspects of this documentary is how they historically follow every single that was released by wings chronologically which makes for a very comprehensive look at the band musically throughout the years as a pertains to this current greatest hits release.

Paul sits down for this exclusive in studio interview to discuss the history of Wings and promotion of the new documentary wingspan double CD accompaniment. Included are archival footage of Wings in addition to the Beatles as Paul reminisces about the beginnings of Wings and what they were going through with the promotion of the various singles. The world’s most famous Southpaw is recording his first album of all-new material since 1997. “Barring accidents, I’ll probably have it out in September,” said Paul. The as-yet-untitled LP will be the first release from the former Beatle since 1999’s Run Devil Run, McCartney’s take on a collection of ’50s rock songs.”Over the last few years, I’ve been writing songs. I haven’t gone into the studio to do new stuff since Flaming Pie,” McCartney said. With the material in hand, he just needed someone to help him produce it.

20. VH1’s Paul McCartney Weeks airs the following Special: “McCartney’s Town Hall Meeting” “Live Town Hall broadcast at Bishopsgate” 05/17/97: Paul was in London’s Bishopsgate Memorial Hall, to answer some of the more than 2 million questions that were proposed via the internet, one of these being from U.S. President Bill Clinton. John Fugelsang hosts a hundred guests that were invited to this event, that was organized and transmitted live by VH-1. A nice surprise was an improvised little tune he performed on an acoustic guitar with audience participation. Paul answers questions submitted from the audience and also via internet, phone and mail. Paul’s humor throughout the whole thing is great. I love it when he blushes when one of the girls, jennifer, comes from the back to hand them a printed email. Really enjoy John Fugelsang, but I remember being slightly annoyed that he kept trying to demonstrate how big of a Macca fanatic he was. It distracted a bit from the interview, IMHO. Granted, I probably would have acted the same way in the presence of the master! The special shows for the first time a clip of the music video “The World Tonight”

21. “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” LIVE performance in support of the live November 5th 1990 release: “Tripping the Live Fantastic”

22. Parkinson 12/03/99: in-depth interview with McCartney. Paul’s fairly innocuous artistic outtakes, laid down during an interview with Parkinson in 1999, was the genesis for the core musical elements of what we now know as Yeezy’s God level banger “All Day”. According to McCartney, the idea for the song – which became the unreleased track “When the Wind is Blowing” – came to him while in hospital after the birth of his second child, and he noticed a painting on the wall in the corridor. “There was this Picasso print on the wall of an old man playing a guitar. I looked at it all week and towards the end of the week I thought what chords he playing? I’m a guitar player, what is he playing? I noticed he had two fingers here. So I thought I’d try and see what the chord is, and if it sounds any good. Ooh that’s nice. So then I tried to use that as inspiration, and tried to write a song that only used two fingers.” And you can hear elements throughout Kanye’s single, from the backing vocals to the chords, to the straight up sample of McCartney at the end. Paul performs a beautiful rendition on piano of “the Long and winding Road” and rocks out with the band for “All Shook Up”

23. New York Hot Track 1983: Paul introduces the music video for “No More Lonely Nights” apparently from some nightclub here in New York city. After the music video Paul is in the briefly followed by the music video for “Say , Say, Say”featuring Paul and Michael Jackson.

24. The 2001 Top of The Pops awards Ceremony Air Date 12/01/01: The first Top of the Pops Awards were held and recorded at the M.E.N. Arena, Manchester on Friday 30 November 2001 hosted by Jamie Theakston. Paul receives the very first “Top of the Pops Hall of Fame Award”. Sir Paul McCartney, who pulled out of appearing when he was due to receive the first-ever Top of the Pops Hall of Fame Award because of the death of his fellow Beatle, sent a message of condolence which was read out at a hushed Arena. Sir Paul said: ”It was a great honour to receive the award, but because of the sad news I can’t be there to accept it. I would like to dedicate the Top of the Pops Award, with love, to my brother George, without whom it would not have been possible.” In honor of the great loss of George Harrison the first ever award ceremony closes within an acoustic tribute performance of “Here Comes the Sun” by English band TRAVIS

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