PAUL SIMON Born At The Right Time DVD (1992) (Remastered from LaserDisc to DVD) “Born at the Right Time” Tour Simon and Garfunkel


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Released exclusively on the long since discontinued and deleted formats of  VHS and LaserDisc in 1992. This Documentary and live performances retrospective was released on LaserDisc in only Japan and USA and has NEVER been released on DVD until NOW!

This REMASTERED DVD is sourced directly from the original high quality LaserDisc to DVD for the first time ever! Quality is unmatched as it transferred from the long since deleted LaserDisc from OVER THIRTY ONE years ago.

Background information: Originally released as a VHS video and LaserDisc. The VHS version was released in both Europe and America with a shortened version Australasia. The LaserDisc  was released in America and Japan in 1992 with a re-issue in 1993.

Some audiophiles and sound purists argue that unless the remastering process includes completely “lossless” compression of audio that no matter how it may be converted/processed, it still is compressed audio thus producing some say a more audibly muddled sound. This is due to the lessening of the dynamic range between the loudest and quietest parts of the audio signal thus producing some distortion and a clipping audio effect. The DVD offered here is from the original LaserDisc released back in 1992. Because of the large 12 inch size of the LaserDisc format it can easily support the amount of physical space required to successfully playback large uncompressed sound. This Remastered DVD  features the original completely uncompressed audio recording allowing the original true recorded mix to come alive as it was originally intended to be heard in optimum sound quality. This original mix featured with completely uncompressed audio is exclusively preserved here and available in it’s original intended state of production for the very first time on DVD.

Another original offer from your team at MVR!

Description:  This nearly 2 hour documentary/live performances provides a eclectic perspective of the singer, with a major focus on his 1991-1992 worldwide tour. Following a brief sketch of Simon’s middle-class childhood in Queens, the documentary charts his longtime friendship and partnership with Art Garfunkel, whom he had met as an adolescent. Garfunkel is insightful when he talks about their mutually beneficial collaboration — Simon gave him energy and ambition, he gave Simon confidence — and how Simon became a singer when he realized that “being a singer was a key to popularity.” But neither he nor Simon are particularly persuasive when they attribute their famous 1969 breakup to personal reasons — their “difficulty of finding common ground.”

So included is archival footage of Simon and Garfunkel’s first performance under the pseudonym Tom & Jerry, scenes from Simon’s “Saturday Night Live” appearances and extensive coverage of the 1991-1992 tour.

Simon claims his philosophy of cultural diversity, reflected in interest in rhythms and instruments of other cultures, is based on his belief that all humans “are connected on this very basic emotional level by music — by rhythm and harmony.” Simon’s durability in a tough, competitive business is explained by his drive and his ability to adopt new styles of music.

It’s interesting to note that this vintage documentary/live performance retrospective was originally released in 1992 it didn’t air to the public until the 14th of March 1993

DVD Menu divides content as “Side 1” and “Side 2” to mimic the content style of the original LaserDisc


“Side 1”

1. Introduction (Born At The Right Time)
2. You Can Call Me Al (China 1991 – 1992 World Tour)
3. Can’t Run But
4. Bridge Over Troubled Water
5. Late In The Evening
6. Simon & Garfunkel – The Early Years
7. The Sound Of Silence
8. Mrs. Robinson
9. Homeward Bound (Making It)
10. Scarborough Fair / Canticle (Breaking Up)
11. The Boxer (Paul Embarking On A Solo Career)
12. Still Crazy After All These Years
13. Something So Right
14. Me And Julio Down By The School Yard
15. Hearts And Bones
16. Gumboots (South African Influence)
17. I Know What I Know
18. Graceland (1987 Tour)

“Side 2”

19. Ladysmith Black Mambazo
20. Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
21. Brazil 1991 -1992 World Tour
22. The Obvious Child (Brazilian Influence)
23. The Cool, Cool River
24. South Africa 1991 -1992 World Tour
25. The Boy In The Bubble
26. Under African Skies Featuring Mariam Makeba
27. Headman Tshabalala’s Murder (Amazing Grace)
28. The Cool, Cool River Reprise / Homeless
29. Old Friends (1992 Reunion With Art Garfunkel)
30. Train In The Distance
31. Gone At Last
32. Credits

Total Running Time:  1 Hour 51 Minutes


Paul Simon
Art Garfunkel
Eddie Simon
Lorne Michaels
Mike Nichols

The Band for the “Born at the Right Time Tour”:

Film Director – Susan Steinberg

Bass – Armand Sabal-Lecco
Directed By – Louis J. Horvitz
Drums – Steve Gadd
Engineer – Jay Vicari, Rich Travali, Roy Halee, Stacey Foster
Executive Producer – Lorne Michaels
Guitar – John Selolwane, Ray Phiri, Vincent Nguini
Keyboards – Richard Tee
Keyboards, Accordion – Tony Cedras
Percussion – Dom Chacal, Cyro Baptista, Mingo Araújo, Sidinho Moreira
Producer – Ian E. Hoblyn, Paul Simon
Saxophone, Electronic Wind Instrument [EWI], Soloist [Featured] – Michael Brecker
Saxophone, Whistle [Pennywhistle] – Barney Rachabane
Supervised By [Musical Supervision] – Roy Halee
Supervised By, Mixed By – Roy Halee
Trumpet – Chris Botti
Vocals – The Waters

Sourced courtesy of Jmac

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